40+ Latest Ankara Tops for Ladies 2024

Latest Ankara tops for ladies: The are tops made from African Prints. The come in various patterns and Designs. Ankara tops can be worn with any type of material or fabrics as skirt , short or trouser. Ankara is a fabric that is common with Africans hence the name African print refers to Ankara fabrics … Read more

Deep Love Messages for boyfriend

Deep love messages for boyfriend: How often do you write to your boyfriend? Lovely love texts to your man will make a difference. Men love to know how you feel about them. Sometimes you express it verbally, other times try and put some lovely words together, appreciate your man, adore them , sing praises to … Read more

40+ Latest Satin dress Styles 2024

Satin dress: Satin dress is also known as “taffeta” and it is made from shining, shimmering and lovely fabrics. Satin fabrics is one of the oldest fabrics that is not going away anytime soon. Though a noticeable difference between satin and taffeta is that satin fabrics appears lighter than taffeta. Satin is a smooth, crisp … Read more

Latest Ankara styles for Men in Africa 2024

Ankara styles for Men: African fabrics or better still refers to as Ankara fabrics has become a popular fabrics for sewing various designs in the fashion industries in and across Africa. Initially the fabrics was perceived to me for women, but not any more as men has taken over the materials to create various Ankara … Read more

Cute Nails designs for ladies

Cute Nails: Cute nails are among the things people notice when they see you, outside from you good hairstyles, your nail is your label, you can’t hide it , polished Fingernails are always obvious to the admiration of onlookers. Have you heard of the saying that ” the happiest girls always have the prettiest nails’ … Read more

Latest Halter dress styles 2024

Latest Halter dress styles: These are dresses with strap around the neck and ” halter” means “that by which anything is held”, it is of German origin. It is a beautiful style for parties and other light events. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking if you can wear a bra with a halter … Read more

Trending Strapless Dress for Ladies 2024

Strapless dress for ladies: The are dresses without hands or sleeves. Here we have selected the hottest new-season trends, our collection of women’s strapless dresses is sure to star in your next big night out. From long to midi and then mini strapless gowns. Strapless dress for ladies gives them confidence of their bodies, it … Read more

Latest Ankara tops on jeans for Ladies 2024

Best ankara tops for jeans: Ankara fabrics are designed in such a way that it can be combined with other fabrics such as jeans , neno, chiffon, velvets and it will come out well. Ankara can be sewn into different top styles such as strapless, long sleeve, short sleeve, off shoulder, crop top and others. … Read more

Latest Ankara trouser styles for Female for 2024

Ankara trouser styles for female: Ankara trousers and tops reflects the creative nature of African designers. It displays the rich culture of African through fashion. African prints can be styled into several styles, local designs and fashion enthusiasts have created amazing styles in Ankara trousers and tops which has taken over both the local and … Read more