How to say I Love You in Nigerian Pidgin English

How to say I love you in Nigeria Pidgin English.  It is spoken and understood by all the people in the country.  Nigeria is made up of several groups with different dialects but apart from English, the second generally acceptable language is Pidgin English. In this article you’re going to learn how to say I love you in Nigerian Pidgin as well as pidgin quotes about love.

What is Pidgin English? 

Pidgin English is a language common  in  Nigeria. It is a language of its own. It is coined from English words,  some local dialect words and some wordings of its own.  It is well spoken in the southern part of the country especially in the south south.  Pidgin English is an interesting language.  Read how to say I love you in Nigerian pidgin English below.

I don talk that one above finish for those wey no savings this out ogbonge language.  I no say you wey still read am reach here sabi or wan learn the language baayi.

All these wey we write below na for the sake of love nwantinti abi wetin some people go talk say love in the air.  E choke?

If Na true you talk say you like your personal person check Wetin we write here u go like am, My heart belongs to you  messages for him or her, how you see am.

Oya send this one go your girlfriend side on her birthday Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to your girlfriend.

Oya make you self dey take our love message dey hold bodi, soul and your relationship together.  use am gum am abi cement am. Make them  know say your love no dey lie. Oya check as we write how to say I Love you in Nigerian pidgin English baayi.

Here, we have best pidgin quotes about love

1. I no go allow casala to boost ontop our love like this.  I go wage war because I love you like this.

2. Anytime wey I remember you Na so my heart go dey beat like drum. Wetin you do me?

3. If them ask me Wetin love be, I go tell them say Love Na Wetin I see anytime I look at you.

4. Na you be my love nwantinti

5. Them talk say love blind, but I dey see you korokoro.

6. Na you dey make my head go gaga

7. Wetin I go do without you.

8. Abeg no stop dey love me, me I go dey love you until everything pass away.

9. Baayi I don fall in love with you

10. If Na to choose between life and you, make e no choke you say I go choose you, because Na you be my life.

11. I go go anywhere for you and I fit do anything for you join

12. I no fit breathe without you. I go choke if I do.

13. Na you be my personal person.

14. You no get rival for where I dey

15. After you baby Na you

16. Na Wetin I do wey make you love me so.

17. I go shout out to the world to let them know say you’re mine and that I love you till infinity.

18. I love you, I love all the Tori wey you dey yarn me, I love every every about you.

19. Your laugh 😁 dey off me, I love how you dey take smile ☺,  Dey thing dey off me completely. Like this now, hope you’re enjoying our pidgin quotes about love.?

20. We go play for flower when moon Don show, we go dance for rain when Rain dey fall,  we go come sleep in each others am.  You like?

21. Na to show you say nothing why I no go fitdo to keep our love flowing, our love go flow pass river Niger and benue join ocean like this.

22. I dey feel you my complete package.

23. My elewe ukwu egbu ewu.

24. Some people dey ask me why I love you,  I tell dem make them forget because Na ONLY you ,I talk that only for capital letters because  Na you and only you dey make my life go tirintirin.

25. I fit climb fence  for you, I fit clean gutters for your sake, I fit do anything for our love.

26. Lailai, I no wan hear say you leave me for this world, if you do I fit die of loneliness because no other person I fit follow.

27. Aswear Iove you more than life itself.

28. Babe make we dey roll forever. Anywhere you go I go follow you go.

29.Nothing go make me regret say I love you.

30. Kilimanjaro small compare to where I go climb for our love sake.

31. Even if I go to moon and come back, I go still l love  you.

How to say I Love you in Nigerian pidgin English

32. Now wey I Don learn how to say I Love you in Nigerian pidgin English, Na so so love I go dey show you dey go.

33. I come love you from the bottom of my heart ♥.

34. I no fit do without you

35. Na you be my dream, everything I dey pray and hope for in this life is you.

36. E better say I no come this life than to come I no see you.

37. I go carry you go show my Mama tell am say Na you be my wife.

38. Nobody fit Love you like I do.

39. For where we dey one plus ➕ one equals to ONE. Lol you think say I no no book baa,well I don’t care for your sake the only book I want to know na book of love

40.My body dey do me tirintirin as I dey look you like this.

41. Anytime I remember say Na me you love, I go begin dey do shakara up and down. My village people go hear am.

42. I stand gigigba because you dey beside me.

43. I go look you anytime, anywhere, anyhow and everywhere.

44. I know say love dey real,  Na me make I fall patapata for you.

45. Nothing gives me joy more than loving you.

46. Na unadulterated love I get for you

47. To Love you dey give me peace.

Pidgin quotes about love is truly one of the most lovely ways of expressing love.

48. Wetin love come be if not you

49. Na you be sugar know my tea

50. Babe,  Na you be my painkiller, my joy giver, my sunshine and everything.

How to say I Love you in Nigerian pidgin English
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51. You come be apple of my eyes join

52. You Na beauty without powda.

53. How my life been dey without you?

54. Na I know my work for life, Na to dey love you dey go.

55. Love nwantinti I love only you.

56. Our love go dey flow with us.

57. Your love dey make me smile more

58. I no go joke with your heart

59. Na your love dey gbakala m isi, e dey scatter my head.

60. Na only you I sabi, to leave you God forbid.

61. Your people go be my people.

62. My looking Yansh…………. 😍 😂

63. My poporipo, my sugar, my treasure, my ringtone, my tomtom, you be my yoriyori here and there.

64. Na Wetin go give you joy I wan dey do now.

65. I go dey love you everyday.

66. No dey listen to Wetin people dey talk, them no no how I love you.

67. My fantasy, my cupcake my own, I love you like that

68. How you wan make I carry survive without you.?

69. Na to come see your face be ghetto reason I take dey wake everyday, ☺.

70. Loving you baby Na the best thing to happen to me,  my world I love you pass every every

You make sense my love,  see as you set,  you know Wetin?  Nothing for this whole world wey we dey so go make me stop loving you.  I love you forever.

How to say I Love you in Nigerian pidgin English

Because of you I have learnt how to say I Love you in Nigerian pidgin English. 😍 ☺ 😁.

Stay true to your love with pidgin quotes about love. Udoooo

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