Best Happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes.

Best Happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes: There is a saying that when you celebrate others that it means celebration is not far from your doorsteps.  As good people who loves our family and friends and will always like to see me them happy, in a day like this having someone close to us celebrating ,it is good thing to send shout out to them. Let them know we mean well for them,  this will add to their longevity,  it will give them sense of belonging and reassurance. Make your loved ones feel special,  wanted, relevant and let them have more reasons to keep living. Send them these best happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes. You can send this to your girlfriend and make her happy Birthday wishes to my girlfriend

How about your Mum Sweet birthday wishes to my Mum.

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Happy birthday Message to a friend.

Birthday wishes to my daughter.

Sweet birthday wishes to my love


Best Happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes

1. I wish you happy birthday, long life and prosperity, I pray God to perfect all that concerns you. Amen.

2. In this your new age, I wish you success, joy and peace.

3. I pray for long life and prosperity.

4. May you achieve greatness in this new age. Amen.

5. I wish you all round blessings. Amen

6. Here is wishing you unspeakable joy.  I wish you all the good things of life. Happy birthday.

7. Cheers to a new age,  live and succeed. More years.

8. As you add a year today, I pray you continue to prosper until you become prosperous.

9. Happy uterus escape day my person. May we do this again next year. Celebrate with joy.

10. Welcome to this beautiful year and I am wishing you more happy returns.

11. With joy in my heart, I am happy that you have made it to a brand new year

12. Celebrate with joy because it is your birthday

13. Have a prosperous year my dear. Happy birthday

14. Happy womb escape day my dearest.

15. It feels good to have you in this year, more beautiful years ahead .

16. May you live to know happy life . Nothing shall cut short your joy. Amen

17. My special one, on this special day I wish you a special blessings.

18. My joy on this joyful day, I wish you joy for all the days of your life.

19. Long life and prosperity shall be your portion as you grow. Have a blessed year.

20. Breathe fresh air, live and prosper, may you encounter divine favor in this your new year .Amen.

21. May this year bring answers to all your prayers. Amen.

22. We celebrate your arrival in this world. May we continue to celebrate your stay with us here on earth. Amen.

23. A toast to the coming of this happy soul to us. We are glad that we have you. Happy birthday dearest.

24. Congratulations you have been given this rare privilege to live . I celebrate it with you.

25. Your new age looks good on you, cheers.

26. I light four candles for you on this day. The stand for good health, joy, peace and prosperity. Enjoy.

27. Have a memorable birthday celebration

28. You shall live to celebrate until you clock above 250 years.

29. You shall know peace and joy all the days of your life

30. Congratulations you have made it to yet another new year. Happy birthday to you.

31. Pop Champaign, cut cake, dance and dance as we celebrate this day with you.

32. Better days ahead I wish you.

33. May God’s supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

34. May this day and days to come be full of joy and merriment to you. Amen.

35. I thank God for blessing you with another year. I pray He enrich you with more money, more joy, good health and protection.

36. May God continue to bless you always. Amen

37. See freshness,may you remain fresh as you add more years. Amen.

38. Happy birthday to you, may God continue to bless and protect you. I pray for open doors. Amen

39. May God’s wisdom and blessings, never depart from you. Amen

40. Birthday, blessings to you, continue to grow in wisdom.

41. I appreciate God for His work in your life , happy plus one.

42. Happy birthday to you, the sky shall not limit you. Keep living.

43. Happy birthday to you my Love, I pray that all your wishes and dreams come through.

44. May heaven celebrate you, I wish you more years ahead with good health. Enjoy your day love.

45. I am so grateful that you have been blessed with another fabulous year. On this blessed day, I pray that all your wishes come true and that you have eternal happiness. Happy birthday to you dear friend.

46. May the almighty God keep you, May His light shine upon you, may the guide and protect you, may His blessings be upon you. Amen.

47.  May heaven celebrate your as you celebrate your birthday today. Amen.

48. Best happy birthday wishes to you. As you add plus one today. I wish you long life and prosperity. Amen.

49. I wish you success in all you do, especially this new year. May it bring you good news in Jesus name. Amen.

50. Happy birthday to you. I am glad that you made it again to your birthday.

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Best Happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes
Candle light

Happy birthday Message to a friend

May God grant you unstoppable laughter, guide you unlimited grace, raise you like Deborah of this generation and use you like a vessel unto honor. Happy birthday.

Your glory will not sink, your destiny will not capsize, your fame will not fade but spread to greater heights. Happy birthday.

May God bless you with love and care. Enjoy every moment, every day of your life, with the new year in your life. May you achieve bigger things. Amen.

Happy birthday, may you experience Joy, happiness, surprises and Good luck cheers to a new age

Happy birthday to you, my dear long longer life and prosperity. Enjoy your day.

May this Day be the beginning of another beautiful year of you. May there be pleasant surprises, loads of joy and infinite happiness. I wish you a very happy birthday.

Once in a year you feel so special once in a year you feel so good. Once in a year you feel like a princess then once in a year you add a year to your life. I pray in this your memorable day brings you loads of joy. Amen . Happy birthday.

May you achieve big feats. Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you, I wish you more grace to your new age.

Happy birthday to you, I wish you long life and prosperity.

You are eagle in flight, headed for greatness. No one dares to stand in your way, go and do exploits. Happy birthday

As you witness this wonderful year of your life, you will not miss the purpose of Almighty God for your life. Happy birthday

Happy birthday handsome, live long and prosper.

Happy birthday dear, you look so beautiful, age with grace more blessings.

Happy birthday dear, wishing you a year of fulfillment. God bless all that concerns you. Amen.

Happy birthday pretty, God bless you immensely.

Age with sufficient grace most beautiful, happy birthday

Happy birthday united queen. Remain blessed forever.

You are blessed and flavoured. Have a blast


Birthday wishes to my daughter


. It’s a thing of joy watching you grow to a smart pretty queen, My God shall always guide & protect you. U shall keep growing in wisdom & knowledge

Happy birthday my little queen

Happy birthday our Joy

Happy birthday God’s Evidence.

. God thank u for another beautiful year for my little baby girl, may you grow in God’s wisdom and knowledge, good health, may God guide you and protect you and give you many more happiest years ahead in Jesus mighty name.

Happy birthday Daughter

Much love

Celebrating the first one year anniversary of my first fruit, i only pray that the universe who brought you to this our wonderful family will keep protecting you, guiding you, providing for you, and enriching you with both physical, psychological and spiritual growth….

May He also provide everything that will be instrumental in bringing out the best in you and may you grow to be a blessing to us , entire family, town, state, country and the world…

Happy birthday to a lucky child.

Happy birthday to the pride of her parents.

Happy birthday my baby. Dad and I loves you.

Join me to celebrate these wonderful kids God gave me to take care of. They added another year on their age today. Honestly they are really divine gift from heaven. Actually I am privilege By God to father them together with my precious wife to be their mother too.

May God continue to decorate them with countless birthday gifts. My treasure and my future, I appreciate you, I love you and God will continue to bless you and keep you to use you as an agent of change in this generation. Continue to grow like JESUS grew. Congratulations, happy birthday to my precious loved kids.

Sweet birthday wishes to my love

Happy birthday dear your so beautiful.

Happy birthday cutie, blessings fall on you.

May God bless you with every good and perfect gift. Many happy returns.

Beautiful birthday celebration to you.

Happy birthday beautiful , May God bless you.

Wishing you heaven’s best , enjoy a beautiful year.

Congratulations on your birthday, I wish you a joyful year.

Happy birthday brother, may God expand your coast.

Belated birthday blessings, my friend, congratulations, may God continue to guide and prosper you in all spheres.

Congratulations on your new season. May it be a fruitful one .

Happy birthday, more wisdom and more money to your bank account.

May this Day be a step into new heights for you, happy birthday.

Roll out the drums, it is my friends, birthday, happy birthday love

Today is a special day to the life of a virtuous lady, a woman of substance and an epitome of beauty, praying for long life and prosperity in good health. Happy birthday dear.

Waoh, happy birthday dear. God bless you now and always. Cheers to long life and prosperity.

Happy birthday keep soaring dear.

Happy birthday and keep smiling tomorrow will be better, wishing you long life and prosperity in good health.

Happy birthday dear, more blessings and many more years to celebrate cheers

Happy birthday buddy

Happy birthday brotherly, enjoy your new age.

Congratulations on your new age.

Happy birthday dearest, birthday blessings to you.

Happy birthday handsome, age with God’s grace.

Happy birthday dear, may all your wishes come true. Amen.

Awesome!! Congratulations to you, may the unending joy and testimonies of the Lord continue to be your strength, age with abundance grace.

My beloved friend in whom I am well pleased, may all your desired dreams come true.

Today I pray Almighty crown  your efforts with success. Wishing you glorious birthday celebration and more fruitful years ahead.

Happy birthday to you dearest, wishing you all that you so much deserve and many more fruitful years ahead.

I pray for the fruitful of all your birthday wishes. Amen . Happy birthday beloved.

God bless, prosper and ever shine his light on you . It’s your best ever. Wishing you heaven’s best. Amen

May you succeed in anything you do. I wish you long life and prosperity.

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Best Happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes

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