Nigerian Pidgin English Love Messages for him or her

Nigerian Pidgin English Love Messages for him or her: In Nigeria, Pidgin English is a special language that is common to every region in Nigeria. It is well spoken and understood in every nook and cranny of the country. Lets share with you Nigerian pidgin English love messages for him or her that you can send to you’re loved ones. Take this ogbonge message like this share am wit person wey you love make una two carry am dey hold body as e dey hot. These messages sweet wella, o ya check am;

Here we have:
How to say I love you in Pidgin language

Nigeria Pidgin English Love Quotes for her or him.
 Pidgin language Love Quotes for
Nigeria pidgin english love messages for him or her
In case you’re looking for a dedicated birthday wishes in Pidgin for your girlfriend, go no further, we gotchu.
1. My Yoriyori, my Sugar, my Chocomilo, my Popori, my Forever love, my Odogwu, I no say you sabi say I love you, abi.
2. As wear nothing go take away the love I have for you. Na promise wey I promise you. Just dey love me dey go no fear.
3. Whether na sickness o, abi na pain o , I want make you know say lailai all these wey I mentioned and other no fit make me stop loving you.
4. I no go even send wetin people dey talk cos that one na their own cup of tea, na their palava, the only thing wey I care about now and always na our love. E don finish.
5. Dey only topic wey dey totori me for Physics na the one wey dey talk about Spark, you know why? Because e dey remind me about your eyes, how e dey take shine, the kind light wey em dey show for my life . na em make me love you so much.
6. If e come for Chemistry, the only topic wey my interest come dey na when them be dey discuss about chemical reaction for class. Chai, na em clear my doubt about wetin dey happen wetin me. E make me understand about love reaction.
7. You’re my life, na you be my life, na why I dey understand Biology wells.
8. I no be Historian, history gist dey plenty das why, but one history topic wey I no fit forget na how I take meet you. E dey fresh like this for my brain.
9. English no be my mate, neither my Papa abi na my Mama language, but e get one wey I learn and I no fit forget . make I speak am? I LOVE YOU. E mean say na you be my love.
10. You see any subject wey no get wetin concern you as a topic I no fit pass am. Smiles.
11.  You know say i no go ever use our love play, at it be, i go dey wonder wetin make me love. Dey more i wonder na d more i dey love you.
12. You know say your love dey totori me. E dey make by body dey do me jigijigi. Na em make me like you wella.
13. My love , I love you pass my mama. Even my papa join.
14. I for like hold you, even if na 4 one second, make I take hold body.
15.  Where you no matter to me, cos I still like you anyhow e be.
16. I no think say I fit love another person dey way I take love you.
17. As e be, I go like tey for this world with you.
18. I no come sabi wetin you do me, the only thing wet I no be  I love, I love you. I no wish say we go waka go our separate ways..
19.  It make sense say I love and you too come love me.
20. The way you dey take  smile dey make me go gaga
How to say I love you in Pidgin language.
21. Loving you dey scatter my head.
22. If love be crime, my love I no go mind go jail.
23. I go like dey wake up every morning close to where you dey.
24. A day no fit waka I no think about you. Na only you I dey think.
25. I don think about you so tey my love for you don full everywhere.
26. Each time I sleep and see you for dream, e dey do me like say make i no wake up.
27. Nothing go fit make me leave you, anything wey wan make me leave you make e no come near where we dey.
28. I thank the belle wey born you.
29. I no fit leave you, no matter wetin happen.
30. If to say you be television, na everyday I go dey watch you.
31. I go carry your matter for head. I no go leave you to carry am alone.
32. My World, wetin I want make you know say na only you I like, na only you I know I love and na only you I want to be with.
33. I no sabi sorrow again because I know you, na em make I go love you forever .
34.Up till now, I never see better words wey I go fit use write how I dey feel about you.
35. I no fit even rest if I never speak or talk with you. Wetin you do me like this.
36. I no care if I die loving you because I no say I go still dey with you.
37. E come be like say I no need to dey chop again because I love you. That one dey enough.
38. If I just dey look at you like this I dey feel belle full.
39. Nothing dey give me peace like this pass how you take love me.
40. Everyone around me kukuma no say I no fit use you joke, say na you be my everything, the air wey I dey breath and other things wey follow.
 Pidgin language Love Quotes for:
 See  wetin you go do to make person wet you like love you well well. Dey always send dem this Nigerian pidgin English love  messages for her. I want make you dey happy for ever , na em make we share this Nigeria pidgin love message for her wey you go fit send to the woman wey you talk say you love.
Nigeria Pidgin English Love Messages for him or her
1. Nwanyioma m , my lady wey dey mame my head go gaga , you know say I love you
2. I fit live for this world only to dey love you.
3. Na you be butterfly wey de my belle
4. Na you come be sugar wey dey my tea.
5. My friends say make I forget you na dream I dey dream, but dem no know say na you be my screen saver.
6. Anywhere I say you for road, na so so love I dey get for you.
7. Na you be my dream. My personal person, you na beauty without powder. I love you like that.
8. I go stand by you whether na for, rainoo,  sunoo abi na for mooon
9. I never too dey wit you I come like you like this, habaa, wetin you do me like this?
10. I no fit even rest as I never follow you talk. I love you even though.
11. Them talk say love dey blind , for my mind even if love dey see clear ,na you I go still choose. Na how much I love you be that.
12. If I no love you wetin I gain. I go keep loving you.
13. No matter wetin you dey pass through ,I go always dey beside you.
14. Nothing go change the love I have for you.
15. I no fit shout, I love you like …..
16. Love no mean anything if you no dey with me. My yoriyori you mean everything to me.
17. I no fit waka go anywhere I no come think about you.
18. At times baayi, I dey wonder how you take manage come love me like this. I dey lucky be that!.
19. I go sacrifices everything and anything because of you.
20. As long as I live I will keep loving you, I surrender my love to you like this my Lady.
Nigeria Pidgin English love messages for him or her
Lovely couple
As you don take read our Nigerian pidgin English love messages for him or her,how you take see am? I sure say you love go love all these yan, just chill dey come did place you go dey read some ogbonge message wey you ma go dey enjoy , you go use am hold body still send am go give person wey you love wey go make am come love you more.
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