Best Love Letter To a Girlfriend

Best Love Letter to a Girlfriend – Ladies loves to hear those sweet words from their men. It makes them feel special, waking up to a text message from a loved one, is surely a nice way to start a day. Or don’t you think so? Sweet text messages soothes stress away. It makes a lady to know how much you have her in your mind. It is sweet when you remember someone have you in his thoughts, especially waking up to it. Have you been sending love text to the love of your life, you can add these to spice it up. And if you have not been sending, hey, gentleman start sending, your lady will turn to that angel you have been dreaming of. So go ahead and share best love letter to a girlfriend for any time of the day.

1. Best Early Morning Love Message

Best love letter to a girlfriend
Good morning my special guardian star

Your love shine in my heart as sun
That shines upon the earth
Thank you for seeing me out of the dark
Each morning feels like a dream
Then it feels better waking to see you
Your smiles radiates like a morning sun
Leaving me to smile back
Just like the stars up above
The sky is full of golden stars
The milky way is the earth’s galaxy
My love, you exist as mine own galaxy
From a joyful heart, I am pleased to have you
To behold the beauty in your eyes
Glad to witness the sparkling from eyes
Oh! What a joy I feel.
I love that you’re mine
I pray to make you happy always
Just like you do make me happy
I love you with everything in me

2.Evening Love Letter to My Girlfriend

After a long day, after all the stress of the day, we all love to come home to a beautiful atmosphere. An environment free from more work, ladies at this point need signs of been loved. Either helping out with house chores in a very romantic way or you can send love across whether you’re close or far from her. Pick up your phone or cards and pen down some sweet words to her. It will ease the stress of the whole day. Treat your woman like the queen she is. Play those songs she cherish most. Sit outside and watch the moon together. Here are some of the pieces we put together for your love.
Shining in the night
I see the brightest light in your eyes
Just as your beauty radiates right in my heart
You did well by casting away all my worries
You’re the beat in my heart
The rhythm of my music
The lyrics that I sing
You’re the center of my world
My love, if I am to leave before you
I will ask to be your guardian angel
To wrap my wings around you
And quench your lonely moments.
I am not sure of sleep tonight
I want to be awake all night
If the moon fades away
I want to be the light you see
To wait patiently for the night to pass
And will be please to have you
A rare privilege to see you again
Knowing you’re here with me
If ask to write the alphabet,
I will choose only two letters to exist.
I will start with U
And end it with I

3. Romantic messages to my Girlfriend

Romantic messages to my girlfriend is something I want to write every now and then.
How often do you remind your lady how much she mean to you. How do you rekindle the love in your relationship , do you sit back and watch her do all the callings and texting, No man, show the special lady some love. Call her in between working hours. Don't wait until Valentine seasons or her birthdays to send her flowers and chocolates.  Take her out to serene environment, take a walk with her, it could be to rivers, streams, hiking, Zoo, listen to birds sing and admire the beauty of nature together.
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Loving someone and having them love you back gives joy. There is this fulfilment that comes with it. Knowing your are loved by a beautiful soul makes things easier. Waking up to those assuring words is every woman's dream. If you send lovely messages to your girlfriends, it will make them feel wanted, by so doing, your lady will love you more. Check out these lovely text messages :
Love messages
Greetings to the most beautiful and precious one
A Queen and more, you’re my entire existence.
My love I am glad you’re mine
I don’t want to  imagine a world without you
Having you by my side is a motivating factor.

The space between your finger exist so that I could fill them

We’re meant to hold on forever
I want to cultivate a garden
So I could get you a rose for every time I think of you.
I will spend the whole day in the garden
Because I think of you all the time.
You are the angel I see, will forever love you
You deserve the universe my angel
How beautiful it is to have you
To talk anything and everything with you
How beautiful to travel the world with you
And then return holding hands and wrapped to your warm arms
With those hugs and kisses that soothes stress away
Loving you my love is my top pirority
How I love you my Lady
If I am to choose between life and you
I am sure you know I will choose you over and over
Because you’re the reason for my existence
You’re my life my lady.
What then is life without you.
My special kind of woman
If loving you is a dream
I pray I won’t wake up from such dream
So it will be a world of both us
And then I will be right there with you
Where nothing can separate us
For every choice I get every single day
I will choose you
Having you by my side is all I dream of
To spend forever with you
To sleep and wake up beside you
And to love you no matter what
Thanks to this special woman in my life
I promise to listen without judgement
To help you without condition
And to understand you with empathy
I will show up at your lonely moments
And to love your forever the Queen of my heart.
Loving you is my happiness
I will be glad to walk forever with you
To hold hands when we grow old and lead each other
I don’t want to live a second, minute or any moment without you
You’re the reason I wake up every morning
I will love you forever.
You look sexy my love
I feel like marrying you again
My Love,I thank God for each day I wake up beside you
Ever since you came into my life, my joy knows no bound.
I will love over and over again
Nothing will change my love for you.
I don’t know what I would have done without you
Can’t even imagine my existence without my better half
I love you to the moon and back
and will forever love you with everything in me.
Will keep loving you till my last breath
You’re my priority my love, I will make you happy always.
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