How to Propose marriage to a girlfriend in Pidgin English

How to Propose marriage to a girlfriend in Pidgin English: You shall be learning how to ask a woman to marry you using this better and ogbonge language we some people dey call pidgin English today. Proposing marriage to a girlfriend using Pidgin English can be funny. Though not too common as quite few people get to see this new romantic ways of marriage proposal. How you propose matters, it is a memory she will cherish for the rest of her life .


Proposal letter to girlfriend in Pidgin English/ Love proposal Letter

I wan make the rest of my life be with you, make both of us dey share happiness, joy,our bodi and everything together. Na promise I wan promise you, I go luv you , cherish and gat your back. Na my life I go take protect you like this.

You no say love na better thing, as e be I don dey pray make a day like this come. A day wey I go take tell you as I dey feel for you. O ya see wetin you mean to me. You mean pass all these ones o, but you know nah I no fit write all as e be here

Marriage proposal
Wetin to talk when you wan tell a woman to marry you./ What to say when proposing to a woman.
I no wan dey this world alone/ I don’t want to be alone in this world
Marriage Proposal to a girlfriend in Pidgin English.
Sweet and Romantic Proposal in Pidgin English .
See the English version how to  propose to your girlfriend
I no wan dey this world alone/ I don’t want to be alone in this world
As you wan let the woman you love know say you wan marry am , e good like that. We gather some messages wey you go tell her wey fit dissolve her heart.
Use our better words ask am , she no go ever forget the day Sharp sharp. She go like am and still love you join.  Carry style and ask her ‘ you fit marry me”

As you wan tell her to marry you no loss guard. Talk am make your words enter her body. As oyibo people dey do am, you self fit copy them. O ya knee down, bring your ring out and then, no just tell her straight oo, talk some sweet sweet things wey we go write give you here to her.

O ya check am;
1. One thing wey me dey sure na say I love you.  No be fake love I get for you, na true love I wan show you. My life go make sense if you dey inside am. E don tey wey I dey find this opportunity to let you know say I love you.   make our two dey live until white hair comot for our hair and we go still dey live dey go . I go like make our pikin them come through you . I wan see as dey go carry call you mama. You fine pass everybody for this world.
If you come dey where I dey my morale go go high, and I go fit hike reach the highest mountain. Na all these and more make me wan beg you to ” please marry me”.
2. Since that day wey me and you meet, I know say na you I go marry, I know say na you wey God create for me. Na all these I don carry for mind dey Waka for years. But now e dey heavy me and I no fit to carry am dey Waka again. Na em make me bring you come here today. My paddy, You go gree marry me?
3. You know wetin you mean to me, you know how I love you. I count myself see I dey lucky because you’re mine. Now I wan make you be mine forever na em make me dey ask you to marry me. I wan make we spend our lives together forever.

Marriage Proposal to a girlfriend in Pidgin English

How you take see all these beautiful lines on how to propose Marriage to a girlfriend in pidgin English so far?

Life no go make sense if you no dey with me.
Guy man na your dey be this, congratulations, now you wan join men club. You wan become one Nna, na Fada Fada gang you wan join like this. Well na better thing for life you wan do like this. Do am make e make sense. Do am to put smile on face of your woman forever. Check how you go fit to achieve am;
1. I go win the world because I have you. Nothing dey fear me for this life because I know say you go dey there for me forever. Our children go happy say I choose better mama for them. I sure say you go be better mama and better wife join. I go try my best to put smile on your face and on the face of our children wey we go born. Biko, r go make sense pass if you go fit accept to be my wife.
2. I wan share my life and everything wey I get with you. I wan share my future and anything wey go comot from it with you.
You na best type of creature. I wan give you everything and love you join. If you will allow me, I dey ready to make you my wife
3. I wan thank you say come say you stand gidigba with me I Waka pass all these wahala of life all these years. E go make sense to wake up the morning and see your face. I go happy to get you forever.
My love, my love go reach heaven if I fit to dey wake up beside you forever, na em make me dey ask you to please marry me.
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How to propose Marriage to girlfriend
Couple in garden

Sweet and Romantic Proposal in Pidgin English.

Better love Quotes to take ask a girl to marry you.
You fit propose to her with these romantic and sweet lines
I wan live forever with you. Na love since day one wey I see you and na still love till now. Even in another world e go still be love.
I wan promise you say I dey ready to dry tears comot from your eyes. Wey light no dey I go carry you pass. I go Carry your matter for head. Joor, marry me.
My sherikoko
Na so so happy I dey happy since I know you. Na beg I dey beg make you dey with me to continue to dey give me this go gree marry me?
My Yoriyori
I no wan dey far from you again. I wan make you be my personal person. Make idey wake up every morning dey see your face. Please marry me.
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I don Waka to plenty places, no one like you. I no wan dey find anymore, we spend the rest of our lives together. You go give me yes if I ask you to marry me?
My woman,
You na my missing ribs, my sweetie, make we join the ribs make it complete come form pikin. Na only when you marry me we go fit do that. Please marry me?
I wan grow old with you. I wan  be with you and laugh about today. Me go dey with you forever. Biko be mine no matter wetin dey Shele. Marry me
My Paddy
Our love be like water, e dey flow Wella, na natural connection. My life never totori me like this before. I believe na you be my missing rib. I no fit exchange this love with anything in the world. Please be my wife
To my wife to be
I be wan marry all these years , but love been dey fear me until I come see you. You come wake love wey don comot from me.
Come clear my fears and my doubts concerning love. Na so so love I have for.
I go take care of you dey way you take love me. I go dey adore and cherish for as long as I live. Please marry me?
Propose to your girl with our sweet and romantic Proposal in Pidgin English.
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Hope you have learnt how to propose marriage to a girlfriend in pidgin English. Go ahead with the fun proposal a d make it lovely.