Don’t wait till I die to love me messages

Don’t wait till I die to love me Messages: Love is a language without alphabets. It is a language everyone longs to hear. It is a language everyone understands. When you love someone, express it to the person. It might be that the person is feeling the same way do.  Don’t hide your love from your loved ones. Feel free to let them know you love them. Life is too short to leave the earth with all the love.  Share your love with me, don’t wait till I die to love me messages.

Don't wait till I die to love me.
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Don’t wait till ages to tell me what I mean to you. Love me when I am still alive. I want to share in your joy and happiness, if you will permit me. Don’t keep your love away from me. Your Love will brighten my life, and I long for it. Love me now that I am still alive.

Love breaks all bonds and yet it binds hearts together. I have loved you all my life. My soul, body and heart I have given you. Just you see and know how I will love you more if you love me now that I am still here.

At times, it seems I will procure answers to my life puzzle just by knowing that you love me.  Show me love, show me you care. Love me now that I am close to you and not when I have gone miles.

No better one out there than you, no one can love me more than you do. With you by my side I know I will conquer the world. I will climb mountains and back. Just so you know I am counting on your love now and never backing off.

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Immediately I saw you, my soul accepted you. It was a great day, and I count you as my biggest life gift no matter how difficult life might seem at times. You’re my driving force. Don’t wait till I die to love me .

I am here for your love. I have something for you, take my heart, I am giving it to you because I know you will protect it. I love how you love me, just a thought of it, brings happiness to my life. You rekindle the light in my life and I love you the love of my life.

I won’t give up on our love, just love me and never stop. Don’t get tired of loving me. Oh! How good it feels knowing the good, the bad and the ugly  sides of me and yet you’re here with me. I know you love me and I am happy because I love you too.

I wake up every morning to a beautiful and hopeful day because I know you have me in your heart, you shouldn’t wait  till I die to love me . I have you in me, you run in my blood and I don’t want to imagine living without you, cos it will be disastrous.  Put me in your do list and paste me in your heart.

You’re my everything, I know you’re my soulmate. You’re everything I prayed for. I believed God answers prayers when He gave you to me. I cherish the day I met you and will celebrate you forever.

I want you to love me, that’s all I need now. Distance shouldn’t hinder our love. You’re my pride  and you make me to feel on top of the world.  I don’t know how else to love you but I know I am going to love you forever and ever.

Your presence in my life took the darker side of me, I have been in the front ever since I met you. You took my dilemma away and then I ask you again, please don’t wait till I die to love me.

Don't wait till I die to love me.

I have deep love for you that I can’t interpret, but it exist right here in my heart. Deep down there, my heart beats for you. I long to be with you forever.  You’re my world and I will continue to love you for as long as I live.

You’re my joy, my life , my happiness. You’re the air that I breathe. You’re everything I hoped for. I am glad I finally have you and I am not going to let you go. I will cherish and adore you forever. Please don’t break my heart.

I will not have to choose between you and anything, I will always return back to you no matter the distance. I promise you nothing is going to change my love for you. You will always be cared for. I bless the day I took the bold step to be with you. As I look back I am proud of my choice.

The world knows the man of my dreams, my heart knows where it belongs. My heart knows who it beats for. Just you know how much you have occupied my world. It would have been an empty world without you. I am glad everything is working out between us.

It is a new dawn in our love journey, this journey will lead to forever . I am happy to embark on this interesting life journey with you and I promise to create beautiful memories with you.  Memories that will stick forever, I  have faith in our love.

I have stirred myself to your direction. You’re my bus stop. I don’t want to have anywhere to go from here. I want to be with you forever, but please don’t wait till I die to love me messages are what I want to read from you always.

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