Classy Ankara Crop Tops for Ladies

Classy ankara crop tops for Ladies: Here, we have the best collection of Ankara fabrics sewn into crop tops. Crop tops are also known as “show belle” or hanging tops in Africa. It is a piece of blouse made from Ankara fabrics that reveals the stomach area when worn except if you’re wearing with a high waist trouser or skirt. It’s aim is to cover the breast region while leaving the stomach showing. So choose the best classy ankara crop top for ladies from this pictures here;

Lovely short top
Ankara crop top
Beautiful short crop top
Lovely combination of outfit.
Gorgeous Ankara top
Gorgeous style
Off shoulder crop top

Beautiful Ankara crop top with jean trouser. The colour combinations fits so well. It is lovely and comfortable.

Off shoulder crop top

Ankara tops that are cropped gives ladies perfect fittings. And one of the best colors of trousers you can pair Ankara crop tops with is the black or blue jeans.

Simple Ankara Hanging Tops

Crop tops are also known as hanging tops, this is because it hangs on the Skirt or trouser when worn, it doesn’t touch the them. Hanging tops does not consume much materials to sew. It is one of the easiest outfits a tailor can sew. Let’s proceed as we check out these lovely simple Ankara hanging tops called crop tops

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Hanging tops or show belle tops comes in different types and styles.

  1. Off shoulder crop tops
  2. Wrap crop tops
  3. Layered hands crop tops
  4. Plain tops etc.
  5. Strapless tops

The off shoulder is sewn in such a way that it reveals the shoulder parts.

Ankara crop top with flare skirt
Beautiful crop top

The strapless is sewn without hand, it is a pieces gathered together to hold the breast firm.

Beautiful crop top and long skirt
Strapless top

The layered hands tops would have layers or steps in it’s hands.

Wrap tops are sewn to be tied when worn. It comes with rope and it is fashionable.

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The plain ones comes with no special special designs, it just there, doing it’s duty, which is revealing the belly.

off shoulder top.

Material crop top styles.

It comes from various fabrics, but Ankara fabrics seems to be the best to achieve these styles and it is not too heavy nor too light. And it is ready to hold the body firm, it is perfect for all kinds of styles.

How do you combine Ankara crop top?

In other to combine the crop top, you can sew a matching Ankara skirt, short, trouser or you can wear it with jeans, plain materials or any other type of fabrics putting into consideration the color of the Ankara used in making the top, do it is advisable that you used plain not too colorful material, that’s if is not Ankara down.

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Crop top with palazzo
Hanging top with palazzo
Classy Ankara top
Beautiful Ankara designed top.
One hand top
One hand lovely top.
Bra like top
Beautiful sleeveless top
Wrapping top
Stylish Ankara hanging top
Strapless hanging tops
strapless top.
Beautiful off shoulder top
Show belly top with flare Ankara skirt.
Stylish crop tops
Gorgeous crop top styles .
Lovely hanging top
Ball hands top

You can wear the outfit to functions such as birthdays, weddings, dinner, it is not advisable to wear to work and church as it might violates the dress codes of such organization .

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