Sweet Happy Birthday to me.

Sweet Happy birthday to me – Congratulations on your birthday today, are you trying to find the best words to wish yourself a happy birthday? Don’t worry you’re in the right place. It is a thing of joy to wake up and realize that you have been blessed with a new day and  a new year. It is a rare privilege to witness yet another wonderful year of ones life. Especially when you look back and remember that not everyone you started the year with is here today with you. You see why you need to celebrate this grace. Shout with joy and make merry because it is you birthday. Ok, I want to sing happy birthday to me!

Let’s share with you the best happy birthday to me wishes . Love it . happy birthday to me.


1. Angels are truly on guard over me. God I am grateful for the gift of life.

The rest of my life shall be the best of my life. Happy birthday dearest me.

2. This is thanksgiving  for God’s  amazing grace upon me… Happy birthday to me and a blessed new year ahead.. God I am grateful.

3. Lord Jesus, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me this far in life. I might not be a billionaire, but You have blessed me with life, good health, happiness and peace of mind. These gifts are worth more than all the money and treasures of the world. Thank you so much. My Lord, please keep on smiling on me.


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4. You have done so much already my way maker. I return all the glory to you.

Happy birthday to me

5. It’s a smile from me!!…..I am creating more beautiful memories today. I am grateful to God as I reflect on my blessings, I count being alive many times as possible… Thank you God the giver of life…

6. About the new tunes of the future, I am filled with positivity that this new year will be better, my dreams will turn into realities and I wish for my Lady luck to visit me…

7. I wish for life biggest joy. Another June 3rd and another reason to celebrate……. Happy birthday to me!!!

8. A privilege it is to be alive, am grateful to God for the nights that turned into mornings, for the countless protections… Blessed be your name  God..

A special thanks to my family and to friends that sticks closer like family ..  I am totally overwhelmed by your love and prayers ..God bless you all

From a grateful heart…….. Today is my Birthday .

9. Sing Happy birthday to me,


I smile more for a better tomorrow.

10. Here is wishing myself best birthday wishes ever, may all my dreams come true. I pray God to prosper all the concerns me. Amen

Best birthday wishes to myself

11. It is my birthday and I shall count my blessings instead of the damn wrinkles on my face. Happy birthday to my humble self.

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12. Happy birthday to me, I give God all the praise.

13.Roll out the dreams today is my birthday. God I am forever grateful.

14. Thank you Jesus of the heaven’s and Earth, my help from ages past For another year.

15. Happy birthday to my lovely self. I am blessed.

16. On this special day I give God all the glory and honor for the gift of life. For His mercies and blessings with a wonderful family. Today I celebrate the life God has given me and give him thanks for more blessings. Happy birthday to my dearest self.

17. I don’t know where to start counting my blessings from. I really don’t know, I prayed and waited for this day to come. My life journey has been awesome. And I pray the rest of my life be filled with nothing less than greater accomplishment. Amen. I was born on this day years ago. Hurry!!!

18. I pray that God’s divine assistance will never cease to flow in my life. I pray that this year marks the start of more spectacular miracles in my life. Congratulations to me.

19. It is a new phase of my life and I am welcoming it with all positive vibes. Lovers of good, please join me and celebrate for God has added another year to my life.

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20. Cheers to greater heights, hurry! I am plus one today and many happy returns.

21. Another age, another Mercy and another grace, the same God. Thank you God.

22. God this is the one you have shown Mercy. Happy birthday to me

23. I wish myself abundance of God’s blessings today and always as I ring enter into my new year.

24. On this my birthday I declare that location will never be a barrier to me, I am blessed. I shall continue to shine brighter anywhere I go. Favor shall locate me all the days of my life.

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25. No force, no power and no situation will determine my joy. This is my prayer and my wish to myself as I clock a year older today.

26. I have steady progression as such, I shall continue to prosper until I become prosperous. Cheers to a new year of my life.

27. Thank you God for adding another 365 days to me. I do not take it for granted. I wish for your continues guidance and protection. Amen.

28. I exude positivity and I attract positivity. It is another beautiful year of my life. Happy birthday to me.

29. Happy blessed year to me. I wish my self all the good things of life. May lines continue to fall in pleasant places for me. I shall be great .

30. As I blow the candles of my cake, I pray all the looming, sadness and negativity been blown away. A cheers to a new age.

No, way I would write my birthday status without acknowledging God my maker.

Happy birthday to me quotes
Birthday candles

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 Happy Birthday messages to myself

31. On this my day, I wish myself joy, happiness , peace,love. I pray my Lady luck locates me in this amazing year. Happy birthday to the most awesome person I know. Happy birthday to myself.

32. Happy birthday to me, may I live to celebrate more beautiful years in strong health and sound mind. Amen.

33.I wish myself all the blessings of this year. May God bless me in all spheres of my life. May I not be found wanting in anything. I pray God to grant me all that my heart desires. I shall achieve my dreams in this new year of my life . Amen.

34. Happy happy birthday dearest me. May God will has been there for me, through His mercy I came this far, I pray he continue to guide me and protect me. May He keep me safe from the evil eyes. I pray He continue to lead my paths all the days of my life. Amen.

35. It is another wonderful year.  With mixed feelings, happy birthday to myself as nature has brought me closer to my grave. May I continue to live this life to do goodwill. Amen.

36. My life has been an amazing journey. Looking back all I can see is His favor which surrounds me. I am grateful where I started, I am blessed where I am hopeful for a better future. Happy birthday grateful heart.

37. Our father in heaven Hallowed be ur name, God I also thank you for the gift of life, may ur name be praised Amen. happy birthday to my humble self. More joyful and glorious year Amen.

38.Happy birthday to me, may the peace of the Lord be with me. More awesome years ahead. God bless me.

39. I pray that my tomorrow be better than my today, may I not know a better yesterday. I pray God to perfect all that concerns me. May he give his angels charge over me. Amen.

40. May this year be an amazing year for me. I shall accomplish great things. Everything I put my hands will work well for me. Enemies shall not see me. I will keep growing in wisdom and in good health. Cheers to a new age dearest self.

41. This is Thanksgiving of God’s amazing love. Join me to thank God in your own language for His mercies upon my life. He has given me the opportunity to explore another phase of my life. All I wish for is His guidance. Happy birthday to me.

42. I depend only on you King of glory. Here I am to return all the praises to you . Thank you for blessing me with another year. May it be a fruitful year to me . Amen . I am plus on today.

43. I am celebrating myself today, I thank God for the woman I have turned to,  grateful knowing His thoughts for me are of good and not of bad. I shall live to celebrate more years. Amen.

44. Birthday comes once in a year, not everyone is given the opportunity to witness a day like this in their lives. But here I am, full of life. Thank you way maker, thank you life changer ,I am grateful for everything I stand for. Happy birthday to me.

45. I pray my stay here on earth will light the paths of many . This is my birthday wish to myself. Happy birthday self.

46. I can’t thank God enough for this gift of life. Thank you for your blessings, guidance, protection, mercies and blessings. Abide with me now and forever. May I continue to live a life that will please you. I wish for a better year as I start this year with you Lord. Amen.

47. Hello me, you are highly favored. You may not be where you want to be yet, but at least you are not stagnant. Moving forward and staying strong is my main goal.

48. Last year was a bit tough, but I was tougher. I got through it, and today is the start of a promising year. I am looking forward to a fresh start with all the good things that life can throw at me.

49. I’ll put the biggest smile on my face and will show how happy I am. It’s my birthday, and It will be the greatest day of the whole year. Happy birthday to me!

50.God has been so merciful to me I must admit, His grace has been with me in all my ways. Who am I without his tender loving mercy? In all, I will return all the praise and adoration to Him. May your hands of mercy never depart from me O Lord. Happy Birthday to me!!

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52. The best feeling in this world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone. This can literally add years to your life. Though it has been a very hectic day at work as I literally forgot today was my birthday, I am very grateful for your birthday wishes. As you have celebrated with me on my special day, May celebration never cease in your lives. God bless you exceedingly.

53. What a time to be alive. I cannot believe today marks the start of a new chapter for another 365 days on earth. Heartfelt birthday 🎂 Wishes to Myself.

54. I count my life by smiles, not tears. My age, I count by friends, not years. I make these wishes for myself on this D _Day… It’s My  Birthday, whatever i ask may i receive, whatever I seek may I find, whatever I wish may it be fulfilled on My Birthday and always through the Power of He Who made it possible that I liveth. Happy Birthday To My Humble Self.

55. Happy birthday to me,

Wishing myself happiness & joy today, may the coming years bring the best happiness of new & exciting dreams to me, no birthday wishes, greetings & messages can express what I want to say I don’t wanna write deep quotes cos I can’t find the best quotes that fully describe me. oh God continue to bless me with many more years let this day of mine open the windows & never closes. Amen

All I ask is for the best in life, & put me in a righteous way.

56. Birthday message for me

There are many reasons to be HAPPY and THANKFUL..to our God Almighty god thank you for giving me another year of my life….I wish to have a long life, and good health always,more success in life…more blessings to come… and more birthdays to come thank you Lord god for your unconditional love


57. Have a wonderful birthday celebration and may you live to celebrate more fruitful years in strong health . Amen.


Happy birthday self,  Grow and wax stronger. The sky is your starting point. You shall go places. You shall be a blessing to your generations. Your feet shall never enter into the wrong place. The Lord direct your path. It’s my birthday, I  will celebrate many more birthdays.

59. Wine is getting better over the years…..

A man is getting wiser over the years…..

My journey so far in life has been amazing…

I got older today!!!

This is the reason for the happiness, not

Sadness. I’m so thankful for  these years of life and the people who surrounds me.

Today marks another awesome year for me

And I can only be grateful and happy for the grace heaven has granted me.

Let there be new beautiful moments and days ahead. Amen

60. It’s another amazing year as I wish happy birthday to me. Join me and sing once again, sing happy birthday to me.

Hope you have learnt to say happy birthday to me from our post.

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Sweet Happy Birthday to me. Yes, I took out time to celebrate my self on my birthday. I am grateful for another another chance