Priestly anniversary wishes and prayers; How do you celebrate a priestly anniversary? You have a priest or pastor in your church, whose priestly anniversary is fast approaching, do you mark the celebration as a church or you don’t remember to mark his priestly anniversary? Just like his birthdays, it is good you also celebrate his anniversary. Priestly anniversary marks additional year after ordination. It’s to remind them how long they have been serving in God’s vineyard. And you know how great their services are to us. Our priest are always there for us in good or bad, so let’s send these priestly anniversary wishes and prayers to them .


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1.Father, I pray God to continue to bless you for answering His call. You have been a great instrument in saving lost souls and converting souls to God. God Almighty will reward you. Amen.

2. In marking your anniversary, we remember what the Lord has done so far in your life. Look how far He has brought you. And then we pray for him to abide with you through out your life journey. Amen.

3.May God be your protector as you continue to work for Him. Happy anniversary Father.

4.Congratulations on your anniversary of Priesthood.

5.We honor your commitment, support , prayers and all the good works you have been doing to our Church. We wish you more fruitful years in God’s vineyard. Amen

6.As you keep impacting in us your message of joy and Salvation. May Almighty God bless you, Father, Son and Holy spirit. Amen

7.Thank you for the years you have spent wholeheartedly impacting our church. I pray the good Lord to bless you. Congratulations on your anniversary. We love you Padre.

8.Congratulations and happy anniversary Padre! May God continue to give you wisdom and understanding, strengthen you, keep you safe and give you more grace to continue in His vineyard, Amen. God’s everlasting grace and protection I pray for you Congratulations and happy anniversary to you Fr, once more May God continue to uphold you in His vineyard. Kudos!

9.Congratulations & happy celebration to you.
May almighty God keep on upholding you all the days of your life in JESUS NAME.

10. Dear Fr,

I want to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to you. Your teachings, guidance, and prayers have been instrumental in shaping not just my career but also in guiding me to connect with individuals pivotal to my journey—my destiny helpers. Through your wisdom and counsel, I’ve been able to navigate challenges and discover pathways that have led me closer to fulfilling my purpose. Joyeux Anniversaire Padre

11. Dear Fr, on the one year anniversary of your priestly ordination. I wish you God’s mercy, strength and courage to continue to serve Him. Amen.

12. May God continue to bless and guide you, Father John, as you touch the lives of many and lead them toward the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Priestly anniversary messages


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Priest celebrates their anniversaries to mark another year in God’s vineyard. Most times the 25th and 50th anniversary celebrations are more pronounce. But then as people that worship with them, we should equally celebrate the other years. It’s just like the way couples marks their wedding anniversaries, same way our priest celebrates priestly anniversaries. So you have seen the need to send priestly anniversary messages to him.

13.Dear Fr. Donald

Warmest congratulations on reaching the incredible milestone of your 20th Priestly Ordination anniversary! This is an extraordinary moment to celebrate the wonderful journey of your dedication and service to God and His people. Your commitment and unwavering faith have been a source of inspiration and guidance to many, including myself. All the best in your life journey.

14.Your leadership, spiritual insight, and unwavering support have been a beacon in my life. As you mark this special anniversary, I join in giving thanks to God for the wonderful work He has accomplished through you. Your dedication to leading God’s people to their promised land is truly commendable, and I pray for an abundance of wisdom, strength, and continued grace as you continue this noble journey. Here is wishing you a happy priestly anniversary.

15. Happy anniversary, our able and unassuming parish priest.

We celebrate you today and always, and we pray for more grace as you keep winning souls for His Kingdom. Amen. Congratulations, and stay blessed, Fr.

16.Happy Priestly Anniversary to you Padre. May you continue to find happiness in your chosen vocation.

17.Happy Priestly Anniversary Padre! May you remain blessed. The good Lord with whom you started this journey shall be there with you forever.

18. Congrats Padre on your priestly anniversary, we rejoice in the gift of your priesthood and pray that the Almighty God strengthens you with long life and more wisdom .🙏Joyeux Anniversaire Father

19. Congratulations Father.More Grace as you continue to be the Shepherd of the flock.

20. With heartfelt congratulations and prayers for your ongoing journey,

21.Happy priestly anniversary Rev.Father Simon. May the good lord in his infinite mercy continue to guide and protect you as you continue to work in his vineyard

22. Happy priestly anniversary to our wonderful parish priest Rev Fr Paul. May God in his mercy continue to guide and protect you and give you the strength to continue in his path. Thank you for yielding to the lord and serving his purpose 🙏🏾.

So you know, how to wish a priest happy anniversary in French is Joyeux Anniversaire Padre. That’s happy anniversary Father.

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Catholic priestly anniversary wishes and prayers

As a Catholic, the church rallies around there priest so much. They make them to feel at home. Trying to bridge the gap of them not having wives and children. So it’s normal to send catholic priestly anniversary wishes and prayers also to our priest in and outside our parishes. They’re doing great jobs. Abandoning families to stick with us. Preaching, consoling and counseling us. They tends to be our confidants. We can trust them with our secrets and go home to sleep knowing it is save. They’re servants of God and therefore represent God on earth. So show them genuine love on their birthdays, ordinations and even their priestly anniversaries and on regular basis. Joyeux Anniversaire

23. Happy Priestly Anniversary Padre, Congratulations and best wishes. May God continue to bless and strengthen you as you work in His vineyard. Have a glorious day and remain blessed.

24. Happy Priestly Anniversary Padre, May God continue to keep you in his vine yard, uphold you for his Glory. Amen.

25. Happy priestly Anniversary to the Man of God. More grace upon you dear Fr. Congratulations

26. Bon anniversary Fr. I wish you many fruitful years in the Lord’s vineyard. Amen. Congratulations Fr.

27. Feliz ANIVERSÀRIO Padre. May you enjoy the goodness of God .

28.Happy priestly anniversary Padre…. May God continue to use you in his vineyard 🙏

29. Happy priestly anniversary. May Almighty God continue to strengthen your vocation in Jesus name Amen.

30. Happy 9th Priestly anniversary Fr. May God continue to lead you on and grant you many fruitful years in his Vineyard. Amen.

31. Happy Anniversary Padre, May God’s grace continue to abide with you now and forever. 🙏🏿

32. Congratulations more glorious years ahead in wisdom and in strength. Amen.

33. Congratulations on your Priestly Ordination Fr. May God continue to Bless and Prosper your ways. We are privileged to have you as our Parish Priest. Enjoy your day Fr..

34. Congratulations Padre. May God’s grace always be with you and may the oil on your head never dry. Happy Anniversary.

35.Congratulate u on the auspices of ur priestly anniversary. May the good Lord who called u to his vineyard continue to give the straight to bring more labourers to His vineyard.

36. Happy priestly anniversary, wishing you many more years of celebration, May God continue to strengthen you and give you more grace to win more souls for Him as you work in His vineyard.

37. Father! Happy how many Years in the Lord’s Vine yard ?Congratulations! Fr.Many Happy Returns Fr.May God continue to abide with you so that you are a Priest forever like in the order of Melchizedik .

38. You have been a soul winner of Christ, thank you for answering this call. You have made yourself His instrument . On behalf of the parishioners, we say have the best PRIESTLY ANNIVERSARY celebration.

39. Do have a memorable anniversary Father.

40. As you continue to take care the body of Christ, may the Lord perfect all that concerns you. Amen.

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Take care of the priests in your Parish. They need our supports in different forms. Like our brothers, fathers and mentors let’s treat them as such. It is not easy to be there for parishioners even when they’re not so strong.

The essence of sending inspirational anniversary messages for a priest is to motivate them into doing the work of God. I know you will say that’s the work they’re called for, that’s right. But remember they’re humans first. So it is a human thing to get motivated on applauds.