Latest Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles for Ladies

Latest Ankara skirt and blouse

Ankara skirt and blouse styles for ladies: These styles gives you that bossy look, when thinking about which style to sew with your fabrics , give skirt and blouse a thought, there are many styles you can create of it. A lady appears elegant wearing skirts made from Ankara. You may decide to go for long Ankara skirt, Ankara short skirt etc. So at somyarriys, our concern is to present carefully selected Ankara skirt and blouse styles for ladies, that will suite you. Take a look!

Types of Ankara skirt and blouse

We have several styles we can create out of Ankara materials, but when it comes to skirt and blouse, we have;

  1. long Ankara skirt
  2. Short Ankara skirt
  3. Ankara Flare Skirt.

When it comes to the long Ankara skirt, several styles also exist; what determines the style starts from cutting. Each style requires a special way of cutting to achieve desired results. And this is based on what you want as a customer from your tailor. Be board in expressing your desire . Because once you get what you want in style you will be happy. See the styles you can go for here, example;

  1. Ankara A-shape Skirt.

2. straight cut skirt.

3. Six pieces Skirt

4. Four pieces Skirt etc

But then when it comes to short skirt, we have :

Ankara flare skirt…this is usually short and rests close to the knees.

A shape short skirt among others.

Here we have Ankara flare short skirt

This style has been trending for a long time now. Don’t be left out on getting this design.

One of the reasons people choose to sew Ankara flare skirts is that, it enables for free movement and you have nothing to bother when you put it on, the flare skirt sometimes comes in pleated form and fits so well.

Shirt and Ankara skirt
Flare skirt

Special Ankara Peplum Skirt and Blouse

How about choosing special designs of Ankara Peplum Blouses and Skirts of any of these African prints and rocking it to that weekend event, last Sunday celebration, wedding or thanksgiving service very colourful?

Peplum Ankara blouse
Straight Ankara skirt with peplum blouse
Long hand Ankara blouse
Lovely Skirt and Blouse .

Peplum blouse are sewn in form of fish styles, this is one of the best styles that suits pregnant women, it gives them that classy skirt and blouse look. It covers so well, and that’s another reason people go for it. Ankara Peplum Blouse styles are here to stay. The blouse is designed with flare or layered steps at the down part, hence peplum.

Ankara skirt and blouse for a wedding

Do you have a wedding you want to attend and you can’t find the best style to wear? Have you been given that material for a wedding and your still contemplating on what style to sew, well, ponder no more, you can make the best selection from this list of Ankara classy skirt and blouse styles.

Wearing skirt and blouse for a wedding is one of the styles in vogue and it has replace the normal gown styles people do wear. Such outfit is classy , versatile and fashionable and can be worn to all occasions. So you can go for long or short skirts, six or four pieces skirts styles, A_ shape or straight cut skirt, and for the Ankara blouse, think of crop tops, Peplum tops, plain tops and put the style of the hands into consideration and then how you combine the fabrics matters a lot. Using the right colors to match the outfit and pairing it with the best colors of shoes, accessories, hairstyles, makeups and other things to add to the beauty that radiates from the Ankara fabrics .

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Ankara skirt and blouse styles for ladies: Latest Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles for Ladies

Peplum style is a short, gathered, slightly flared strip of fabric attached at the waist of a blouse, jacket, skirt or dress.

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Simple Ankara up and down styles

Apart from all the Styles mentioned above, that’s the peplum blouse, the flare skirt flare and blouse we equally have other styles invoke, we have plain blouses, we also have crop tops or crop blouse.

Ankara Crop Tops for Skirt and Blouse

Ankara crop tops are hanging tops, the are some times refers to as show belle tops, the are the mini tops that one wears and it exposes the belly part of the body. It focuses in the breast region and leave almost other upper body open.

Ankara crop tops and skirt
Ankara Crop Top.
Long Ankara top and skirt
Beautiful long flare with crop top

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Ankara up and down as it is sometimes refers to in Nigeria, suits all occasions, you can rock your fitted clothes with plain and floral design or with just the normal Ankara design alone. Skirt and blouse when combined well makes it to look classy and elegant at the same time.

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So for that occasion you’re planning to attend, go for a lovely style that blends well for latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles. Don’t be left out, skirts suits everyone, it depends on the sewing. Make your research well on our site. That’s why we have images of different shapes and sizes. Check out anyone that will go well with you.