Sweet birthday wishes to my girlfriend in Pidgin English

Sweet birthday wishes to my girlfriend in Pidgin English: E get plenty things wey we suppose dey happy for, especially as today take be your birthday.

Birthday girl
Birthday girl

My own person, I wan join the host of angels like this to celebrate you on this day wey you add another year. Just dey jolly.


My woman,my everything, wetin I go do without, I thank God wey create you come this life so, come make me and you to Sabi each other. Like this now I still thank Baba  God cos na Him keep you alive up till now. I still wan ask am make him dey keep you dey go. Amen.

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Happy birthday to my super Best, my better half and wife, as you Mark your birthday today, may God answer all your prayers, bless and favour you. Happy birthday my love.


Happy birthday to this young man, my younger brother in whom I am well please. Thank you for standing in when you are needed in the family, may the almighty God increase your coast. I join the host of heaven to say happy birthday brother.


Like play like play, you don dey age dey go, na better thing e be ooo,  make you dey age inside God’s Grace. Bad belle people no go see you.


I bless the day your Mama born you. I bless the womb wey carry you. I happy for you say you dey make am see another year so. God go dey lead you dey go Amen.


Na good thing to dey alive so, dey use our eyes dey see better better things of life. As God don decide to keep you, me self I like him decision. I still wan put mouth join say make nothing happen to you.


You go dey live life wey long pass the one wey Methuselah don life. Nothing fit cut your joy. We go dey here to celebrate you and all the wins wey you go win. I happy Wella for you.


Asam, you know say your Mama born you well. You na better person, for all the life well you don touch and come make them turn to better lives na so heaven go touch your own life and make am turn into better life. I dey ask Baba God make Him bless you.


Anything you put your hands go work, you no go Hussle in vain, anybody wey go pursue you go fall and you go take off. You go dey Waka dey come back without any trouble. I come love you more. 💕


Onyem, nothing go fit make me to leave you. I join angels dey sing praise as we dey celebrate say Dem born you. We happy well.


Omo na love I got for ya, my heart dey full of happiness as e come be say na today be your born day. My heart may heaven open doors wey favor full come join your body, make no power stop your destiny. Make your going out and coming in be blessed. Amen


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Birthday wishes in pidgin English to my girlfriend

Birthday wishes to girlfriend in Pidgin



Na my bestie’s birthday ,My beautiful queen 🤗My partner in success , arubam😌

Na she be my best friend 💘 d gurl I wan enter forever with  🥰. If person tell me say 10 years we met we can go this far I swear I no go gree 👌 but na trust and your good hearts like this  towards me na em  take us this far🥰. You don see why I go wish you well forever baa. Happy birthday babem.


It’s difficult for me to pour out all my wishes for you in one day but I know I owe many of my Happy times to you😤❤️

As Gold dey special among metals.

Diamond among stones,na so  you go dey among your equals honey😌💖. I heart you.

Best wishes  


Lovely birthday wishes in Nigerian Pidgin English

My pinopino, my life, on this your ogbonge birthday, na mercy go dey speak for you. No fear, Oluwa got you

I would have loved to do a long epistle in English Language to express the special way I felt yesterday… But then I think I would rather do this in one language I grew up speaking “Pidgin English”

The kain style wey dem take bombard me with special wishes blow ma mind I no go lie… A swear to celebrate birthday dey sweet ooo…

Na so so calls, text, gift just dey flow like spring water. Choi! I thank una…. My hubby, my family, siblings both blood and in love  and facebook family, I no be wan write long epistle but then… Make una know say I enjoy am weeeella and I dey grateful .

Funny Birthday messages in pidgin English to my girlfriend

Thank you! As una make my day sweet, na so so sweet thing una go experience throughout this year. Una do well. Thank you.


I Don’t Deserve This Privilege, But You Choose To Be Gracious and Merciful Unto Me. 


Happy belated birthday 🎂🎉🎂my swty ur indeed a survivor✅😊🥰Dey own making us proud ☺️ na all the good things life fit offer is dey wish you  🎉🎉🎉many more years ahead bestie m🎂🎉🎉🎉🥰🥰🥰❤️🌹🌹keep living my strong lady

My own manager with the heart of Gold 🎂🎂🎂🎉❤️❤️🎈best wishes in ur birthday may ur birthday be as beautiful as u are 💝💝☺️keep living swty, my padi you Sabi say I love you baa.


When my mind dey go for better things, I come dey thin about you. I no say I no deserve you but I happy say you choose me. Make Baba God bless you and keep you. Na answers I dey pray make him give to your prayers. Amen


I follow awon angels them dey sing happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you.hip hip hip hurrrayy. I sure so that song go sweet you separate. Lol. No mind my voice o, na over happiness cause am.


My happiness is plus one today I give. Glory to God for wetin Him dey done do , Him dey do and he will do for your life. If I combi e all baa, I say thank God for your life. Meanwhile, enjoy shaa, na me go pay bills. No go drink too much oo. Happy birthday


Na so so love I have for you


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