Simple birthday wishes for Brother

Simple Birthday wishes for brother : It is my brothers birthday, having a brother who got your back all these years is a thing of joy. You know one thing with brothers whether small or big is that they will always be there for you. To protect you and to assist. Today is his birthday, I know that’s why you’re here, go ahead and send him any of our happy birthday wishes. Tell him how you love and appreciate his efforts. Make him too feel loved. Below is our simple birthday wishes for brother.

Simple birthday wishes for brother

Inspirational birthday wishes to a brother

Best birthday wishes to a brother.

Share any of them with him, I am sure he will like it

Here we go;

1.  There are so many reasons to be happy especially on this day, Happy birthday to you my beloved brother may God preserve you and I wish you academic excellent whatever stops your mate will not stop you, you will excel above your mate enjoy your day we got your back

Simple birthday wishes for brother
Birthday cake

2.  All these years, you have not only been a great brother to me, but we have become more than siblings.Thanks bro for being tough on me when things were not tough and, going easy on me when things were tough.

3. It is a great pleasure to be a part of your life,  You are the inspiration for all.Sending you my warmest greetings on your birthday.

4. May your life be filled with blessings, prosperity and happiness.Happy birthday, Brother!

5. Hbd to my Gee, a wonderful friend/ brother with a good heart. May God always shower you with more blessings and divine protection. Enjoy ur day bro..

6.May God lengthen your life, broaden your spheres, heighten your accomplishments, fatten your pockets and prosper your progeny. More happy birthdays Brother

7.Happy birthday my brother, wishing you many more wonderful years ahead, enjoy your day.

8.Happy birthday dear, age with Sufficient Grace, may God continue to bless and keep you in good health in Jesus name Amen.

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How can I express my brother birthday wishes?

Think no further, we are here to assist you with the best wishes to a brother.

9. Happy birthday to you brother…

I wish you many more healthy and happy years…

Keep living bro..

God bless your new AGE..

10. My dear  brother birthday wishes for you! May this year beginning of another beautiful year for you,hope it’s wonderful year for you.

11. And enjoy your special day lots of happiness come in your life and lots of love

12. This status is short but wishing you everything that bring you happiness today with lots prayers wishes.

God bless you brother.

13. Many many happy returns of the day Bro. I pray you have a fulfilling year. All the best.

14.  Happy gloriously year to you a brother like a father, welcome to your season of exceeding exploit. You shall do great things. Amen

15. Happy Birthday  to you and many more. It shall be well with you in all your endeavors. God bless you

16. Happy Birthday my man, more fruitful years to you my man.. Cheers! . I wish you peace and joy.

17. Happy birthday to you, long life and prosperity more money in your account enjoy your day with lots of fun.

18. You are blessed beyond imagination sweetheart, happy birthday my beloved brother, congratulations, the giant in your is raising

19. Happy birthday to you big brother wishing you long life and prosperity with many more to come. Have a fun filled year.

20.I wish you all the best in life as you mark your birthday.remain blessed and happy birthday to you! May God continue to bless you.

21. This your new age will remain blissful, great, healthy and prosperous. Nothing shall stop you from shining. Amen

22. May you age with grace and grow into greatness, happy birthday to this amazing handsome soul. I love you

23. Happy birthday dearest brother, May the peace of the Lord be with you, more awesome years ahead. Amen.

You asked how can I express my brother birthday wishes to him, hope you now know

Funny birthday wishes to a brother.

24. I call on God today this early morning and I asked Him to bless this handsome man for me, to add another blessed years to him, to make him wise to number his remaining years, to protect him from village peoples.. Guy, as you celebrate your escape womb today, may heaven answer all your secret prayers. Happy birthday brother

25. Happy Birthday Bro, I  prayer for you today. Whoever is occupying your seat of breakthrough, closing your doors of favour, scattering your seeds of progress, pointing accusing finger at you, fabricating lies against you, plotting your downfall, shooting negative arrows and bullets at you, today the power of God will reverse All their evil plans and send their wishes back to them in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN

26.  Birthday wishes to a brother from another mother, Bro, Today is another special day ,and i wish you all the good things in life ,more years ,more money and more good health and many more Amen.

27. I thank God for my life today, for all  He has been doing for me, all his doing now and for all that He is about to do in my life


28. Happy birthday to you my G, may you celebrate many more years to celebrate in good. wealth and happiness enjoy your special day  with love, laughter and happiness.

Inspirational birthday wishes for brother

29. Dear lovely Brother, on a special day like today which marks your birthday, I pray God will meet you in all your needs. I pray you live long in good health and fulfill the purpose for which you were created.

I’m proud of the man you are becoming. Happy birthday.

30. Happy Birthday to You, my handsome Brother.May the good God continue to guide, protect and keep you.

You shall excel beyond comprehension.

Many more years of celebration is all I wish you, Insha Allah.

31. It’s Another three Hundred and sixty five (365) days of God’s grace, mercies, unconditional love, preservation at work in my life. My praise can not be enough each time I think of how God delivered you from making errors and wrong steps. Happy Birthday to a brother like a father.

32. Friends all over the world join me celebrate an angel in human form. A man with a heart of gold.

A man that understand the hearts of his siblings and desire of people around him.

He would do anything possible to put smile on the faces of anyone around him, a friend of all, A dedicated man and a faithful of Christ.

He is a scholar, husband and a successful entrepreneur,

Since our part crossed you brought joy, happiness and a total breakthrough to my our family. God bless you in all you do. Happy birthday to a brother like father.

33. Happy birthday and many more fruitful years to celebrate in good health, love, Peace and prosperity in Jesus mighty name Amen.

34. Happy birthday to a brother from another mother, As you celebrate your birthday today I pray that God in his mercy and abundant favour, honour you, bless you both in wisdom and riches. You shall go from strength to strength. Nation shall honour you.

35. To This Great Genius I Say You  Words Of Prayers Full Of God’s Blessing, Success, Long Life, Good Health, Enlistment to Greater Heights, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Your Limitless Best Has Just Begun. I Celebrate You My brother With Big Head

Happy Birthday Buddy.

Hope you have been inspired after reading our inspirational birthday wishes for brother, you can now send those lovely birthday wishes to your brother.

Birthday wishes to a brother from another mother.

Celebrate this amazing handsome Brother of yours with these our lovely messages. Brothers are always there to guide us, let’s make them to know how we love them by sharing this moment with them. But then, at times we have some friends that sticks closer more than a brother, that’s while we have brithday wishes to a brother from another mother for you

Best birthday wishes to a brother
Candle light

36. Happy birthday my beloved; wishing you all the goodies of life,you shall flourish more than the palm tree,non shall cut your life short.More knowledge and wisdom to excel in life;these and many more are my prayers for you my Melody.

Happy birthday wishes to my brother.

37. Happy birthday to the great son of our land. I join your family, friends and well wishers to celebrate you today. May your days be long even as you age with massive grace. Happy birthday once again . Keep living we are proud of you.

38. Happy birthday to you big Brother

Wish you long life and prosperity

Amen to ur secret prayers

Happy birthday once again

39.Happy birthday bro , wish you more fruitful years ahead and enjoy your day with happiness and love in the years to come!

40. Happy birthday  to a senior brother with a good heart. May Almighty God continue to bless you In Jesus Name,  Amen

41. Happy birthday treasure soar high and excel in all you do. You’re a friend that sticks closer than brother, my brother from another mother, God bless you.

42. Be totally and forever blessed!

The blessing of the Lord rest upon you both.

Congratulations! Happy birthday buddy.

How to wish a brother happy birthday.

Heart touching birthday wishes for a brother

You can wish your brother happy birthday by reminding him how you love him, how much he has been there for you, how you are grateful to have him as a brother and others.

43. Happy birthday to my one of the best brothers

Birthday wishes, greetings and messages can’t express what i want to say. I don’t want to write deep birthday quotes because I can’t find the best quotes that will exactly defined you as my brother I’m so blessed to have a many brothers. Hope your birthday is amazing as you are. May God bless you with lots of love, happiness and success


44. Birthday greetings for you my brother Wishing you love, success, and happiness in your life, and I wish you have a life time smile

45. I pray to God will you grant you long life a Good health and more birthdays to come   always stay together through everything

46. Just a birthday message for the one of the most handsome brothers on  your special day . I’m so blessed and grateful for having you as a little brother

47. No birthday wishes,  greetings and messages may express how much I love you . I hope your special day will bring you  lot’s of happiness.  Love  and fun.  I love  you a lot. stay safe and  take care always. Enjoy your day, again happy happy birthday brother we love you always

Best wishes

48. Happy birthday to my brother… You’re the best With all of Allah blessing may you find all of your dream come true. May Allah accept your  prayers. Best of luck

Have a wonderful birthday !

49. Birthday comes around every year, but a Brother like you only comes once in a lifetime. I’m so glad to have u, dear. Best wishes on your Birthday day my brother and my last hope, happy birthday. I don’t want to write deep birthday quotes for you because I can’t find the best quotes that will exactly define u as my Brother. All I know is you’re one of my brothers for life, who is always standing beside me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER .

50.Happy birthday to my lovely brother….

May God crown all your efforts with great success, may all your dreams be achieved in no distance time, you will live long to serve God and be prosperous. Your life will never be cut short. I wish you nothing but good health, success and plenty riches. Enjoy growing Old and looking young.. Best wishes dear brother.

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52. My dear brother birthday wishes for you may this year beginning of another beautiful year for you. i hope it’s wonderful year for you and enjoy your special day… and lots of happiness  comes in your life.

Happy birthday to you my dear brother

It’s your day sweet bro

53. A special day is for someone like you

May this day brings you happiness

Laughter in your new age bro

May all your dreams and wishes comes true Ameen to all your secret prayers

Stay bless and enjoy your day bro


54. As you marked plus+1 my brother I wish you Happy birthday and long life Spread a smile, spread the cheer Look around, it is your day, make a list to spread it all and then everyday is your day. Fill the rooms, with balloons, and stuff some mouths with sweets.

55. Make a list to do it all, and then enjoy the pleasant treats. Gather some faith, earn some hope, make the most of this beautiful day. gather it all, just to give it all spread the joy, it is your day. Once again I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

56. Happy Birthday to one of the people I can’t forget to celebrate, I called him bestie due to the tier of trust and respect we depicted for each other.

I met him here just like I met you the reader, I wouldn’t like to say much about us because we ain’t new to most of you here. He’s a brother I honored, a brother I will never want to see anything bad happens to him, a brother I pray he exceeds in life, a brother I wish to see us gets old together, a brother I will be glad to give my daughter or son to his blood to marry for the sake of our time-honored bond, a brother that gets worried whenever things ain’t going well with me, a brother I will never wish to see his tears, a brother that all of you will wish to have one.

57. You are my all in all & one in all, on this auspicious day, I pray that you grow vastly to clinch on your wishes and dreams, may God grant you that which is best for you in this life and hereafter, and may God unite us in. Happy Birthday to the amazing brother from another mother sending lots of love and hugs cheers to your new age.

58. My beloved brother and friend in whom I am well pleased. My Best Man, a friend like no other. We have seen and passed through a lot, my prayers and wishes for you is that it shall continue to be well with you. May the Lord bless and keep you, age graciously brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY MAN

59. HBD! Wishing You More Blessed, Fruitful, Peaceful & Joyful Years. May You Spend the Rest of Your Days in Prosperity & Your Years in Contentment & May the Part of Your Life Be Like the First Gleam of the Dawns, Shinning ever Brighter In Jesus Name, Amen!

60. I must be making a big mistake if I say today is a wonderful day without telling you that a wonderful being came to existence today. Before people start sending and circulating fabricated and manipulated birthday wishes, permit me to cease this golden opportunity to wish a belated  birthday to this wonderful creature, an inspirer,  a disciplinarian, source of courage, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a brother in millions etc. My prayer for you as you begin another new year in your life today is that the almighty one will open a new door of Favour and blessings like never before for you. You will live to celebrate more fruitful years in the Lord. I now call on the entire universe to join me as I celebrate this wonderful brother of mine.  Happy birthday Big brother.

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