Ankara gown styles for Church: Ankara styles are inarguably one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing available. From the intricate, creativities, designs and patterns to the gorgeous styles that are sewn, they are a slice of heaven.The different designs and patterns makes it to stand taste of time. It is one of the fabrics that can’t leave the face of African, not in this century and beyond. This part of the world wholeheartedly accepts it , sew it into desired gown styles for church and ready to rock it to any other function, wedding, office, meeting and even parties. So today, we’re looking at trending Ankara gown styles for church, you can rock this Sunday. How about that?. Stay tuned!

Ankara styles are universal… We invite you to consider the latest trends in Ankara and fashion industry, choose a good Ankara style for church here.

Ankara gown styles for church

Credit: Akinakintola

They designers of these Ankara styles for church deserves award. Especially this beautiful style above. You can’t intimidate the style with any other style. I mean, it is everything a church dress should be.

Ankara material gown for church

Ankara material gown styles gives you the best look you can imagine. It gives matured, decent and classy look. You can’t look away from this picture without noticing all these beautiful qualities listed and more.

Classy Ankara for church

Credit: 3C

Beautiful church styles

Fine Church Ankara style. This style once you have it, will make you to start looking forward for sundays. The colour is not shouting, with the pitch lace combination at the neck, hands and side. This is a beautiful way to attend service.


Simple Ankara gown styles for church

One shoulder dress can actually be worn to church. I didn’t know not until now. Despite the style, it keeps it down from revealing. Take a second look. This is surely one of the best Ankara gown styles you will be seeing on the internet today. Beautiful outfit.

Ankara gown for church in Nigeria

Which ever way you want it, we gatchu. Sure. The wonders of Ankara material is that, it allows you to make a choice. You decide what you want and hardly can you see a style that would say no to Ankara fabrics. Go girl!.

Classy Ankara gown for church

Credit: Bhomsy

Simple Ankara gown for church

I don’t think there is any other way to identify a good design other than the one staring at us here. This is pure creativity. Giving the vibes of a uniform , speaking Ankara at the same time looking English. You can take away this credit from Ankara fabrics designers. African designers are amazing when it comes to sewing ankara styles in vogue . What a good combination of Ankara and velvet?

Flare gown for church

Credit: ER Photograghie

This free gown is a typical simple Ankara African dress gown for church. It is not busy. Less revealing but classy .

Short Ankara gown for church

Stylish, the bow tie, ball hands and fabric design is wonderful. The gown styles gives confidence. You can’t be sad wearing any of them.



Long Ankara gown styles for church

Credit: Eyesofinsanity

This colorful Ankara gown style is suitable for church programs. It speaks class and elegant. The two layered gown styles is so beautiful

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Beautiful styles for church


Ankara design for plus size

Credit: Motionandstills

Like you, you can be big, bold and beautiful when you wear ankara material gown styles for church. Yes, you’re there to worship but with any of these styles, you will become cynosure of all eyes. I love every line of this design. It is giving.

Lovely church dress


African prints for church

Credit: Chocolateshotit

Beautiful African prints, one of the most popular native designs in Nigeria. Our women are naturally brown skinned and coupled with mesmerizing curves. When choosing a preferred Ankara design, it would be best to go for a pattern and colour that blends with your skin tone. Some classy and stylish hits in the market that you can rock with at any event include any of the styles in this page. We care so much at somyarriys things that you would like.

Plus size styles


Ankara for plus sized ladies for church . No one will be left behind. Of course all you need to do as a chubby lady is to look for ankara styles for chubby ladies here you can rock for church. You will surely get what will fit you here. As fashion is for everyone and looking good is compulsory.

Off shoulder style for church

The colour, the make, the hairdo and what have you, all brought out the African Lady in this fabric. You can have a wardrobe without an Ankara gown style. Update your styles with what we have here. Perfect.

Best church dress


Just like we have stated several, you can do combo with any other fabrics. But just make sure the combination comes well. And since Ankara fabrics is known with several designs, make sure to combine with a plain fabrics so the gown style doesn’t get too busy with patterns and designs. Ok!


African prints provides ladies with various options when it comes to gowns. The the material may not be that expensive when compares with others. But what makes it to stand out is the lovely styles you can create from it. Check out these African dress styles for church and go ahead to admire them.

Ankara styles for church

Long Ankara gown styles for church is the common style most people choose to rock to church.

Long gown for church

Ok, here we have plain and pattern Ankara gown style for church. This is a unique combination. But then, it came out well. And we love it .

One shoulder dress for church

Looking at this one shoulder gown for church. A lot might be running through your mind. But I will tell you this is a beautiful and another classy gown for church. In a church that is not so particular about ones dressing.

Mini Ankara gown

Classy gown for church. It is pretty simple to wear.

Simple Ankara gown for church

Rock this straight gown style to church. It is perfect and lovely.

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Off shoulder style for church

off shoulder Ankara gown for church, with a long slit in front is everything beautiful you will see in a clothe.

Six pieces design dress

Only ankara styles can make you to appear simple and rich. You don’t need to be too busy with accessories to stand out in this style for church. Somyarriys will go for it anyday. This is a six pieces ankara gown style with sleeveless. It is so beautiful.

Ankara gown styles for church

Another thing to note about Ankara styles for church is that you have options to tie different fabrics as scarf. You can use same fabric as the Ankara gown, or you use gele, which ever one you choose just make sure the colour goes

Gown for church

When you decide to combine Ankara material with lace, the result is what we have above. What do you think? This is a pretty outfit. Note, the colour of flowers in the Ankara was taken into consideration when selecting the lace material. Don’t make a mistake of taking something that doesn’t connect well except you want to do what we call pinging in fashion.

Short Ankara gown styles for church

Short  flare Ankara gown for church in Nigeria

Just like we have above, the color combination is everything. The flare nature of the dress is lovely.

Ankara short dress for church

Short gown for church gives you that smart look you long for.

Ankara and lace styles

pretty short dress for church

Pretty short dress for church. At times during the hot seasons of the year, you will need simple Ankara gown styles for church. You don’t want all the heats. So you go all out looking simple but gorgeous.

Mini dress for church

Classy off shoulder Ankara dress for church and other events. I like the neck region of this fabric style.

Short gown styles for church

Amazing Ankara short gown style for church.

Classy gown

Decent, stylish and beautiful long hand dress for church.

Wrap Ankara gown

Beautiful statement Ankara wrap gown style for church. It is the bag for me. See one good thing about Ankara is that you can create further accessories like necklace, earrings, belts and even bags/shoes with it. Giving you that to match look.

Two yards styles for church


We took our time to select the best and latest Ankara gown styles for church, we made sure we included for various sizes. We have Ankara gowns for slim and Ankara gowns for chubby ladies. So you don’t have any excuse. You can still go back again and scroll carefully this time around to get something classy and fashionable you can wear to church come this Sunday and others. Don’t forget like we said earlier, fashion is for everyone and looking good is definitely good business. Photo Credits to respective owners.