Cute Valentine Messages for him or her

Valentine messages for him or her: Valentine’s day celebration has come to stay. This day is also referred to as Lover’s Day. It is a period where lovers over the world celebrates love. They celebrate each other by sharing flowers, texts, Messages, and other gift items. Some equally embark on adventures, picnic to parks and gardens with the special one in their lives. Valentine celebration has been traced back to have originated from Italy. And this day happens to be every February 14th, though public holiday is not declared on that day.

Valentine messages to him or her
Lover’s Day

We have taken out time to write the best funny valentine messages for him or her, that is to say, you will be getting favorite lines you can send to your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or even wife . Get the best valentine text messages right here.

Here, you will find;

  1. Funny valentine messages for friends.
  2. Funny valentine messages for husband
  3. Cute Valentine messages for wife
  4. Lover’s Day messages

Funny valentine messages for husband

Celebrate your husband everyday. But you know, today is marked and observed globally as lovers day. Ok, you can then spice up your love life today and spend quality time with him. You can start the day by leaving few romantic love lines for him. Take a look below:

1.My joy giver, I have thought severally to myself that I will never see a lover like you. Someone that will love me just the way I needed to be loved. Boom!!!, You came through, your presence in the picture cleared my relationship status. Thanks for showing me true love. A special valentine day to you my love.

Thank you for loving me .

2. The earth understands what I needed in order to live and that was why it gave me you. And here, you gave me the reason to live. Happy Valentine’s day Sweetheart 💋.

3. From the bottom of my heart, I love you so much. I will cherish you every day of my life.

4. I can’t imagine life without you, If I am asked to make a wish, it will be for our love to last until apples grows on pineapple orchard. What will be yours? Happy Val my Treasure

5. With you, I learnt love is not about how long we have spent together. It is not how much we have given to each other. It is how we value each other. You’re priceless to me. Happy lover’s Day

Cute Valentine Messages for Wife

Send these lovely Valentine messages to your wife. To celebrate your wife on this Lover’s Day, gifts, cards, text messages and quotes, dinner and adventures are some of the things you can do to rekindle you love for her.

6.Despite the heat of love, you’re too sweet. With our two lips meeting, our love is complete.

7. The best thing ever happened to me is finding you. Whom I can live with forever. I am sure you know, without you I will seize to exist. You’re my Val my wife.

8. My wishes might be late, but it comes from the purest heart. Hope you had a great valentine. Love from yours truly.

9. I will keep loving you everyday, valentine or no valentine. Everyday is a lovers day to us. Cheers.

10. I searched through dictionary, read through cards. Searching for the best lines that would convey what was in my mind. But typing this, all I can put together is ” I love you”. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Cute Valentine messages to Wife

Funny Valentine messages for friends

Sending love messages on valentine is not gender sensitive. Irrespective of what you stand for, you can send love messages on valentine to anyone special in your life. Though termed lovers day, but then you can equally squeeze out time to acknowledge both gender that has been there for you through thick and thin. Celebrate those friends who sticks closer just like our shadows. Send them these funny valentine messages for friends:

11.I don’t want to wait to tell you how much I love you.

You will hear it from me right now. From the depth of my heart, you mean everything to me. I am glad you can hear me say it. Happy Valentine’s day my friend.

12.I am sending kisses across to show my thoughts and feelings to you. I have withheld this for so long. Your present in my life makes me to bloom and grow more in love. From my heart, happy lovers day.

13. Love is like playing the game and to win, you must abide by the rules of the game. Then you can forget the rules and play from the heart. I love you .

14.I can’t stop thinking of you, you’re everything I ever hoped for. Thank you for coming into my life, not just on a lovers day, I will celebrate you everyday of my life.

15. I am so glad I sent a valentine card to you. You understands how I feel and what I want. Let me be the man of your dream tonight, at noon I will be the man of your life. It’s lover’s Day love.

Lover’s Day messages

Like we stated earlier, Valentine’s day is also known as Lover’s Day. Whichever you choose to call it, celebrate it with someone special in you life. Share these cute Valentine messages with them.

Lover's Day messages
Lover’s Day card

16. Be my valentine and I will be your lover forever. I can’t imagine dreaming of another soul. My life is complete with you in it.

17. I am sending this across just to let you know I love you so much. You’re the beat of my heart and I will cherish you for as long as I live.

18. No song, lack lyrics. I will always love you and let the world to know that I do from the bottom of my heart. Happy lover’s Day my Angel.

19. On lover’s Day messages of this year, my love, I just want to thank you for loving me. I appreciate how you care for the kids and I. We love you and we pray for everything you put your hands into to prosper. Sending you kisses and hugs.

20. I have been missing you more than I can put in writing. I miss you more on this Lover’s Day. Happy valentine Day.

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How do you see the cute Valentine messages for him or her. Hope it will make your Valentine’s Day meaningful and colorful. Apart from Valentines quotes, you can equally check for other love quotes we have written.