Thank you for Loving me quotes and poems

Thank you for loving me quotes; Do you have someone that loves you, someone who pays attention to your silence. If you have someone in your life who understands your unspoken words, then you’re lucky, you’re loved and hence, you shouldn’t take such love for granted. Show gratitude to them as often as possible, let them know you’re happy for all they pull through for you sake, you can do that by sending he or she thank you for loving me quotes, some loving me poems we have written here; 


Thank you for loving me quotes

Thank you for loving me poems

Thank you for loving me messages

When did you stop loving me


Thank you for loving me


Thank you for loving me poems.

We have written some thank you for loving me poems of a love journey, this loving me poems expresses an individual at her lowest moment and then she found love again, you too can find love, I pray one day it will be you sending loving me poems to the love of your life, that’s if you’re yet to find, but if you’re happily inlove congratulations, send them this loving me poems.


I couldn’t search for a better definition of love.

You are a true definition of love, dictionary and I attest to this.

At times I wonder what I would have done, without you..

And then, all I could say is thank you for loving me.


I was left muttering in pains,

Almost gave up on love, depression wasn’t far from me,

You gave me love and made me to feel love.

What better time to come through for one.

You have shown me much love than I deserve.


You gave me a shoulder to lean on.

You paid attention to my silence.

And then came up with those words of courage, that soothed away my pains

Your love left me speechless, all I could say is thank you for loving me.



I found strength in you,

You helped me to gather myself piece by piece.

And then I became whole again.

My life journey has been full of love, just because you came through.

Loving me feels so good, thank you for the way you do it.


My life is now larger than life itself, just because you love me.

I no longer walk on egg shells,I fly without wings, thank you for loving me.

I will forever cherish these moments and create more beautiful memories together with you

You’re my life and I won’t give up on us, loving me makes me wanna fly.



Still on the thank you for loving me poems.

I want to say thank you for loving me.

For been my eyes in darkness

For been my lips when words failed me.

For been an aid when I couldn’t breathe

I say thank you.


Shut the doors behind me.

I don’t wanna look outside again

I wanna stay right here with you

Thanks for not abandoning me

I want to thank you specially for loving me.


Thank you for giving me wings when I couldn’t fly.

For standing by me through thick and thin.

Thank you for all you sacrificed for me.

I love how you love me, thank you for loving me.


My world, my  only one, I love you with all my heart

You’re the original without imitation .

You’re second to none.

I love who I love and no one can steal that from me ! Like me, love me, hate me – I’m still gonna be here for you, thank you for loving me the way you do.


I don’t wanna start loving you after you have gone.

I want to tell you now that we’re here

I want to love you till the end.

And love you in the life to come.

Thank you for loving me sweaty.


I still remember the day we met.

Ours was love at first sight, it came as a flash

I’m glad it stood the taste of love.

I will be here for you for the rest of my life for loving me.


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Thank you for loving me messages.

Don’t get tired of showing appreciation to someone who loves you, let them know you are grateful for having them in your life will make them to shower you with more love. Here we have, thank you for loving me messages.


For everything thing you have done for me I appreciate, for loving me and caring for me


I didn’t know I can be this lucky when it comes to love until I met you, my life didn’t remain the same, I count my blessings and I count you over and over again.


At times I wonder where I would have been without you, I stopped wondering almost immediately, because I don’t want to imagine life without you, I love you and just want to say thank you for loving me.


Over and over again I will love you, nothing can change that, my heart beats for you and I am not resetting these beats ,not for anyone in the world. I love just you and not  anyone,my heart is filled with happiness and I say thank you for loving me.


You have taught me love and patience, I enjoy peace just because you came through for me, no matter what happens, no matter where you go, I will keep loving you and just you know, you have done well by loving me.


You have been there to see me grow in my choice of career, you’re my yardstick, thank you for the supports and encouragements, the mean alot to me, 


I dedicate all my wins to you, thanks for all you have done, you shaped me to the woman that I am today, thank you for loving me.


You have shown me love despite what they said to you, you waved those words behind and stood by me, I made it through, I am grateful to you for loving me.


I don’t know how you did it, you turned my sad moments into joyful moments, I am happy to be associated with you and I am going to love you forever, thanks for the love.


I will gladly introduce you over and over to the world as the one who I own the world. You deserve every beautiful in this life, I am going to give you as much joy and happiness as I can just to thank you for loving me.


 I am sure there won’t be me without you, you made me, you gave the platform that I can proudly stand on today. What would have been me without you, you are my guardian angel, I love you for loving me.


You overlooked my flaws, you choose to see beyond the ugly side of me, you encouraged me with those kind words, I am here today kudos to you. In everything you have done for me I say thank you for loving me.



When did you stop loving me.


You know because i love you then stop loving me, I have loved you enough and got no love in return.


I asked when did you stop loving me, just that your love for me keeps fading and then it’s gone.

I want you to stop loving me, I can see we are not meant to be, 


I stopped loving you when you didn’t reciprocate all the love I showed.


When did I stop loving you, now you care to know, I stopped loving you right then when you turned your back on.


I stopped loving you when it became obvious that I mean nothing to you.


Do you really want to know when I stopped loving you? I stopped the moment I realized the difference between two parallel line.


You have seen how important it is to show gratitude, from thank you for loving me, you can feel the love that radiates from your friend, lover, or from whosoever you said it to. How do you feel about it? Good right.


You love made me not to have time for those who doesn’t love me, you made me to stay away from Fake love I dedicate all my time to you for loving me.

From the first time I met you, though it was love at first sight, I knew you were the right person for me. And I am glad I didn’t let go of you, I will love you forever. Thanks for loving me.


Hope you like our thank you for loving me poems and messages.

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