How to know someone is your soulmate

How to know someone is your soulmate :  In this article we shall be talking about how to know that someone is your soulmate. We will discuss those factors that shows that we are in a healthy relationship with our partners. Things to expect from our love relationship. But before we do this,  let’s get to know what friendship is all about.

How to know someone is your soulmate

What is Friendship? 

The basic foundation of human society is based on the ability of man to interact with each other. As we grow in life, apart from our family members,we tend to love and enjoy the company of some certain people. It might be that we have one or two things in common with such people. This leads to becoming friends with them.

Therefore, where there is mutual trust and affection, friendship exist. But at times you wonder how to know someone is your soulmate.

Some of the benefits of Friendships.

Several benefits exist from friendship. Let’s look at some of them:

Good friendship serves as support system. It means friends provides a shoulder you can lean on.

Friendship offers empathy and honesty.

Friendship eases ones stress, this is because true friends shares in each other’s joy and pain. Nothing pass having someone you can share anything and everything with.

Friendship gives one a sense of belonging. You don’t get to feel lonely, you have people you can relate and discuss issues with. You gain self value from it.

It is wise to say that a healthy friendship promotes happiness.

These and more are some of the benefits we derived from friendship.

Types of friendships

There are several types of friendship, but for the purpose of this write up, we shall be talking about these three:

Acquaintance friends: They are people we have known but don’t have deep knowledge about them or anything. They are friends that you are not too close to. Example neighbors, colleagues at work, school mates etc.

Social friends: Social friends are friends that we know very well. Social friends enjoy the company of each other so much.

Best friends: Just like the name implies, they are the best friends we can have, we have known them over time,we have shared a lot among ourselves. Friends that understands each other. It is everyone’s prayer to have this type of friend.

Now that we have known what friendship is all about, let’s then talk about love relationship, this will lead us to the main purpose for this article.

What is Relationship?

Relationship exist between two or more people that are related or connected. It exist among families, friends, neighbors,colleagues or even school mates.

Different types of relationship exist but our interest is on love or romantic relationship.

Stages of Romantic or Love Relationship

Love relationship is characterized by feelings of affection, attraction and love.

We have love relationship in stages. Each stage depends on the other. The ability of your relationship to survive depends largely on your ability to navigate through these stages.

Love relationship survival depends largely on compatibility and understanding.

Attraction: In this stage, emphasis are on common interest, you study similarities between both of you and neglect the flaws. This is caused by biological factors. You can’t wait to be with each other. You don’t want to leave each other’s site. Both parties don’t see anything bad with each other.

Dating: This is the stage where both parties faces the reality of relationship. It won’t be that play as experienced in the first stage of their relationship.

Biological factors will be dealing with you here. Your eyes will open. You might be seeing things that you don’t like, Things are becoming more serious. Doubts will set in.

Disappointment:  At this stage you’re having doubts whether to continue or not. This is a delicate stage in a relationship. As any decision you take here can mere or make the relationship. It is advisable you set out your findings and check the flaws,  if there are things you can over look or not at the long run before taking the relationship to the fourth stage.

Stability: Stability stage is more like a relaxing stage. You have been through a lot. Both of you can now understand each other. Congratulations 👏

You know at this stage you can look back at those obstacles and smile. You will be grateful that you didn’t allow those flaws to destroy the beautiful moments you’re enjoying now.

Commitment:  You have identified your differences and agreed to work things through. Having knowledge about these stages of relationship will help you both to go far.

At this stage, romantic feelings won’t matter that much to you because you’re looking at the future. This is why couples can live in different places still their relationship survives the test of time. It is the hope of a good future that is keeping them.


To be able to pass through these stages successfully, it definitely requires your commitment and also doing it with the right person makes it easier.

Avoid these causes of breakups in relationship.

How to know someone is your soulmate:

You want to know if your partner is in love with you?

Your relationship went through all these stages we discussed above, congratulations to you and yours, now as times progresses, you’re having doubt if you’re in this journey alone. It is normal to have this kind of feeling. Change is constant, most people unfolds new character as the day goes by, I understand the doubt. Everyone wants to be assured and reassured in relationship.

You’re faced with what if someone you love doesn’t love you.

What if you’re wasting your time been with this person especially when they’re not saying anything reassuring about your relationship. Something like where is  the relationship or friendship heading to,  you will be battling with so many fears. We are here to clear those doubts.

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You don’t need to bother yourself with the question when will I meet my soulmate? I will tell you, when the time is right everything will be alright. And then you will start asking how to know someone is your soulmate.

So the big questions now are.

How do you know that you’re not dating yourself?

What are the signs your soulmate is thinking of you ?

Here are some answers to these questions bothering you.

1.Communication is not one sided. You call each other often. It is not one person that is making all the calls. It means you’re still in a healthy relationship.

2. He cares for you. He/she takes care of you as much as you do.

3. Mutual respect for each other. There is mutual respect. You don’t belittle each other.

4. Share common goals. Having the same dreams and visions. Nothing pass having a friend that you have things in common.

5. Doesn’t pressurize you. When your relationship is putting you under pressure watch it, it is a red flag.

6. Accept Mistakes. Once they start acting infallible something is wrong. A good partner should be able to accept mistakes.

7. Be selfless. You put your partner first. Been considerate with issues and decisions will make him or her feel loved. Look for a self less partner and be with.

8. Don’t judge. In a healthy relationship, no one judges, you try to understand your partner and correct them with love. You don’t put them down over a mistake.

9. Forgive easily. He or she forgives you easily. Someone that loves you won’t bear grudges against you. In the case of any problem, both of you will discuss it and accept your mistakes then move on.

10 Pay attention: Your pattern should be able to pay attention to you. This includes listening to you, knowing what’s up with you.

11. Trust: True relationship is built on trust. You can’t love someone you don’t trust. When the start doubting your every move and you are sure you aren’t doing anything, watch it, they’re falling out of love.

All these features above are  signs your soulmate is thinking of you. Now that you have read how to know someone is your soulmate, hope it clears the doubts in your mind.

I wish you a happy ever after  in your relationship.

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