Latest Butterfly Gown Styles for African Ladies

Latest butterfly gown styles

Ones ability to be innovative and up to date in the fashion industry, contributes to how far a designer will last in this field. Fashion is all about, creativity, innovation and styles. As such, fashion designers needs to come up with latest designs to keep the fashion world alive. Of recent, different fabrics can be used to sew dresses, and gowns are now styles in different forms. From the fish gown, wrap gown to the kaftan gown, Bubu gown, butterfly gown, flare gown, and fitted gown various ways of styling gowns have been introduced in the fashion industry. See latest Ankara Butterfly Gown Styles for Ladies and others.

Just like the name implies, the are dresses designed with wings on the both sides of the dress. The are sometimes called Bubu gowns and can be styled with different types of fabrics including African prints also known as Ankara, satin, lace, Kampala and chiffon fabric, note all these are light fabrics as heavy fabrics won’t give the flare nature of a butterfly. In this. collection, we will be checking out some of the latest butterfly gown styles for ladies in 2024.

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Latest Butterfly Gown Styles For Ladies

Here, we have the list of butterfly dress styles to expect from this article, the pictures shows this lovely designs with various fabrics, length and colors

  • Short butterfly gown styles
  • Kampala butterfly gown styles
  • Butterfly long gown styles
  • Ankara butterfly gown styles
  • Lace butterfly gown styles
  • Chiffon butterfly gown styles
  • Best butterfly gown styles.
  • Butterfly gown images
  • Satin butterfly gown images

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Ladies can rock this lovely style to different occasions, it can serve as casual, church, wedding or even party outfit depending on the fabric used when styling the gown. While the Ankara butterfly style is worn as church dress, chiffon butterfly gown is mostly worn for casual events and outings, the lace butterfly gown is often rocked as a wedding outfit. All the same, any fabric can still be worn for any occasion depending on the dress code given.

Here, we took out time to present the latest butterfly gown styles for ladies , we know you would like them as we present them. Take a look

1.Short butterfly gown styles

One of the ways the 🦋 dress styles for ladies can be styled is as a short dress. The short butterfly gown is a butterfly gown knee-length size and extra fabric at the side in the form of a wing. They can be styled with any fabric including silk material, crepe material, chiffon fabric, and the Ankara plain and pattern fabric.

Short butterfly gown

Just like you read earlier, Ankara fabrics are very good material that you can use in sewing short butterfly dress. You can want the outfit these mini and the hands this long, that won’t stop it from flying if you know want I mean.

Ankara butterfly dress

Credit: bettsdesigns_accessories

This lovely short butterfly gown comes with confident. You feel cool, decent and classy in it. The rope at the middle makes it a little cringe to the body but then it’s ok. Did you notice the bowtie inspired scarf she paired it with? All giving the 🦋 vibes.

At this point it’s good I mention that, at times depending on how open under the arm is, you might need a camisole to wear it, so you won’t be revealing too much when you wave your hands.

Beautiful butterfly gown


2. Butterfly long gown styles

Another style is the butterfly long gown style. This is a butterfly gown designed with long gown lengths.


The beauty of Ankara, the multi color peacock look, this long Ankara gown is actually butterflying in my words. 😊.

Long Ankara butterfly style

What do you say when you see a beautiful butterfly dress like these ? I would shout , Waoh!!!.

Best butterfly gown styles

Beautiful dresses, suitable for weddings, naming ceremonies, birthday parties, etc.

Best butterfly dress

Check out these lovely butterfly dresses, well combined Ankara and lace materials gives this lavishing look. You will be sure to stand out if you rock this great piece to any event.

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Latest butterfly gown styles

3.Ankara butterfly gown styles

Different types of fabrics can be made use in the outfit and including the Ankara fabric. The Ankara butterfly gown can be styled as both a short Ankara butterfly gown and also a long Ankara butterfly gown. However, the short Ankara butterfly gown is quite popular.

Beautiful dress

On Trend Ankara Butterfly Gown Styles for Africa Gorgeous Ladies gives you the insight into the best styles you can sew with African prints.

Ankara butterfly gown

Ankara fabric is one that accepts other materials easily as combination. Due to its multi color nature, it gives room for plain combination.

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Butterfly gown images

Latest Ankara butterfly gown styles

4.Lace butterfly gown styles
The lace butterfly gown style for ladies is usually styled as a long-length gown. Patches from Ankara are often mixed with the lace fabric to give the butterfly gown a gorgeous appearance. Dry lace and cord lace fabric are often made use of when styling the lace free for ladies.

Lace butterfly gown styles

Beautiful lace gown

Butterfly gown images

White lace dress

Butterfly gown images

5. Chiffon butterfly gown styles
Plain Chiffon fabrics are best used when it comes to styling the chiffon butterfly gown. This is because it brings out the design and makes the outfit look more lively and attractive.

Chiffon butterfly dress

You can actually have a plain Chiffon dress styled to what you want and then have it designed to add more beauty to it.

6. Satin butterfly gown styles

Chiffon butterfly gown styles

This lovely butterfly gown styles comes with big pockets, obviously, you can rock this to any special occasion.

Butterfly gown for ladies

Beautiful Mid butterfly dress for ladies, it’s charming with the bold statement buttons in front.

Another trendy styles you can create from Ankara is Ankara Pleated Gown styles

Butterfly dress

Take a closer look at this beautiful short chiffon butterfly gown Styles below;

Butterfly gown
Off shoulder butterfly dress

This is not just satin gown but a very stylish and cute dress. This gives the boss lady look and more.

Latest butterfly gown styles


stunning, the land is green.

Satin butterfly gown styles


7. One side butterfly gown styles

One side butterfly gown is a gown style designed without two wings. One side dresses are designed with extra fabrics at one edge of the dress.

One side butterfly

Beautiful dress

8.Kampala butterfly gown styles

Kampala butterfly gown


See this gorgeous Kampala butterfly gown, it had buttons running from up to down. This is beautiful. You need to get a piece of this lovely design.

Kampala butterfly gown

I am such you like these rich aunty vibes these clothes are dripping. You look rich wearing them and decent too. It’s not bodycon as such covers body well to the imaginations of the viewer and that’s cool. It makes it suitable for all occasions just like we discussed earlier. You can actually rock them to church, mosque, markets, office and any other function available. But don’t forget to wear the best accessories to complete it.

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Just like the bubu, here are free dresses, but the difference exist because the latter is more fitted. This is obtainable through the thread that runs down the two sides of the outfit, leaving extra layers by both sides. Middle aged ladies don’t joke with this Bossy style. From the pictures shown above, you can see how the latest butterfly gown styles makes ladies to look stunning, beautiful,classy and also decent.