Best Birthday wishes in pidgin English

Best birthday wishes in pidgin English: Pidgin English is a language used among Nigerians, it is generally spoken and understood by Nigerians of almost all the ethnics. Apart from English language, Pidgin  is another common language.

Best birthday wishes in pidgin English

As your person dey celebrate birthday, we sometimes call it byday,  you know say e go good make you self join hands celebrate am with them, yes! Whether na man o, abi na woman, na your boyfriend o abi na girlfriend, even if you talk say na your husband or wife send them these our messages, e go make them love you and believe you say you care about them.

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Best birthday wishes in Pidgin English

Lovely birthday wishes in Pidgin English.

Sweet birthday wishes in Pidgin English and others

Birthday wishes in pidgin English

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My mama talk say na a day like this na em she born me. E come be say na every year like this I go dey jubilate, dey tank God say em do well create me. Happy uterus escape day to me like this.

My paddy, on ogbenge day like today on  which Dem born you, oyibo call am birthday, I pray God make Him attend to your needs. I pray say  you go  live long , make sickness no catch you and may you come fullfil the reason wey make God take create you.

God don show me plenty Mercy, I no go lie, His grace dey follow me tipe tipe, who I be if not for him? Na em make me dey give am praise and adoration. I come pray join say make Him no comot hand for my matter. Happy birthday to me.

I dey happy today na my byday, as I come dey celebrate am like this, I ask may God bless me, may happiness follow me, better health and make things dey work Wella for me, na em be my prayers.

My pikin birthday na today, him dey clock 5 like this, I, your mom and your siblings join hands dey thank God for how Him dey take guide you, we still dey ask am make Him dey go with you anywhere wey you wan go. As you clock another 365 join, We pray make you live to see better better years wey dey come in front.

I dey thank God who allow me to see the day wey dey born me, upon everything wey don happen for my life na Him keep me gidigba, Him no allow bad belle them to near me, as I dey Waka dey come back, Oluwa got my back, wetin again I want. I just dey ask today make Him continue wetin Him dey do for where I dey. Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to my personal person, na she dey make my head go tirintirin, as them born you today, silver nor gold I no get wey I go give you. But wetin I get na em I go give, and na to talk say make God bless you.

Pop Champaign, them born better pikin today, happy birthday to you, as dey whole world take happy dey day wey dem born you, na em I join them like this to dey happy on how we dey remember that day. In the same vein, I pray make you continue to dey live a happy life. Make enemies no see you . Amen, happy birthday make I talk again.

I wan to join angels to dey sing praise dey give God, circum say, I dey happy say I dey alive dey witness dey day wey dem born me. If I come like back wey everything we I don pass through, I get hope say dey ones wey dey for front go better pass the ones wey don go. I no dey fear. Na God dey Keep me. Happy birthday to myself.

You na better person, e don tey wey we meet, I no regret say I know you, you don add plenty happiness for my life, my life for no make sense if I don’t have you to live it with. On this day wey your mama born you, I wish for God to prosper you and make Him blessings come fall like rain for where you dey. You na better person and deserve everything wey dey good for this life.

Happy birthday, may you live long to talk your mouth talk all the good good things wey God don do for you. Anybody wey dey Waka bad Waka for you case go Waka tire, them no go see you. You go dey go dey come, bad thing no go happen to you. Amen.

Na God dey give life, on this day wey your mama born you, I wan take am thank God for your life, for how Him take create you well. Make merriment because God don butter your bread.

Happy birthday to my babes and more. Only you na babes, . As you take fine na so your year go take fine. Happiness go yanfu yanfu for this your new year. Cheers

I pray so you go achieve every success wey you deserve and pass. Dey amazing, dey spread positive vibes dey go. Happy birthday to you my Best paddy.

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Lovely birthday wishes in Naija Pidgin English

Inside all these years, you na friend wey pass brother, you are as a family member to me now, I wan appreciate you for standing kampe with me even when things no balance. I love you

Na another ogbonge year, may Blessings and mercies wey God don prepare for you never leave you. Make God’s eyes dey shine like this for where you dey. Na better news go dey come out from where you dey. Happy birthday dearest friend.

Na great pleasure and thing of join say I be your friend. I dey send my good wishes and dey throw way my salutes to where you day on this day . Happy birthday.

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Happiness, prosperity, peace and joy na them you go dey know in this your new age.

Na my wish say na sunshine of joy, rainbow of smiles and rainfall of laughter go full your life like this, make life dey give you additional reasons to smile. Happy birthday my person.

Happy birthday dearest, I wish you abundance of blessings today and always. May your days be long, may you walk and not stumble, make nothing stop your shine from shining. You go dey shine brighter than the sun. O ya nah .

Na fantastic birthday I wish you, na my prayer say for anything wey you wish for make life bring an come your doormot, as e bring am make you dey to receive it. Amen

Happy birthday to you, you no go know yesterday or day before yesterday wey go better pass your today, wetin I dey try talk be say na your future go always better pass your past, you get ?

Happy birthday darling. Age with enough blessings from above. Make blessings follow you up and down. Amen

Happy birthday buddy, more blessings cheers. Lines go dey fall for better place for you. Grace to do plenty things and meaningful this go continue to dey follow you. You go prosper. Amen

Your new age go dey progressive and rewarding. A toast to this your new age. Na shine shine you go dey shine plus other better things.

Na more fruitful years to celebrate in good condition and sound mind I wish you. Happy birthday .

Make God favor you in all you do . For this season, make you enjoy a good year.

Na pray say everything you pray for you go achieve am Sharp sharp. Amen.

Happy birthday to the one wey dry different from others, success, wisdom, testimonies go be your portion. May you live to a fulfilling life. Amen.

Na you be the most incredible person I know, wetin you deserve pass a generic birthday. Na the whole world I suppose give you.. Happiest birthday ever to you.

Collect a better unusual birthday. Na only better things go dey follow you. A very special happy birthday to you.

May God bless everything you put your hands in. You don try to make humanity better, make universe make your own life best. Happy birthday, live long sweetheart.

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Sweet birthday wishes in Nigerian Pidgin English

Me I know say na great things be the reason why God create you, on this day wey you take come out, may you achieve those great things. Amen

Clear road, make we no do any other thing today than to celebrate you. Today is your birthday and you deserve the shutdown and more

Happy birthday to the one wey God  don bless, favoured and shown Mercy. God bless you for living out em reason why He create you and for all the souls you don  touch.

God don choose you to bless you, As you dey bless other people,it is your turn for God to bless you.  Cheers to this great philanthropist of our time as he mark yet another year of service to mankind

I love you specifically, enjoy your life now and always. Happy birthday of unending grace. Shayo for my head.

My brother, close friend, my cartel nigga, we can yab and quarrel for Africa but I still cherish you. Longer days tallest, blissful days and more chikitos to u lolx. Happy birthday dearie!!

Clear road it is my buddy’s birthday, I go enjoy like say na every body birthday, because this kind party dey happen only but once in a year. Drink anything drinkable I gotchu

Happy Birthday to my precious friend turned sister to whom I am well pleased. She turn 18 years today. Sis you are now an  adult. May God  keep protecting you from the eye of the enemies. Na blessing you go be for this generation. Amen

Today na my boss lady day, na promotion go dey follow you back to back, as nothing fit stop moving train, no power go stop your destiny. My ears dey wide like this to hear your testimonies. Happy birthday love

My luv  Sweet birthday wishes to you. Muah! Enjoy yourself and leave the bill for me.

Happy Blissful birthday to you. Many more years of good celebration ahead and Age with a massive Grace ahead. Best wishes ahead dearie.

May grace wey dey unlimited speak for you where doors are closed if you reach your turn them go  open immediately in Jesus Christ name.cheers.

Me love you, Happy birthday cutie keep growing in wisdom , knowledge and understanding .

Happy birthday to you, age graciously and may Almighty God bless you with the gift of wisdom to take dey do better in any where you find yourself, you no go lack anything, God go dey there always for you.  Amen.

You are one beautiful soul I’ve come to love, you are a lady filled with passion, dreams and Hopes, you’ve been through so much but you are still standing not looking like what you have been through, you are a strong lady, smart, intelligent out spoken and BEAUTIFUL, your heart is as pure as Gold. Happy birthday to this purest heart.

Knowing you is a big plus to my life , I can’t not explain wetin your presence for my life don do. I thank God and celebrate with you on this your happy day.

Thank you for all the beautiful things you do for me, thank you for always encouraging me and your constant check up. Happy birthday best friend ever .

Before your next birthday go reach, plenty reasons go dey wey you go use thank God.On this special day I say a very big Happy Birthday to you,  Na my prayers say  extraordinary evidence to attest the faithfulness of God shall full your life. Na them be my prayers to you: Happy birthday my everything

Girl you will live long.

You will fulfill purpose.

You will achieve Dreams.

Your destiny helpers will come swiftly.

This Generation and generations to come will call you blessed.

You will seat among King’s and Queen’s (Celebrities)

Above all God Will be proud of you dearest paddy.

Happy Birthday ma’am I love and celebrate you deeply.

Wow.. happy birthday best

This is supper great, I love you sis, can’t heart you less.

The best friend in the whole world.

My personal person, my better half, you be my twin

Birthday Blessings girlfriend

May God be with you, enjoy dey go.

Flex ur day dear, much  from muah.

Birthday cheers to you!!!

My English abi Pidgin word’s no fit express my love for you, Sis our awesomely beautiful,happiest birthday to you big sister,  keep living .I  love you like this.

If I don’t celebrate you today who will I celebrate?

She is my joy giver, my second in command that knows how to take care of me even when am not around, smiles, her intelligence is second to non, beautifully made by God both inside and outside, your presence in my life has brought nothing but joy, your kind is a prayer point of every everyone looking for a good friend. God bless you in your Day and days. Amen

Happy birthday beloved friend, I pray for you today that you shall excel in all you do, God’s goodness and favour shall always be your in all you do,  God will always take good care of you and you shall live long in good health to fulfill God’s promises in your life in Jesus name Amen.

Happy birthday  my favourite ,my passionate, May you scale greater heights in Jesus name. Amen

May host of heaven celebrate you this day. Everything you need for life, na God go provide am, chillax, no worries, be happy, Happy birthday good person more grace to celebrate on earth Amen.

Hey, are you enjoying sweet birthday wishes in this Nigerian native dialects.

Because say you na wonderful person na so your days, and years go be. You go attract more blessings than you give,  shayo, merry, buga, doro happy birthday

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