Journey when you love a woman

Journey when you love a woman ; when love happens, it comes with great feeling,  a feeling you can’t describe, but It’s there because you can feel it. And you’re happy with the outcome. Finding love is not an easy journey, it is a journey you can start deliberately but don’t know when it will end. You keep walking, keep hoping, Keep wishing for it to come to pass. At times it does immediately but other times when you have given up or at the verge of giving up,  boom!!, love will come staring or knocking. Then you will remember all that you have been through and be glad you later achieved that you have hoped for. Here we have  journey when you love a woman quotes, now that you have found her, nourish your love with these love quotes.

Journey when you love a woman

1. You’re everything that I hoped for, you’re my prayer answered. Love you my Lady.

2. I don’t know what I would have done without you, glad I met you.

3. I have lived my life in the past wandering and searching for the perfect one, with hope that I will find someday, and then it happens, you came to my life and changed everything. I am glad to have you.

4. He who finds a wife finds a good thing and shall obtain favor from God, you’re the evidence of my favour from God. Love you forever.

5. There would have been much in this world to dim your smile,

Many things that would have caused you pain, but there is also much more that is worthwhile,

To brighten your smile and fill your heart. That’s why I am here, I am here to love you as it ought to be. I got you.

6. Somewhere, right now someone is searching for you,

Know that your love is meant to be true to me and I won’t let go,

For your many nights of wishing on a star isn’t in vain. I am here to stay,  journey when you love a woman, mine ended with you.

7. Those nights and days of loneliness and sighs of ache,

Those nights of cuddling pillows and counting ceilings,

Will soon be a distant memory upon, since we have found each other,

Our love journey begins, I promise every bit of it to be interesting.

8. I  finally believe in love, you made it so

As I hold you close, I am feelings so rich.

This is the dream and promise of the lonely hearted,

One that will be blessed if I  don’t lose faith,

The journey to find love that you long ago started, journey when you love a woman.

9. It is true love,  I am yours forever until the sun’s fading rays.

You’ll never know the when or how of love-

What’s meant to be has its own time,

Just know that love is meant for us,

I am open to love and embrace your heart

Now that love finally comes calling. I love you my Woman.

10. That’s when you’ll grasp the promise of us-

The love we’ve been destined for,

Finally arriving as we have longed for…

I’ve always been waiting past the horizon for you..

11. My love, my soulmate,

My one true thing.

Always and forever,

Love everlasting.

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12. I write this just to remind you of my commitment to love you no matter your state, in your weakest days and strongest days. I shall love you.

13. I will surely  love you in your happy and your sad moments.

I will give you my shoulder to lean on always and I promise not to give up on us, just you know.

14. I learnt journey when you love a woman changes everything, you know what? I’m going to love you UNCONDITIONALLY just as Christ loves His church,  Christ my model taught me love,I will love you more and more.

15. Through thick and thin, till death do us part, I’m going to be by your side to make sure you fulfill every destiny that God has given you.

16. Be assured of my support all through this journey of life.

Gold nor Silver I have none but what I do have, I give unto thee that’s my unending love. Always remember in this love journey that I will hold you forever.

17. Thanks my love , Thanks for making the marriage journey so interesting and easy. I love you forever . Journey when you love a woman becomes interesting with you in it

18. How did I know that you’re My soulmate ? Ours has been a journey of love and bliss.

For God’s glory and splendor, which are evident in our love journey, we are deeply grateful to God.

19. It’s been years of God’s unreserved grace and faithfulness, and every year has been a new layer of love, dedication and fulfillment. We thank God for our love story so far, and we look, in delight, at what lies ahead. Love you forever.

20. This  is a Journey of  deep love .

Listening with love to each rather than listening to judge

Love is my response to recognizing the beauty in something. You’re beautiful inside out.

Journey when you love a woman quotes
Love, Hearts

Journey when you love a woman messages

21. I love doing this life thing with you, simply perfect imperfections.

I’m Not Perfect

But I Promise

I Will Love  You Wholeheartedly  For A Lifetime.

22. I Love You

My descriptive power is not enough to describe the feeling

I love you and no words can describe how much I love you.

23. The more I recognize the beauty of my own life, the more I recognize the beauty you possess.

Love is the most important quality and I will share it with you.

24. You are my journey and  you are my destination my queen

You’re the Best thing ever happened to me

I see the resemblance of you in every face

I inhale the aroma of your breath in every fragrance…

Every noice has become your voice to me

I am lost in beauty of you my love, you’re so beautiful. The journey when you love a woman became complete with you.

24. I never thought I will be who I am right now

I had all the thrones still I felt empty until I met you.

Having all the power and was helpless until you came,

Thought I had all the affection still feel lonely until you came.

Now that I have you, I glad you are here.

25. I have been a  king without the queen

I have been wandering without  destination .

Although I am walking on the journey of love on one promise which you made me easy and safe

The promise of meeting on the other side

Beyond the stars at absence of time

Where you are not you and I am not me

Thanks for making this journey of love worth it.

26. Where the other half of you is merging with you and completing the circle of one soul .

On that promise I am walking on my path and you’re walking on your’s.

You are becoming your complete half and I am becoming my complete half

Please keep remember the promise and continue the walk …

Don’t stop , don’t break and don’t feel alone until we complete this love circle.

Journey when you love a woman comes with beautiful messages and quotes, hope you like them .

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