40 Best Happy birthday in Arrears Messages

Best Happy Birthday in Arrears Messages and Wishes

Happy birthday in Arrears Messages: The are the messages and wishes are those lovely texts we send to our loved ones when we missed celebrating them on their birthdays. Sure, you can actually miss celebrating with someone on his or her birthday, this may be due to your work schedule and other factors. But then, remembering it day or days after is not out of place. You can still reach out to them and wish them happy birthday in Arrears. After all, it’s never too late to wish someone well.

Though quite a lot of people argues that wishing someone happy birthday in Arrears is not correct, some are of the opinion that using happy ‘belated’ birthday is better, though they agreed that wishes can come late , so the argument is the use of ‘Arrears’. Whether you use arrears or belated, what matters most is the caring soul these wishes are coming from.

So sending them those lovely happy birthday wishes in Arrears will make them know though it didn’t come that Day, but you still remember and care about them. You remember a saying that goes ” it is better to be late than never” so go ahead and send those lovely happy birthday in Arrears Messages and wishes using any of the texts we have written below.

Happy birthday in Arrears Messages

1.Happy birthday in Arrears to you my dearest, I have to apologize for my inability to come through on your birthday, but all the same I wish you birthday blessings.

2. You’re one of the best friend that I have, how can I forget your birthday? I wish you happy belated birthday.

3. I hope you had fun, I was unable to attend due to my busy schedule, put I promise to make it up to you next year, happy birthday in Arrears my perfect one.

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4. I am glad you added a year yesterday, I celebrated with you in spirit as I was on transit. But I am here to wish you belated happy birthday. More beautiful years.

5. Birthday comes and go, though I was not there to mark your special day with you, but I just want to let you know how much you mean to me, I squeezed out time just to celebrate you, not minding that’s belated.

6. May the host of angels continue to celebrate you, may all your wishes come through, from the depth of my heart I am sending this happy birthday in Arrears Message to you.

7. Happy birthday in Arrears to you , may all your hands touch turn to gold. Enjoy your brand new year.

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8. In this your new year I pray God to prosper all that your hands touches, may you continue to prosper until you become prosperous. It shall be well with you.

9. Happy belated birthday to my love, I’m grateful for the gift of life God has given you. Father thank you for another 365days on EARTH you bestowed upon your Son. I declare today, Nothing in your shall hands die, you shall live to testify the goodness of God in the land of the living. More beautiful years you shall celebrate.

10. Belated happy birthday God’s own favorite! I speak life into your Destiny, your life, family, generation and generations to come. You shall be a blessing to everyone that come across you. May fulfill your purposes on earth. Happy birthday

11. I was unable to send my birthday wishes across to you yesterday, it was due to circumstances beyond my control, hey I am here now to make it up to you. I decree that you will live a fulfilling life. Amen. I thank the Lord for the privilege He gave you to see another excellent birthday. Cheers to more celebrations. And happy birthday in Arrears buddy.

12. Happy birthday in Arrears sweetheart, you have been an amazing friend and colleague, so loving and caring. I am blessed to have you, On this special year I wish you all the best darling. More grace .

13. I am sending my happy birthday message to you, the message was unable to deliver on the D-Day, just to let you that I am right here for no matter what

14. Happy birthday in Arrears girlfriend. You have been a very good friend to us. On this special day of yours, we can only pray that all you pray to God that we don’t hear come to you seamlessly. Age in good health dear.

15. Happy birthday in Arrears, I have so much to write, but I will keep them till next year since I couldn’t meet up on your birthday celebration. I just want to thank God for your life and pray he guide and protect you. Amen

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Happy Belated Birthday wishes

Still on different ways to wish happy birthday when it’s late. You remember earlier in this article we wrote that another word you can use to replace arrears is belated right? Ok, here we have happy belated birthday wishes you can equally send to someone when you couldn’t meet up with their birthday dates.

16. It seems like everyone knows that you turned a year yesterday except me, this is because you have been an amazing soul , and that’s why I am taking out my time to wish you nothing but the best in everything. Had a blast? More joyful years awaits you.

17. I will make it up to you for missing out in your celebration, but I am glad we will have more happy years ahead. Therefore I have booked for a seat in your birthday party come next year. See you.

18. How could I forget to celebrate this amazing gift God blessed me with. It wasn’t deliberate and that’s why I have come to say, happy birthday in Arrears my joy, I love you to the moon and back and will do forever. Reserve seat for me against next year.

19. I missed out of the celebration, but I hope my cake is somewhere waiting, well it’s a late birthday messages, I just want to say happy birthday in Arrears to this special one reading this.

20. You are one in a trillion, honestly a good woman is worth more than Gold, and surely the Lord made you for me. I Bless the day I met you and glad I will be celebrating your birthdays with duo my this year happy birthday in Arrears messages is coming late but just know it is from my heart. Love you forever.

21. May celebration never cease in your life, may you live to celebrate next year and 10 more decades ahead. Cheers to an amazing year.

22. So I couldn’t make it to your birthday, but I was there celebrating with you in spirit. And I just want to wish you possibilities in what men call impossible. May you live a life full of great things. Happy birthday in Arrears sweetheart.

23. What on earth was I thinking? 🤔, It is one of those things, but I promise to be there to celebrate with you in your next birthday. Happy birthday in Arrears from me to you.

24. This year birthday, I was away doing field work, I tried reaching but internet services wasn’t available. Just so you know it wasn’t deliberate, all the same happy happy beautiful and amazing year to you. I gat your back no matter what.

25. Shout out to the most beautiful soul I know, your impact in my life cannot be overemphasized, I give God glory everyday for the woman you have become and I ask He beautiful you with all you need this year and beyond. Happy 40th birthday my soulmate.

26. I am sending my happy birthday messages in Arrears because I wasn’t with my phone all through, just got it and feel the need to do the needful. Thanks for the memories we have created over the year. I love and cherish you. Happy birthday to you in arrears.

27. You life has been that of testimony and you have been an inspiration to all who knows you. Keep inspiring and stay as amazing as you are. From all of us, receive our happy birthday in Arrears wishes. We love you.

28. Happy birthday in Arrears, I am late and I know, phone issues, but guess what? I am here now and will be for you forever, I am wishing you heaven blessings on this your new year.

29. Even though I wasn’t available to mark this rare privilege with you, hope you know you’re loved and I will adore you for as long as I live. I look forward to June 3rd , can’t wait to watch you cut the cake.

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30. Here is wishing you a glorious year, though the message is coming late, but my wishes for you can’t be late, I wish you all the you have prayed and hoped for. Amen .

Happy birthday in Arrears wishes

More on how to send happy birthday in Arrears wishes, you should make the text simple and short. Just few lines wishing them belated happy birthday, you may not go to tell how and why you missed their birthdays, just send them you wishes in arrears. For example;

31. Happy Birthday in Arrears my evergreen Friend
A friend turned sister, your type is rare girl, I pray for you that you will never know a better yesterday, may all your good secret prayers be answered by Almighty God, goodness and Mercy shall continue following you all the days of your life. Amen…

32. You are always loved by me sweetheart . Belated happy birthday to you
More fruitful and gracious new year to continue celebrating and excelling in all ramifications. Rejoice.

33. Hope to make it up to you by next year, happy birthday in Arrears my joy giver.

34. With joy in my heart, I am sending my reserved happy birthday in Arrears to you. Cheers.

35. I thank the Universe for adding another fruitful year to your life. Despite not been there with you but I look forward to having beautiful moments with you. Belated Birthday wishes dear.

36. Happy birthday in Arrears to the one who has been there for me through thick and thin, you know I love you right? Sorry the I wasn’t there on your birthday but just know you didn’t escape my mind. I love you dearly.

37. Belated Birthday Wishes my queen, You were born into this world years ago to be an example to everyone around you. With each new year, may you do better and brighter things. I wish you lots of happiness, love, and fun on your wonderful year.

38. The reality of seeing the dawn of any day is a joy every living soul wishes for. And one of the most profound ways to show this joy is by giving gratitude to the God who makes it possible. I want to appreciate God for your life. For keeping you against all odds. Happy birthday in Arrears wishes my beloved.

39. I am super grateful to God for the gift of life and yet another beautiful year He has ushered you to! This only goes to say there’s more to be done and more to be accomplished with every given opportunity. I wish you spirit to accomplish all that has been put in your care. Belated birthday wishes .

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40. I am right here, smiling at your beautiful moments captured with cameras yesterday, and wished I was there, happy birthday in Arrears messages and wishes are all I can say for now. Until we meet. Love you.

We hope you like our happy birthday in Arrears messages!