Love message to my soldier boyfriend

Love Message to my soldier boyfriend – Writing this message to my boyfriend who joined the military makes me emotional most times. Having someone in your thoughts always but unable to get through to the person except when work permits. This makes me to miss my soldier boyfriend everyday. I look forward to reading from him as that seems to make me happy when I do. I equally know writing love message to my soldier boyfriend will give him joy. So, as often as possible I write to him.

Message to my soldier boyfriend


Soldiers plays significant roles in the society, the fight to defend our land, the wage off enemies and help citizens in maintaining laws and orders when need be. They’re always deployed far from home for peace keeping. You know where you legs can’t reach, your prayers and heart can get. You have seen the need to acknowledge their contributions to the society at large always, as they will relate more hearing these love from those they cherish.

What is a good message to soldiers?

A good message to soldiers should come in form of encouragement, praise and love. Love and romance makes relationship beautiful. Most times love language differs, what one person may like, another may detest. So been in a romantic relationship with your boyfriend especially when he is a military man and far from home, makes it difficult to know the best way to make the relationship romantic.

It is hard to be far away from your significant order and even harder when he’s with the military because you don’t know when he will be home. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to date someone in the military. The only way to get through to them is through letter or phone communication as the case maybe in this era.

So, in other to keep the fire burning in your love lives, you need to be creative with your write ups and words, that’s why I am here to give you the necessary guides I used to appreciate my soldier boyfriend.

Message to my soldier boyfriend

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1.I can’t wait to be with you, I have been checking the day with my calendar until I see you. You’re my world.

2. My superhero, I am proud of you and what you do, I pray every day for your safety and strength. I will be here waiting for you until the day you will come home.

3. You have been a tool in making the world a better place. Instilling discipline to people by peace keeping, preaching peace and fighting wars are some of your efforts. I love you endlessly.

Love Message to my soldier boyfriend

Dearest Boyfriend, you are far away from me due to the profession you have chosen. You’re there in the army, I hope you know this distance is the greatest thing I have to deal with in my life. I want you to know how much I love and cherish you. I miss you every day and I look forward to seeing you.

4. I wish you’re right here with me, at times I feel like I can trace you to wherever you’re. But then I would remember the rules, and go do on my knees to put you in my prayers. I am sure you know I will always pray for you.

5. You’re my champion, the conqueror and the greatest fighter of our time, you have made me proud and deserves some accolades.

6. Distance can’t separate us because I understand the mission. My heart is tied to yours and that’s what is keeping me going. Knowing you’re my soulmate.

7. No matter where you’re deployed to, don’t forget I am here for you.

8. You will be in my life, heart and above you, I gotcha you in my prayers always.

9. As a brave soldier that you’re, you shall triumph in the face of war, I wish you safety in this mission.

10. The worst moment of my life is every second I spent without you. I miss you.

11. I have spent my entire day, dreaming of us, my soldier boyfriend, I can’t wait to have you home during your leave.

12. I wasn’t ready to miss you this much, distance is playing it’s parts on our relationship but we shall conquer together.

13. I am rooting for you everyday, because courageous and brilliant soldier like you is the hope of the nation.

14. My love, even in dream I appreciate your love and kind heart. I am lucky to have you

15. You’re life greatest gift to me, I am going to cherish you for the rest of my life. Nothing will change my love for you not even distance.

Inspirational Messages for soldiers

I am happy for your bravery and strength. It has helped to wage off the enemies of the country within and outside. Thank you for all you do. I love you.

May your work be smooth, free from stress, and bring you home safely. Amen.

My Soldier boy, you fight to defend our motherland, I will fight to defend our love till the end of time. You have nothing to worry about.

My hero, I just want to encourage you by sending you this inspirational message, you are strong and we appreciate all you have been doing.

My Soldier love, your courage in the face of war is legendary. Keep being you by helping to make the world a safer place for our generation and generation yet to born to live.

History will be kind to you and your likes in this journey, your duty in essential not just to me but to everyone. I love you now and always.

It amazes me when you don’t think of backing off despite the crises the world is facing. You fight on. God is your strength in all these my love.

While you’re no longer with me, I think about you all the time, I value your efforts and share in your vision.

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So a way of writing a good message to soldiers as you have seen from Somyarriy’s Blog is to thank them for their contributions and the sacrifices they have made in saving humans. Through the above love message to my soldier boyfriend, he has known that his bravery and strength cannot go unnoticed. And that will be driving force to him in the battlefield. It will inspire him to keep up with the good work. The world applauds them and indebted to them for the rest of their lives.