A gift for my beloved friend

A gift for my beloved friend

A gift for my beloved friend. Have you been thinking of a perfect gift to give to the one you love?  Sometimes it is difficult to decide a perfect gift to give to those we love, several questions runs down our minds, will they  like this, is this gift worth it, will they value this, and so on. But just so you know most times what counts is the heart that gives and not necessarily the gift. You can pluck flower by the roadside and it will worth more than gold to the heart that loves you, sometimes some people ask I want a gift for my beloved, what should I buy? Whatever you’re buying shouldn’t necessary be the most expensive gift in the world.

There are several reasons to be happy, knowing you mean something to someone out there is priceless and one of the reasons to be happy. Once someone loves you, the value of your gift won’t be noticed. Any gift from you will be received with joy and happiness. It will be well appreciated.


What type of gift can I give my beloved?

There are several things we can use as gifts to those we love, ranging from cards, flowers, chocolates, portraits, perfumes, books.  You can also buy something like bags, shoes, sunglasses, wrist watches, belts, ties, cufflinks, shirts, trousers, blouse, t_ shirts, dresses, pants, cars ( that’s if you’re that  buoyant) and lingerie to make it romantic.

You know your pattern or beloved one well, try to know what they  like. Just like buying a hard copy book for someone that prefers soft copy books or someone that doesn’t like to read won’t go well. Though it might be motivating factor but you need to check if it will work out.  If you feel that you still don’t know what to get for them, you can find their gender friends and find out his or her pressing need, if it is something you can afford, go ahead with it then. You will become her superhero because you have provided answers to her prayers.  At times get something they can’t imagine you could get for them. How about candy?

A card gift for my beloved

You can buy cards from the supermarkets with nice write ups in them, those words that resonates the true meaning of love.

You can buy empty cards and customize them with your own beautiful words. It will still be appreciated.

In case you want to customize it, consider writing lovely words like.

1. My love for you will last for ever.

2. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

3. I can’t trade for a anything in this world.

4. Thank you for making my world shine.

5. You’re beautiful beyond description.

6. Lovely you is the best thing I have done with my life.

7. I can’t imagine love without you.

8. I am glad to create these wonderful memories with you.

9. You have a special place in my life.

10. You’re my special one.

11. Thank you for accepting the good, the bad and the ugly in me.

12. You made love seems easy.

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A gift for my beloved
A gift for my beloved
Love messages

You can actually have these lovely words written and then hide them under their pillows, in the dining, in the car, bags or even at door handles. How about folding it and have them hidden in their shirts or trousers they will wear and go out? Smiles, it sounds sweet right? Yeah!

You might equally chose to buy an empty card to make it more beautiful instead of using plain sheet.

A gift for my beloved
Gift card

With a beautiful pen and good writing you can inscribe those lovely and sweet love you message. You can check some of our sweet love messages from there and spread love with your lover.

Flower gifts for him or her

Flowers in this part of the world symbolizes love. Getting a hibiscus or rose 🌹 flower for the one you love speaks volume of your love for him or her. At times you can combine flowers of different species with nice scent. Colorful flowers will make it memorable.

You can send them flowers during working hours, how about giving it to delivery man to send it across during your tight schedule. Since they know you’re busy and you still have them in mind to send flower across, believe me she will love you endlessly. Little gestures like this counts in relationship.

A gift for my beloved

I can send a gift for my beloved in form of a flower and with a deep love you message. Make your loved ones to have memorable days. Days like these will ease stress from them. Love is beautiful thing.

Apart from all these gifts listed above, you can get them other things within your reach.

How about getting them breakfast why they’re still on bed.

You can call in during break at work and ask to take them out for lunch.

You can take him or her out to a relaxation center to chill in the evening.

You can go hiking together.

You can go touring round the town in the night just to get the cool breeze of the city.

A gift for my beloved friend can obviously come in different forms as you have read the article by Somyarriy’s blog

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