The Mystery of Life

The mystery of life: Life is a mystery they would keep saying.The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solved, but a reality to be experienced.   From when we where born until we die, life has left us with numerous questions begging for answers. Some times it seems life is not fair with some people and it is favouring some. A closer look at those we perceived to be favoured by life, we discover actually they have battles they’re trying to fix at the background.

Some people work round the clock and yet the remain poor. A lot of people work until they retire and they could not afford a roof over their heads. They toil under sun and in the rain and most times they go to bed with empty stomachs. Yet some from the comfort of their zones they command businesses that runs in trillions. They don’t even work as hard as others and yet, they boom with their outputs. Then comes the question, what does it actually take to be successful?
Couples who married as virgins and yet they still battle with fertility problems. After series of test they might be confirmed to be medically fit. Couple B who might have done several abortions in the past is going for birth control because they have given birth to enough children and don’t wish to continue. I am left thinking on what it takes to please nature. Do you know?
Quite a good number of people who did well with their studies, some graduated with First classes and yet they are nowhere to be found in the labour market or business world. You see them struggling and battling with life. That at times you see those who might have dropped out from schools due to some challenges doing amazingly well. Dropout at times will use the graduates as security men in their houses or business premises. Then I ask, is life been fair?
You will see a beautiful ,smart and smart working young lady in the late thirties or early forties still single , where as the opposite of this young lady in character and look but of the same age might have been done with child birth. Sure, there might be no reason for this, it is what she is served by nature.
What it takes to be successful I will say is smart work. Smart work means putting the right peg in the right hole. Been at the right place at the right time. Recognizing opportunities and knowing what to do with them.  These days society encourages people to work smart rather than working hard. As handwork has been ruled out from something that pays.
Maybe with time , we will understand life better, yes I agree, at least some couples in the past who could not bear children through the new innovations called IVF can now have babies. Thanks to God and congratulations to Science. We are gradually getting reasons to why certain things are the way the are.
Remember before comparing yourself with others based on what you’re seeing at the frontend that a lot is going on at the back end.  A lot of your age mates are no longer on earth with us, this,  you must know.  So keep your head high and tell yourself Congratulations, yes!  Your doing well and you will get there. We are  operating from different time zones, let’s use it as consolation, each time our minds tells us that life is not ‘balanced’. You then remain life that at your own time, everything will normalized.
The mystery behind life remains unknown, until we unveil it, then there won’t be mystery anymore, let’s keep living