Emotional Letter to my wife during hard times

Emotional Letter to my wife during hard times: It  takes more than love to build a home, a home built only on love might not survive Trial moments. Trial moments exist in relationship and marriages, the ability of couples to recognize these moments plays a role to how long the union will last. Though it is one thing to recognize a problem and it is another thing not to allow it consume you. Husband understand your wife especially during hard times .Ability of the couple to understand each other will always help in strengthening them especially during hard times, here we have a letter to my wife during hard times, as a man, you should be able to acknowledge your wife efforts not only in good times but also during the difficult days in your marriage. Show some love during this emotional moment.

Letter to my wife during hard times.

Even if she’s not directly involved in solving the problem but her presence alone in the house matters, having someone to talk to about the problem alone is a good thing, having a shoulder to lean on and having someone to wipe your tears away, someone who reminds you that everything will be okay, a woman who tells you that you’re doing great, these are  part of the strength you need to achieve results.

You can write a letter to your wife during hard times just to let her know you appreciate her supports, you love her for standing in the gap, you are grateful she is helping in solving the problem at hand. These will give her strength to stand firm in the race.

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1.  Thanks for staying with me through thick and thin.

Life has been up and down, I didn’t plan it, neither did I wish for these, but whatever happens I take responsibility for it and I am going to work it out, I want to restore those smiles to your beautiful face. I want you to reply my gaze with a smile once more.  I will make sure this doesn’t become our end. We shall smile once again.

2. During these ups and downs, these twist and turns, my love during these bad and ugly moments, you didn’t abandon us, I am proud of you once more and I promise to make you proud at the end.

3. Your genuine love is my strength

Your genuine love rules above everything, when the reality of life sets in, you didn’t let it consume us, you have been here by my side cracking your head to change our narratives. You held the map of our problem and have been plotting,  I don’t know what I would have done without you, indeed, you have proven that two good heads are better than one. O thank God for the choice of each other and I promise you won’t regret this journey.

4. Our children and I appreciate you

Your sacrifices to the family made me to value every gift that God has given me. Thank you for acknowledging my self sacrifices, there’s nothing more I could ask. It will get better someday.

Staying positive during hard times

5. We would survive together

Hard times are trial moments no one bargain for, my love I am doing everything possible to get us out from it. Trust me.

6.  My love, darling, your love gives me protection and security wherever I am . Thank you for not Waiting until I die to love me

7. With all humility and honesty,  I will love you forever and will remain proud to be your husband.

8. Better days are here

I don’t want us to have misunderstanding again, because each time we do it spoils all the wonderful moments we’ve spent together.

9. Joy comes in the morning and trouble don’t last always

Hope you realize that this moment is like a weather, it comes and go, but my lovely wife you’re my sky .

10. I lack words to commensurate the degree of blessings that you have brought to my life and heart.

11. My love, one day our love will inspire many, never be ashamed of these present situation. We shall tell our love story loud.

12. Letter to my wife during hard times,  I learnt  my own ways to solve challenges and shall endure sacrifices to provide for my family, I shall provide a future that you have thought of, a better future for the children and you no matter how difficult it is on me.

13. A proud husband to a beautiful woman

I will be proud to stand in the crowd and say that’s my wife. A man who will hold your hands when things get tough and I  vowed to the Lord that I  will stick with you through hardship and we will make it to good times .

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14. We shall overcome

Hope one day it will be you and me sharing our likes with no worries.

15. What keeps me going is your eternal love and support, the keep me secured in this hardship.

16. I want to be the man who will bring joy, laughter and happiness to you at all times. I am working so hard to this.

17. Thanks for the encouragement

I don’t know how you do it, but thank you for your unwavering encouragement, it keeps my sanity intact and my sense of  optimism in place

18. Having you in my life is the best thing ever, sticking around me keeps my drive and determination in motion and my outlook in life in order

19. For sticking with me during these trying moments, I will worship the ground you walk until the end of time.

20. My life is better with you, I will share everything good with you, thanks for sharing these worst moments with me. I will love you forever.

21. This too shall pass.

For everything you have been through in this journey I am sorry, It is my wish that you will smile at the end. The end is not far from now, thanks for the patience.

22. My love, one day I will make you proud. I will bounce back to the man you married once again. You’re my world.

23. Thanks for the sacrifices that you made

I don’t take your sacrifices for granted, the are well accounted for, for every sweat that drips and then your body, for all the crack and pains in your flesh and bone, I pray God replenish.

24. Put the blame on me,

I’m sorry for turning your day into night, thank you for always looking out for solutions to make our lives at least free from worries, from pain and from hardship.

25. The kids are proud of their mother likewise me

You shifted your comfort to prioritize our well being and secure a better future for the kids and I, not minding how difficult is is to you. I love you endlessly.

26. Despite the worldly trouble, never let them disturb you. I got you any day and any time.

27. I will suffer what there is to suffer, so you enjoy what is there to enjoy.

28. Both suffering and joy are facts of life, but no matter what happens, trust me our love shall know no bound.

29. This storm will soon be over

In the midst of this tussle, I will never quit from our love, I will persist in this our love journey until we are able to tell our love story someday.

30. I am writing this Letter to my wife during hard times,

Remain undeterred and undaunted. Be encouraged, we are unstoppable in this union. Sweetheart this hard time shall not be to death.

31. While we are here,  I will give you my hugs, kisses, laughter, love and care.

32. I can’t wish for a better person

I love you endlessly, my thoughts always preoccupied your mind and you never run out of ideas to enhance our situations. Love you

33. This situation is temporary, I am working hard my love to get us out of it. Little patience my love. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me

34. Don’t be scared of forever with me because of this moment, I promise you no where in the future would it be written that I allowed you to suffer like this again.

35. I will do anything for you, I will jump fence and cross gutter for you, because you deserve the best. Loving you till I die.

36. Thank you for sticking around, thank you for understanding me, thank you for your patience and above all thank you for you love.

37. With your love, we shall overcome and I want to promise you sweetheart that affliction shall never rise again in our home. Amen.

38. You made me to believe in love again

I don’t know what I would have done without you in this whole situation. Having you by my side gives me the strength I need to breakthrough.

39. You have proven to me that you said those Sweet and Romantic vows with all your heart. I am sorry for putting us into this and I promise with God on our side, we shall never know a better yesterday.

40. Thanks for your assurance

I am writing this Letter to my wife during hard times, just to assure you of my unending love in good and in bad. Just to let you know I can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful future I am seeing together with you. I care.

Messages to my wife during hard times

Love is not enough to keep a home. Appreciate the gift of each other in your homes. Sometimes all you need to solve a problem is staring at your lovely wife face, most times she might also come up with a suggestion that will solve the problem.

Don’t underrate the impact your wife can make in your union. Carry her along especially in decision making and this will help in finding solutions when things goes wrong.  Lovely messages to my wife during hard times, won’t be bad idle to send to her, at least to give her hope.

What do I say to my wife during difficult times? I know you have been asking yourself this question this period, you’re not far from the answer. You can say these lovely messages and quotes or our emotional love letter to my wife during hard times to your wife during difficult times.

Letter to my wife during hard times

41. Test of love

You have passed this nature given test, you have passed the test of love. I see this whole predicament as one, I mean how else do I explain this? You loved me without holding back despite what we’re in. Thank you.

42. We’re navigating this tough time together, we shall conquer this storm, my buddy I am glad I can still hold your hand. Thank you for not turning your back on me. I love you.

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43. I realized love is not enough to keep marriage

You have made me to realized that love is not enough to keep marriage, thank you for your commitment and patience, thank you for your understanding in this journey. Thank you for all the beautiful ideas you brought towards resolving this situation. I cherish you.

44. We will make lemonade out of lemon

Sweetheart, we’re going to make lemonade out from these lemons life threw at us.  Let’s keep pushing, please don’t get tired, everything will be fine I promise.

45. All these stumbling blocks shall be our stepping stones. What is meant to destroy us will build us. We will match forward at the end of these forever.

46. Change is constant.

This our situation must surely come to pass, you don’t deserve this my love, I am sorry for putting us into these. I promise to work harder to get us out from it

47. My support system, thanks for standing by me.

Just like the bones aids movement, so you have been my source of strength in this union. Thank you for your support all the way, thanks for standing by me, we will rejoice again.

48. This too shall pass, 

I’m sure of this, hold on darling, our testimonies shall be loud.

49. Tough people lasts but tough time doesn’t. You have strengthen and rekindle the light in my path. I drew strength from you. Thank you for standing by me.

50. Thank you for writing our success story, I have nothing to edit in it,

Keep believing my joy giver, there’s hope.

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There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

What do I say to my wife during difficult times?

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Letter to my wife during hard times, is meant to bring lost hope in your homes, the aim is to make your wife believe that you appreciate her supports in this trying period of your marriage and also to reassure her. In case you choose to renew your Wedding Vows, it won’t be a bad idea.Goodluck in your union.