2 Yards Ankara Gown Styles

Arguably, the most confusing style of clothes to sew comes when you’re given or you bought two yards material. There’s always an issue with style here. You will think about how to get the best from it. At times, people with bigger sizes suffers this the most. They may end up adding English material to it. Such as crepe, lace, satin and even chiffon among others to get a better design. Although, creating 2 yards Ankara gown styles for ladies largely depends on the tailor. Ability of a good tailor to maximize what is given to her will go a long way to do justice to it.

2 yards Ankara material gown styles

We don’t play with fashion. Our major work here is to bring to your notice the latest Ankara styles trending in town. So, you don’t need to worry, just keep visiting our site. For today, Somyarriys is at it again. Bringing the simple 2yards Ankara fabric styles that you’re not aware of.

2 yards Ankara style


Going by various designs from this African fabric, incorporated with the right style for ladies, two yards will look exceptional. These Ankara styles for ladies will warm your heart and also make you feel special.I don’t think you would want to be left out of this trend of African fashion styles that is currently trending, even thanks to the fact that Ankara cannot go out of vogue.

2 yards Ankara material gown styles

Beautiful Ankara

Appearing in a sophisticated way gives you confidence. Just imagine yourself in these sophisticated appearances.When it comes to Ankara, fashion designers also provide a wide range of traditional outfits, which will certainly look stunning on you for any occasion.The options for Ankara styles for 2 yard materials are so vast. They look original, thanks to the quality and vibrant fabrics, with it’s beautiful patterns.

Simple Ankara gown



Ankara styles for 2 yards material for Ladies are numerous. Often used for aso ebi and other events. Because of the size of the material, it is best for short gowns. That does not mean that you can’t create something long out of it. It all boils down on your preference, and that is been determine by your size.

Ankara style


Two yards Ankara gown styles makes one to appear classy while speaking elegance. It is best seen when the gown sits just before the knee. And there are several styles of 2 yards gown. But never mind, we shall be discussing them while showing 2 yards Ankara gown pictures at the same time.

  1. One shoulder 2 yards
  2. Yards Ankara Boubou gown.
  3. Simple butterfly 2 yards gown etc.
2 yards Ankara gown styles

Credit: Photoluxry

Take a good look at this one shoulder Ankara dress above, you can see how beautiful the style is. This is a typical style you can sew using 2 yards fabric. You don’t need to worry much if you don’t want external material in your outfits. We have several options, as we progress, you shall be seeing the beautiful gown pictures.

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Two yards flare gown


A- Shape two yards Ankara gown though with a touch of flare gives you the freedom you desire while wearing clothes. It is so free that it will always be handy to wear. What a good choice of style!

Two yards Ankara gown styles

Credit: Liz

Beautiful one hand Ankara gown , it is classy especially with the choice of fabrics for this design. It is important to sew a style that fits a material. Put that into consideration when choosing a style with your tailor.

Classy 2 yards styles


Alright, we love fashion over here, and then getting this off shoulder style with 2 yards material won’t be a bad idea. Just keep it modest, with a good tailor, you will have something to wear out..

Simple two yards gown style

African Design


Don’t forget our focus on this post is short gown styles for 2-yards using African fabrics. But in subsequent posts, we shall be talking about long gowns you can create with same material. Also note, not just for Ankara, you can also see them for other materials.

Halter neck Ankara gown


Have you seen this dress style before? What do we call it? Ok, I will tell you, this an Ankara halter neck gown style. It is rare . I bet you’re going to stand out rocking this to event. With the slit in front, the bow tie by the side and not forgetting the color of the material. It gives everything and more you would want.

2 yards off shoulder style


I know a beautiful gown style when I see one. This is a simple sewing. Well tailored and the cutting of the fabrics is everything for an outfit. Using the flower as hands and allowing it rest on the shoulder makes the dress appealing.

Two yards Ankara material dress styles


Amazing style with funnel hand. It is the cut at the upper side for me. This is so beautiful and classy

Classy Ankara gown


I can’t stop shouting over this design. I mean this is one of the best 2 yards Ankara gown styles for wedding in the internet. No caps.

Robe Ankara gown styles


This style is called wrap round. It is a robe Ankara gown and then it is simple to wear.

2yards Ankara material gown styles


You can actually look this chic just because you decided to go out wearing Ankara design. Don’t let anyone deceive you, African designers have taken fashion to the next level. And one thing I am sure is that, they won’t stop, not now and not later. Brace up and keep up styles with our creative minds.

2 yards styles

Free style

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2 yards Ankara material gown styles


Ankara material is one of the fabrics you can use to achieve desired results when it comes to fashion. We have designers who are ready to go out there and give you what you want in the fashion industry. The good thing is, there is always a new style innovation in fashion. And then this African print is doing well. Unlike other materials, you can sew 2 yards Ankara gown styles for ladies that will stop a show.