One hand Ankara gown styles for ladies: Who do one-shoulder dresses look good on? For ladies that knows their onions. This is an Ankara gown style for parties and evening dinner. The dress is stylish and classy at the same time. Don’t unde rate Ankara, there are several one hand Ankara dresses you can sew with it. Somyarriys will be showing you some from top designers. This style is also known as one shoulder Ankara gown style. It exposes one shoulder hence the name.

One of the reasons why Ankara fabrics won’t go away is because of styles like one shoulder dress or one hand gown which ever you want to call it. I mean there is no style you can sew with an English material that this lovely African prints is not ready to give you. And then, thanks to Africans, for patronizing their own. And the manufacturers who has given us fabrics that stood taste of time.

One hand Ankara gown styles

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Elegant is the look you get when stepping out with one hand Ankara gown with corset. You can’t be anything less. This one shoulder is perfect for wedding. You will definitely become the center of attraction. Zoom this dress to get a clearer picture of every detail it gives.


African creative designers are putting styles in vogue out there with our materials. What a time to be called an African!!. One shoulder Ankara dress styles helps to achieve a modern and fashionable look, perfect for various events including weddings, fashion shows, or engagement ceremonies.

One shoulder Ankara dress for ladies

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Beautiful one hand Ankara gown with ball hand. This is a pure statement Ankara style that you can’t ignore. The colour combinations, the style and of course the accessories paired with it. I couldn’t help but to admire the beautiful look on the face of this brown skin lady. One shoulder dress is screaming beautiful here.

One hand Ankara styles

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Looking at this one shoulder gown style, someone from the back should scream CLASSY, if class was a dress, it would have been this one above. It comes with all shades of an African Queen. Best Ankara style for wedding, rock it .

One hand Ankara dress

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Cute one hand dress

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One shoulder dress

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Short one shoulder dress

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This one shoulder dress is suitable for plus size ladies. Sewing the outfit and allowing it to rest just beneath the knees is everything. The choice of fabrics is excellent.

One shoulder dress

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If you want to step out hot rocking an Ankara outfit, consider this gorgeous style. This mini one shoulder Ankara dress gives everything. It is beautiful and elegant at the same time.

One shoulder ball gown

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It is how we have all the statements in one outfit and still the gown remains less busy. This is amazing. I mean here, we have the pleated gown, the beautiful rose by the hand and of course it still maintains the one shoulder Ankara dress.

One hand short Ankara gown styles for parties

Best Ankara style for party is the one hand Ankara styles for parties, ladies knows what I am talking about. It is a style not everyone knows how to go about it. It is simple and yet gorgeous.


One shoulder dress style

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Here,we important aspects of one hand Ankara gown styles , which include its remarkable ability to embrace both African tradition and the global modernity. Again, one shoulder dress using African wax reflects a fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary fashion, blending traditional African prints, symbols and patterns with modern arts and cuts. These features creates captivating and unique looks that celebrates African styles in vogue while presenting African in the A- list of fashionistas across the globe. No

One hand gown styles

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One hand dress styles

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Single shoulder gown style

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With those flare gown style and it’s one hand, you’re good to grace that important function. Another thing about this design is that, it helps ladies to radiates the beauty in them. Giving you that princess look or I should rather say the Cinderella style .

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Beautiful one shoulder gown

One hand gown

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Red is beautiful, short Ankara styles with one hand. The picture above speaks so well of this style. With the perfect slit in front and the long hand on the other side. Somyarriys did a greet job here. You can’t but keep admiring the outfits collected from various sources

Short one should show styles

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This is a beautiful short one shoulder gown style that gives that vibing looks.



One hand Ankara dress

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Beautiful one shoulder dress

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Fine Ankara desire that gives the look everyone will admire.

Mini one shoulder dress

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From the gallery above, we have colourful, beautiful ,classy and latest one hand Ankara gown styles for ladies in Africa, been from the tropical region. Something light like these suits our weather the most. One shoulder gowns are good for hot weathers .