I’m obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe messages

I’m obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe messages: Have you been in love with someone and you find yourself thinking about the person practically in everything you do? That feelings of wanting to be around someone or wishing to here from them every now and then is called obsession, though experts believes that obsession is not good at times, but let’s look at the positive sides and how to react ones you notice your obsess with someone. At least in the course of your relationship, you have said to someone, I am obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe “, nothing wrong with expressing how you feel to the one you love.

Being obsessed with the man or woman of your dream is not strange. It is love, it shows how you love, how much you have allowed the person to occupy your heart. Here, we have written several I am obsessed with you messages and quotes for him or her. Spice up your obsession positively with these lovely texts.

I'm obsessed with you in a way I can't believe
I am obsessed with you

I am obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe Messages

1.With my eyes closed, I see you , with my ears blocked, I can still hear you, I am obsessed with you in a way I can’t understand.

2. What have you done to me?. How can someone occupies another person’s life the way you do to me, I am obsessed with you the way I can’t believe.

3. I found genuine love in you, love became clearer just because you’re the center of my life. You’re so good to me that at times it seems like I am dreaming. You have crowned me the Queen of the world my king. I am obviously obsessed with you .

4. Nothing excites me more than you do, I am crazily in love here. Glad I am in this journey with you.

5. You God’s most beautiful creature. I love your eyes, the are so charming. Your smiles takes my breath away. I can’t get enough of everything about you. Forever my love.

6. I am sharing my forever with you, don’t want to wake up from this reality on ground. You’re such a good person with a sweet soul. My love, you will forever occupy the largest space in my heart.

7. My life is incomplete without you. Thank God I found you, I don’t want to live alone and don’t want to live with another person other than you my soulmate.

8. From my heart I love you. You’re my obsession and I just want to stay glue with you at night just to wrap my arms around you to keep you warm and kiss you goodnight until you sleep.

9. Can’t believe I can be this obsessed with someone the way I am with you.

10. My life has been full of adventures, I have been to places I never thought I would be. You have shown me life and I have had a taste of same. Can’t think of leaving you and I am ready to give up the world for you. I am glad I made it to your generation Mon Cheri.

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11.Loving you feels so real and good. I am glad I don’t have to experience the ups and downs of relationship. I stand in awe the way you handle issues. You’re level of maturity should be studied in school. I’m obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe.

12. You’re everything I ever wanted my Baby, I am addicted to you, and I don’t want to quit from this obsession. Love you now and always.

13.You made me fall in love with you and now I can’t let go of you . I care and adore you my angel. Thank you for been there for me when everyone turned their backs against me. I am obsessed with you

I’m obsessed with you in a way you can believe.

Your relationship have been waxing strong despite spending years together, well, that’s a good one. Keep the fire burning between you two, share love and spread joy. Be there for each other and your love will stand the taste of time. Remember been obsessed with the one you love is ok. So, here we have I’m obsessed in a way you can believe.

14. Let’s stay together tonight my obsession and affection. I am lucky to have and won’t let you go.

15. My love, I just want you to be the air that I breathe, I want to be you first and last bus-stop. I love you more than words can describe. I’ m obsessed with you in a way you can believe.

16.My joy knows no bound since I met you. You’re everything I prayed and hoped for. You are evident that God indeed do answer prayers. I prayed you and call you forth, just to be lucky you’re my entire existence.

17. You won’t believe it, my obsession with you started shortly after we met and since then it has been like that. There is nothing on earth that we change my love for you. I’m obsessed with you just so you know.

18. I have given up on love before I met you. And then I am grateful that you came through for me, you brought smiles back to my sad face. You lighten my life in a way I can’t describe. Sadness and darkness gave ways immediately you came through for me. You’re my obsession and I love you. Just so you know you’re the best thing ever happened to me in life.

Though at times some people argues that obsession is not good in a relationship. Well, I see nothing wrong when you do with someone who deserves it. There are people who truly treats us right. They take care of us as much as we do to them. They have our back through thick and thin. People who will tell you don’t worry I have you back . When you have someone who genuinely love you , love them back. In short tell them I’m obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe. True love still exist after all.


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