20+ Stylish Ankara Pleated Gown Styles

Ankara pleated gown styles

Ankara pleated gown styles – In Nigeria, one of the most common materials used in sewing pleated dress is the African Prints or fabrics, also known as “Ankara”. The fabrics can be used to sew long and short gowns, free or fitted dresses or even the pleated gown styles you shall be seeing below. Ankara pleated gown styles requires more fabrics to sew more than most dresses. The prints that it forms at the waist line is the reason for more materials in this style.

Pleated Ankara gown and materials in Nigeria

Long pleated gown styles

In Nigeria, the most common fabric is the Ankara fabrics, this is because of the availability of wool and cotton which attracts the presence of textile industries in the country. Some this fabric is manufactured in Nigeria. As such it is widely accepted here as the traditional outfit suitable for almost every occasion depending on the style. It is used across Nigeria

Pleated Ankara Long Gown Styles

Long pleated dresses are always maxi gowns, the run down to the legs while bringing out the fittings of women. It is the most preferred outfits for African religious events. Let’s see how you see these Ankara long gown with pleating.

Pleated dress

You can actually sew your fabrics into desire style. Like I’m the picture above, the Ankara fabrics was used to sew a long pleated Ankara gown with a slit in the front. Observe how beautiful the upper front is, so many designs can go with pleats.
Pleated Ankara gown
Pleated gown

Not just wearing pleated gown styles, getting the right accessories and materials to combine it , will go a long way in bringing the beauty out. In pairing it, you consider the loud colors in the material and look for something matching to make it great.

Midi pleated gown
Midi gown .

Pleated gowns comes with “gather” at the stomach region, leaving the down part of the gown flare and free.

Maxi pleated gown styles
Maxi pleated gown
Ankara Caribbean gown styles
Photo Credit: Kan Kan
Ankara Caribbean gown

This beautiful Caribbean Ankara gown style is all shades of beauty, the choice of fabric, pairing and the two layered pleats stands out. You might consider this style.

Lovely blue Ankara styles
Blue Ankara gown

Pleated Ankara Short Gown Styles

Short pleated Ankara gown styles are always sewn to rest just before the knees,

Pleated Ankara short gown styles

Because you can have access to Ankara fabrics, it means you can ask to get a particular design. The above gown comes with collar and belt. It makes it unique and stylish. Leaving it with a little touch of office look.

Strapless pleated gown
Photo Credit: Pauline fashion ng
Small pleats gown
Flare pleats.
Mini pleated gown

Nice gown

Off shoulder pleated dress
Off shoulder gown with long sleeve

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Pleated short gown
Photo Credit: Facebook.
Off shoulder pleated dress

Photo Credit @ Facebook

off shoulder pleated dress made from African prints, one of the best ideas of this style is that it suits every woman no matter the body size or shape. It has its way of making you look good in it. Again you can rock it anywhere.

Mini pleated gown
Two piece pleated dress
Two piece Ankara dress.

Two pieces of Ankara fabrics can be combined to sew pleated dresses, but you need to consider colors that can compliment each other when matching them. The color that comes up or down should be put into considerations.

Layered gown styles
Photo Credit @Ankarawoman
Corset Ankara pleated gown styles
Photo Credit @ Pauline fashion ng

Mini pleated gown styles
Mini pleated gown

Mini dress
Bold pleated dress styles

Bold Pleated Ankara dresses gives fittings . It helps to bring out ones perfect shape in a good way. And then the choice of African Prints for these styles makes them unique. The pleats stands as desired.

Ankara gown with pockets
Dress with pockets

Best pleated Ankara gown
Photo Credit @Pauline fashion Ng

Pleated gown Materials

The best material for pleated gown is the Ankara fabrics. This is because it makes it easier for the pleats to be sewn. It gives it the neat look and makes the gown to appear more attractive. Pleated Ankara gown materials comes from various African fabric designers such as dutch, real wax, hollandaise, java etc. Though most times it is hard to different among these fabrics except one takes a close look at the edges to see the names there.

Pleated gown materials

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Stripes Ankara fabrics
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Pleated Ankara material
Two pieces Ankara materials.

These fabrics can be used to sew pleated gowns suitable for events like wedding, asoebi, naming ceremony, church or mosques and even to office. So you see, you can achieve a lot from these style, depending on what you want.

Today, despite the change in trends in the society at large, Africans have been able to preserve their rich culture through creating and recreating Ankara pleated gown styles from the African fabrics. This they demonstrated in the long pleated gown and Ankara short pleated styles we saw above.