An Open Letter to My Secret Crush

An Open Letter to My Secret crush – You can have a feeling of love or affection for someone whom you may or may not have come in close contact with. It is not a crime to love someone from afar because there is something that got you attracted or caught your attention about such a person. One thing that you should have in mind when you are crushing on someone is that at times, getting the attention of such people may be impossible.

An Open Letter to My Secret Crush

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A letter to crush is a way of expressing your feelings for such a person. In a love letter to crush, you can state what actually got you attracted to him or her. Be truthful about such, if you want to establish a relationship with your crush, let your words be kind and filled with words of love. Let this person know your willingness to accept him or her in your life.

Do not feel embarrassed when your letter is ignored. This is because you may not know exactly the type of person that your crush is. The person may equally be in a relationship, therefore, when you receive an unpleasant reply, it means you should stay on your lane. Also, a lot of people are too busy and may have receive numerous letters of this kind from there admirers. You never can tell what the outcome of writing a letter to your crush maybe, therefore, go ahead and try your luck.

An Open Letter to My Secret Crush

1. Just a look at you from afar calms my nerve

Dear Crush,

Is it magical how the sight of you gives me peace of mind? Right from the first day that I set my eyes on you, I have this feeling that there is something common between the both of us. Don’t think it is the case of love at first sight because what I’m feeling for you is great. You are so special I must admit and I believe my meeting you was predestined. Do not be too busy to attend to my letter, I’m waiting eagerly to hear your response so that my mind can be at rest. Please give me a chance to prove to you that my feelings for you is pure and true.

2. Love messages to my secret crush

My Secret Crush,

I can’t forget how I continued starring at you that I nearly missed my flight. Ever since I was born, I haven’t seen someone as cute as you are before. You are indeed the most beautiful woman in the whole universe. Your politeness also gave me a clue that you will have a kind heart too. I know you will be surprised to receive this letter, please do not feel offended because I can’t harbour my feelings for you anymore. I want you to give me a chance to prove my love for you. Never will I break your heart and making you feel good will definitely be the order of my day.

3. Best open letter to my secret crush

I will be happy to get more closer to you

Dear Crush,

You may not know me, but the truth is that I always like to be where you are. I changed my route so that I will be having a glimpse of your face as often as I can. What gives me sleepless night is knowing that there is still a distance between us. It is my wish to come closer to you and equally speak to you. I will be the happiest person on earth if my request is granted. I believe that I will find the love that I’m looking for where you are. Do not keep me waiting for so long because I’m sure that you are the one that I need in my life.

4. My Heart is Filled with the thought of you


If the level of love can be measured, then, the level of love that I have for you will be immeasurable. Don’t call it infatuation just because we have not been in the company of each other. I strongly believe that we were specially made for each other. What more can I look for in a man/woman that you do not posses? I’m not only looking forward to be your friend but also to spend my remaining days on earth with you. Accept me with your whole heart and I want to assure you that you won’t regret it.

5. Love Letter to my secret crush

Dear Crush,

I Know very well that you have tight schedules, but please, give me some minutes to speak to you. I want to express my feelings for you. I’m not just like any other person whom you may have come in contact with. I want to be a part of your world, share in your pains and your happiness. We walk with each other in all situations. I will love you in a way that no one else have done. Don’t take me like just another guy or girl, I’m here to stay in your life forever.

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6. Can I be your best friend?

My Crush,

I’m coming out of my shell now because its been long that I have been secretly dying for you. I want to be a part of your world, please let me in. Your smile and charming face have captivated the whole of me. I believe that with a glance at your face, my heart will always be at rest. It is obvious that I have always seen you on my television screen, this time around, I want it to be real. Tell me what it will take for me to be your best friend because this is my greatest desire in this life. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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An Open Letter to My Secret Crush should not be too lengthy, admire your crush, declare your intentions and let him her know how eager you are to hear his or her response. You can still call it a love letter to my secret crush or admirer.