Funny Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to my boyfriend

Funny Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to my boyfriend – Note Pidgin English is also called Broken English. Read some ogbonge messages wey be say you go fit send give your brother, boyfriend, and even your guy, no be that one o but the other one. Remind me that em name again. No ask how I carry no am. Na all of us dey street like this.  You get what I am saying but if you don’t get forget about. 😆 😆 😂 E shock you?  Na how e suppose be all this yarn na make we carry dey add joy my brothers and sisters to this life so wey no get duplicate.  Because na things wey dey give joy now I wan dey do, na em make em share all these with you. You Sabi say plenty reasons dey wey go make one to happy, one of them na bydays… 😂 😂 . No dey look me na so we wey no break chalk dey call birthday. Ok !

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Funny Birthday wishes to my boyfriend in Pidgin English

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Funny Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to my boyfriend.

Best Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to my guy.

Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to my Man


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Funny Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to my boyfriend 

. Who be this cute guy……what.. Nah…today na ur day do shakara , but no go do am pass woman o…ehen ….happy birthday to u my boy, my man,my full option, my priceless gold na diamond…wishing you this means a lot to me because you too special …….our cartel them and I dey wish you longlife,prosperities,better wife material ( I no come no how many yards I go call because I no Sabi measurements) more money into ur account, we all love my dear…

. Happy birthday to you dear Prince . The Prince of Africa in presidential. Who deyy. My guy I gat you any day  May this new beginning be a new dimensions in your life

. Happy birthday to you my personal mate

My worry worry

He can smile for Africa  😉😄

I wish you long life and prosperity many more years to celebrate and more money to ur aza my guy.

. Happy birthday to the chairman of the house , odogwu . Na my prayers say make the holy spirit guide you. May you fall under anointing. Money go be your own . Have fun .

Best Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to my Man 

Best birthday wishes to my guy in Pidgin English

. My man on how today be your birthday, I say make I quickly drop this one here. Happy birthday Charmo.

. Odogwu, as dey don rise don rise for you, the whole world combine no go do anything make the day set So we dey kampe for you.

. My guy, you go continue to dey rise as sun dey take rise in the morning, and up above the sky, na so up up you go dey rise. God don bless you broo.

. Everywhere stewwww, enjoy my man, if you remain we chop if not baa wahala, na your day and na you we wan celebrate. Day don break everywhere and no how we go go back to sleep until we celebrate this day finish. Happy birthday

. My Gee, on this your day so ,I wan make drink rain like rainfall, you know what the bill go dey for my head, yes no worries.

. Me and my homies dey here dey celebrate you. We happy say na your birthday. We pray for you make God help you to take your life do better things. One love Man.

. My man, where e dey happen, like this I wan shayo, you don dey old oo. Old with grace. More money to your Aza,

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Birthday wishes in Pidgin English to my guy


. Today na my guys byday. Guy I wan make God bless you pass as you dey. In short make Him bless you pass me self. Na how much I love you be that.

. I want make God torchlight you path, your huzzles go surely pay no wory. This your new year go dey different from other years. Na so so joy go full am . No doubt.

. My person, God go provide wetin we go use celebrate this day. Him go give you better life.

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. Bad belle people no go take eyes dey you. Under Jehova wings you shall dey. Mu guy you shall fly and never fall.

. Witches and wizards no go near your doormot. Nothing enemy go fit do you. You go dey Waka dey come back with obi anurika. That one means with joy. Happy Plus one.

. Walk and don’t stumble my Gee. You na my correct person. Make heaven add better years to this one.

. Wetin , I no fit shout it is my guys birthday. Guy dayses be long. Na long life and prosperity Baba God go give you. No power fit change that one

. Anybody wey dey plan bad thing for your head go use em head carry am. Na make we no notice amooo, because we go exchange am for them. Your cartel dey here for you Bro. So chillax like this and chop all the chippings. We gat you. Cheers

Happy birthday brotherly, you na correct guy man, chop knuckle. Mercy na good luck na them I send for you. Hold am tight and them no go pass you by.

A toast to my mannest man . I just dey remember back then. Nigga we have been in this hood all these year. We don do plenty together and I come happy say we dey celebrate together like this now. One love bro. Cheers to more togetherness.

My Aruba, happy birthday to you and more years to come.

Cartel man, guy. No too shayoo like this o. Eniway I got you.

Today wey come be your birthday, as our make no dey fall asleep, as Him dey take dey awake so Him go dey oversee our matters. Na so I pray make Him light reach where you dey.

Guy this year street go legit for you. Live long and prosper. Cheers happy birthday 🎂

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