How to toast a girl online format

How to toast a girl online

How to toast a girl online – This basically means how to win girl’s heart through chats. Toasting a girl especially online is not that easy. This is because you’re trying to get to know someone you are not close to through virtual means. So in other to achieve this, you have to do your best to convince the lady to see reasons to accept the friendship offer you have extended. Basically, how to toast a girl online I would say requires great skills.

You can meet someone on any social media platforms and develop sincere feelings. This is mostly common with people who believes so much in love at first sight. I mean you can develop love that will lead you to toasting a lady or a guy online just by mere sighting of pictures.

Also you may have known someone in the past and now seeing the girl’s pictures.on social media can trigger some actions, then you start looking for reconnection. You find the person more attractive than in the past. Your spirit is telling you to shoot your shot, why not?, You don’t necessarily have to wait until you meet the person again in real life to make the big move. Straight away hit her inbox and let them know how you feel.

How to toast a girl you know online

In other to toast her, you should take time to study her, yes, you may be wondering how do you study someone you’re not seeing. I will tell you it is possible and simple to do.

  1. Study the person

How do you study her? You can study someone online by sending the person friend request. You do this to enable the person to add you in her friend’s list. Or you can still be checking up on the person from time to time. With this you will be able to know the person’s area of interest. What I mean by this is, you can tell a little bit of what someone loves through the person’s comments, posts, likes or dislikes on social media. Though this works to some extent.

  • 2 Slide to her inbox and discuss her interest

Though to some extent, there are some social media platforms that does not allow this. But Incase of those that allows it, you can slide straight into the person’s direct message otherwise known as DM. You can start from exchanging greetings. Raise a topic of interest with her, maybe you have seen her comment somewhere. Ask her to tell you more and share your views about the topic with her.

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  • 4 Brief Introduction of yourself

Here, this is need for a little introduction for the conversation to keep following well. Tell her things like your name, assuming you’re not using your real name on the platform. Your areas of interest and stuffs like that.

  • 4 Share some open questions

Just like we started earlier, how to toast a girl online depends, the essence of sharing open minded questions is to enable you to know her more. You will be able to know her views about life generally if you ask her the right questions. Outside her general views on public post, a one on one chat with her will widen your knowledge about her.

You can also inquire about what she feels when it comes to love and relationship. You might deduce her relationship status from here if you channel your questions well.

But then, you don’t need to carry out all these steps in one day. So you don’t bore her. Ladies don’t like much questions at once especially when you’re trying to know yourselves.

At this stage, you should be able to know if you want to give it a trial or not.

  • 5 Make your intentions known

You have made up your mind to continue right? Then at this stage, make your intentions known to the person and You should be polite about it. You can look for some sweet and romantic love messages you can use to pass your feelings across. But don’t mess it. Pronouncing love much at early stage can still put some ladies off. This is leaving you wondering the actual thing ladies want. Well, Somyarriy’s will talk about it in her subsequent posts.

Also, assuming you met on Facebook , obviously you don’t have her phone number, at this stage you can ask her for it. If she declines ,don’t force her. Slow things down . But still maintain the chats with her on the available platform.

  • 6 Share some meme, Gif and messages

Glad you’re making progress, sure there’s a need to spice up things with her, you can share morning Gif, Meme and other sweet messages with her from time to time .

So to add to the above on how to toast a girl online format.

  1. Like her pictures
  2. Comment under her posts.
  3. You slide into her DM.
  4. Compliment her.
  5. Build friendship with her.
  6. Ask her out.
  7. Exchange contact with her.
  8. Plan a date together.

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You have been able to know how to toast a girl online. Toasting a girl you know online is easy. Don’t be scared of rejection that might come with it. As it can happen offline too. So, be it Facebook, Instagram or any other platform you can find love and build same there. Hey, good luck. See how to find out if she’s your soulmate .