Touching Love Messages

Touching Love Messages: To say “I love you” is surely a cool way to express your feelings, though several ways exist to say I love you to your partner in a more romantic and beautiful way, such that it melts the heart of the person you’re saying it to. That’s why we have here touching love messages to make him cry.

Touching love messages
Loving someone and having them love you back is a good thing. Try and keep your relationship alive by reminding each other every time how much you love them.  It doesn’t matter how long your marriage or relationship has lasted, always rekindle the love that you both shared. Tell them they are the butter in your bread, the butterfly in your tummy, the sugar in your tea and what have you, you can also send the messages below to your partner, you can also use it during your anniversaries or at ordinary time. It is just to remind your partner how you love them and surely they will appreciate it.
Are you ready to relate to the special one how you feel about him or her? These messages will do the tricks.

Touching love messages to make him cry 

How about sending intentionally sending a touching love messages to make him cry to your man. Men hardly express emotion, but using the right words will get them on the knees.

I. I love you every second, minute and hour of the day.
This is one love random message you can send to your lover at anytime.
2. Love without you is painful. I love you now and forever
3. I can’t imagine a second of my life without you.
4. You’re my heart beat
5. My heart beats for you
6. Can’t imagine my morning without you.
7. Actually it was love at first sight but then it will still be love at last sight.
8. I am happy that I will be sharing lifetime with you
Send him this maybe after you have accepted his proposal or after she accepted yours. It feels good and reassuring read such message.
9. I am happy that I will be in this with you.
Same as no 8 above.
10. Love you for all you do. For how you take me like you, for been then for me even my strength fail me. Thank you
11. .I keep loving you each day. I will forever love you. I bless the day our paths crossed.
12. I will hold you forever. I have you in my heart and will never let go of you. My love,  you will be  in my heart for as long as I see the universe
13. I am not ready to love you less. I will love you more than I did yesterday and my love for  you will be till infinity.
14. Will love you more, my love. Part of my duty now is to love you. I will love you more than life itself my sweetheart.
15. I love you and wouldn’t want to loose you because you make my life better.
16. I am sure I love you. My heart beats for you. I have no doubt in me you who I have ever wanted .I am glad we are in this together.
17. Land won’t exist if my love for you is an ocean.
18. Smiles, I love watching you sleep, slowly and then at once. I am grateful because I will be right here watching as my love wakes up every now and then.
19. Loving you is like a VIRUS that has infected my system.
20. My heart searches for you every now and then. I look forward to seeing you my soulmate.
21. You’re my truest form of love. I can’t imagine this journey with someone else. The peace, the calmness, the joy and happiness you bring to me means so much to me.
22. Can I keep you forever knowing that I love you? I am sorry but I won’t let you go away.
23. No matter where you go, I know my stars will lead me to where you are.
Send these to the love of your life especially when they’re away.
24. With this distance, I m wondering if I am in your thoughts.

Text messages to a Love who traveled.

Send to a lover who traveled. It will keep you in their thoughts
25. In case you have forgotten, I absolutely love you.
26. I am the happiest creature because I have you.
27. Good morning Sweetheart, you’re beautiful.
Sending this to the love of your life, your queen in the morning will surely make her day. It is a romantic way of starting the day.
28. I can’t resist been with you.
29. If I can send you kisses across through phone, I will do it every now and then.
30.  You melt my heart
31. I will kiss you if I see you in my dreams.
32. I think about you every second.
33. Reading from you brightens my day
34. I wish you can wrap me now in your arms.
This message goes well when you find your self sleeping alone for one or more reasons. Sending them this message will let them know you’re thinking about them.
35. I can’t wait to see you once more

Love messages to your lover when you’re apart.

This you can send when you’re leaving the house, or you just left. You can equally send it to your better half when one of you is away. It will make them to look forward to seeing you. Nothing pass knowing you’re wanted by someone you love.
36. Can I tell you something? I live you.
37. I am the luckiest person,just because I have you.
38. You’re my motivation.
39. You’re the truest definition of beauty
40. My beauty without powder
How about you sending this lovely message to her maybe when you’re ready to go out for a function, in a function or after the day’s work.?
41. Loving you is my job,I am here to do.
42. I want lengthy days to show you how I love you.
43. I can’t equate my love for you with anything.
44. You’re my king
45. Your smiles brightens my day.
46. I will make you the happiest man.
47. I love how you kiss me
48. You’re my dream come true.
49. I can’t wait to have you in my arms
50. I love you my sweet pumpkin
51. You have bewitched my body and soul. I love you forever
52. Every time I see you, I fall in love over and over again.
53. You’re my forever, I will love you always.
54. I live you to the moon and back
55. Love= you and me
56. I love you, you make everyday better.
57. You made me to know what love is.
58. Give me your love and I will pluck each star to set at your feet.
59. To love is nothing, to be loved is something, glad that you love me
60. You have turned me into a poet,just because I love you.
Love text
Rose flower
This will surely be a new dawn of an endless blissful world with you my love. I love you sweetheart.
Keep your relationship alive with some of these text messages. Men crave for them. Remind them often how much the mean to you and watch how much love you will keep receiving.
Don’t allow your relationship to fade because you’re not nurturing it. Relationship is like flower, if you don’t water it, it will fade away. The water you can use on your flower, in this case in the relationship is  the messages, not just messages,sweet and romantic text messages. Send them across to you partner to keep the relationship alive. Love comes with a beautiful feelings. The feeling is meant to last forever. Try and keep the love burning. And tell us how do you love our touching love messages?