Can I show my love for you messages

Can I show my love for you messages: “I love you” is a sentence everyone longs to hear. It feels so good knowing someone somewhere cares for you. Love is a sweet language that the heart understands. It is a language that is pleasant to the ears and melts the soul. Love is a basic language of the universe. It is a language that is not gender and age sensitive. We all love to be loved. But how often do we let those in our lives to know how we feel about them?

How will you feel if you wake up in the morning to a sweet I love you message from someone special to you. Love makes work easy, it brightens ones day and easy pain and stress away. Learn to spread love.That’s why we have taken our time to write on ways you can show that you love someone, read beautiful can I show my love for you messages.

Can I show my love for you.
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Remember, every second of our lives counts, time doesn’t wait for anyone. You don’t need to wait forever to share love. You need not to ask them  before letting them to know that you genuinely care about them.

1.  I won the award for the happiest soul on earth, just because I have you. Award I dedicated to the king of my life. That’s you.

2. The only thing I need right now is to see your smiling face once more. You’re the love of my life., Please can I show my love for you.

3. With open hands I welcome you into my heart. I have chosen you to be my desire.

4. I would rather spend a moment with you than a life time without you, but then I ask, can I show my love for you.

5. If there’s one thing I know for sure is that I love you.

How much better can I show my love for you

6. Just like you fall asleep, I fell in love with you.

7. I know you are smiling because I have fallen in love with you.

8. I thank the universe for conspiring together in making our paths to cross.

9. You are always in my heart, you don’t need to bother knocking to check.

10. I will allow you leave because I know it is not goodbye yet and you will never forget me.

11. Can I show my love for you messages, are what you can share without asking, tell him  “I love you more than anything you can think of”. With everything in me I adore you.

12. One love quote I agree with is that I love you. I will leave you with my love.

13. I wish you love, joy and happiness. I wish you everything good you desire. May you achieve those dreams .

14. I love you yesterday, today and I promise you my everlasting love forever. And nothing will change it. How much better can I show my love for you, I want you to know how I love you.

15. Ours was love at first sight , but then your love for me keep shining in my heart.

16. I don’t wanna live in this world without you. What’s there to make me happy?

17. My love for you will never die, I want to know, can I show my love for you

18. I am staring at you, what is in my mind is how beautiful you are.

19. Can I keep you forever? I love you my sweet.

20. Now that I am in my real world with you, I don’t wanna fall asleep so I won’t go back to dreams.

21. You’re the reason why the world is so perfect.

22. I am trapped by your beauty., your sweet voice, I love how you love me and I will love you forever and show my love for you

23. In case you don’t know, I love you forever.

24. I have no doubt how I trust you. I am going to love you forever.

25. I love you unconditionally. You mean the entire world and beyond to me. I am loving you forever. I want to show my love for you

Can I show my love for you samples

26. I wish you everything and nothing, I wish you everything that will make you happy and nothing that will make you sad.

27. Been with you is one thing I can’t resist. You’re so handsome.

28. You’re everything I prayed for and more. My treasure forever.

29. I am sending you kisses, can I send my love for you also?

30. Your love for me melts my heart. I can’t stop thinking about you.

31. Can you stop over, I have something to you , that’s a kiss.

32. I just called to say I love you,,I just called to say I care and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

33. The Queen of my heart. I will cherish you for as long as I live. How much better can I show my love for you in time to come?

34. I can’t wait to be with you forever. I am sending you Cute love message

35. I don’t know I can love someone until I met you. You changed the narrative. I am loving you more than love itself.

36. I have never known a better yesterday ever since I met you. That’s one of the reasons I want to show my love for you.

Can I show my love for you.
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37. I don’t want our love to break. I have it sealed in me my heart.

38. I will love you with no doubt. I will trust you with my life and stand by you forever.

39. Can I show my love for you? Oh! How sweet you’re, King of my Kingdom. Love you till eternity.


40. Nothing can equate my love for you. I wish I can show more love to you,

41. If I come this world again, I pray to be with you again. I don’t want to live without you. How much better can I show my love for you, in the life to come, you will still be my number one.

42. I love you so much, I am so thankful to have you by my side. And I will keep you forever.

43. Just to let you know I am thinking about you every now and then. I can’t wait to be with you. Looking forward to seeing you my everlasting joy

Can I show my love for you quotes

44. My life would have been a black hole without you, there wouldn’t have been joy, happiness peace and more. I am glad I have you beautiful 😍. Can I show you my love

45. Your love for me brings me down to my knees. I love you forever.

46. You’re so kind and sweet. You always make me feel special. Thank you for all you do. I cherish you.

47. There’s no happy ending for True love, because true love never ends. You’re my true love, forever together.

48. My life started blooming ever since you came into my life. You shine brighter than diamond in my life. 🤗 My love, can I show my love for you, you’re the reason why I am existing.

49. I lack words to explain what you mean to me. I love your imperfections, perfections and I love how you love me.

50. Just like a blanket, your love protects me from misery and pain that engulfed the world. I fee safe with you.

51. You’re the most amazing, cute, caring and handsome soul I have ever met. I am happy to be your girl.

52. Your enchanting and inspiring spirit I admire, your dazzling kind spirit I cherish and your special splendor I adore. I love you and want to show you how I love you, can I please show my love for you.

53. I have never had anything true like your love. It came at the right time in my life and I will never let you go even if you bless me.

54. Life without you is like a tree without roots.

55. I am led to the world I could only have fantasized by your true love,  a world full of joy, happiness, beautiful memories, peace and laughter.

56. My love for you can never be an option. It is a necessity.

57. Each day that passes by I see myself coming towards you. Can we keep this our love force.? I love you so much.

58. Just like a heart needs it’s beat, I want you. How much best can I show my love for you, i will leave to please you all the days of my life.

59.Just so you know I am madly in love with you. And nothing can change it.

60. Can I show my love for you? I wish you can see my heart. You would have see you right there. You’re my everything.

Let you man or woman know that they’re the Best thing ever happened to you.

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