How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview: There is a saying that goes like this ” the beginning is the most important part of a task”. How prepared and how you present yourself on your interview day will determine whether you are going to get the job or not.

We have taken out time to give you tips on how to Prepare for job interview, the things you are expected to do and the things you shouldn’t do.
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1. Read about the company: You have received an invitation for job interview, having on it the date, time and venue of the interview.  And you already know the position you applied for.  Do you self a favour by reading about the company extensively, try to know the mission and vision of the said company. Read up the history of the company, what they are into and lots more. This will help  you a whole lot. Some of the questions you might be meeting will not appear strange to you.  It will  help you in case there’s need for you to ask them questions. You will fit in properly during the interview section if you carry out this research well.
How to prepare for a job interview
Job Interview

2. Get your Credentials ready:  Bring out your credentials and photocopy into several copies. With your updated CV. Make sure you don’t include experience you did not practised in your CV. Maintain same date with in your credentials and  CV. Where there’s discrepancies make sure you have an affidavit to that effect.

Keep your documents in an envelope or file. Let it be as neat as possible. Don’t fold them. All these little things counts.
3. Your Choice of outfits:  After checking the history of the company, now you understand what they are into fully, next thing to consider is the choice of outfit you will wear. Generally, most companies prefer having their candidates appear in corporate wears for interview. It is generally accepted, so you might consider it. Be careful with the color of outfit, you don’t need colors that are too loud, though there is no rule to it but go with something cool and calm. You don’t need to appear with outfits that are too busy. Keep it simple.
For the guys, check your hair and bears, the ladies keep your hair clean and if you’re of a faith that covers hair, you cover well as required. Keep your makeup calm, you are not going for a wedding, so you don’t need to employ the services of a makeup artist before you go for an interview. Just keep it clean otherwise you might be sending a wrong message.
4. Leave Home on time :  You don’t need to wait until you are facing the panel before doing the right thing. On the day of the interview, just bear in mind once you leave the house your interview commence. Try and leave your house on time, I won’t specify time , the time you leave your house depends on the area you’re leaving, how close is it to the venue, how free is the road from traffic, what is the means you will be taking and what is the weather condition of that day like?  Putting all these and more into considerations will tell you when to leave. But make sure you get to the venue at least 30 minutes before the interview time. Leaving home on time means you will arrive early. It is good because it will enable you to cool off, you won’t seat for the interview under stress. And you will be more comfortable facing the panel.
As you board the vehicle to interview, that’s if you’re not going with Private vehicle, be nice to everyone on your way. Your interviewers are human too, they don’t sleep in the office, they might be boarding the same vehicle with you. So be of best behavior. This will help you not to embrass yourself at the venue. Imagine dragging seat with your interviewer in a bad way. I guess you would know the outcome of the interview once you realized who he is.
How to prepare for a job interview
Interview Section
5. Behavior at Interview Environment: Glad that you arrived safe.  Dont look down on anybody, starting from the security men at gate, to janitors and even the receptionist. Be friendly to everyone. That you came with your best outfits doesn’t mean your better than all these people. Wait a second, do you know a janitor you’re staring at there might be an undercover CEO. Yes, but hey, you don’t need to have reason or reasons first before you can respect humanity. Never look down on anyone.  So you see, be calm, calculative, loving and friendly. Smile more.
Now, don’t stay outside and be doing irrelevant things. This is 21st century remember, someone might be watching. We have CCTV here and there. Be of best behavior especially when it seems no one is watching because that’s when you’re actually been watched.
6. Entering the interview room: Walk in beaming with smiles, greet them and extend handshake. As they proceed with the interview, maintain eye contact don’t be shy. It is OK to be nervous but get over it as soon as possible. Before this moment you know you phones ought to be on silence or you switch them off. You don’t need distractions especially from your end.
Be your self. Answers the questions politely as the comes. Don’t say things that will implicate you. Don’t beat around the bush when answering questions, go straight to the points.
If there is need for you to ask them questions, remember you went through their profile, you can ask them questions about things you need clarity on.
Don’t forget to thank them before you leave the venue. I pray you get the Job you have been hoping and praying for. Don’t give up. Good luck!
If you carefully follow the steps on  how to prepare yourself for  a job interview, I believe you will come out successful. And once you get the job, put your energy in it.
In our next article, we shall write on how to write a good CV.