40+ Latest Satin dress Styles

Satin dress
Lovely Satin dress

Satin dress: Satin dress is also known as “taffeta” and it is made from shining, shimmering and lovely fabrics. Satin fabrics is one of the oldest fabrics that is not going away anytime soon. Though a noticeable difference between satin and taffeta is that satin fabrics appears lighter than taffeta.

Satin is a smooth, crisp fabric that is often used in wedding dresses, christening gowns, corsets, theatrical purposes and it often serves as fancy dresses. Here is a collection of both solid colours and shot colours that can offer a dramatic effect. One thing you should know about satin fabrics is that it’s crispness creates a gentle rustle noise as the wearer moves. Many designers choose to lay this fabric over a tulle petticoat, either as a contrast or a complementary tone.

Bubu satin dresses

Why Satin is expensive?

Satin fabrics are expensive especially those that are made from silk fibers, this is because silk is a raw or natural produce and the prices can easily be influenced.

Black taffeta dress

On the other hand, cheap satin fabrics are also available, affordable ones are made from polyester, nylon and even acetate. Basically satin dress is affordable for all, just go for anyone you’re fit for. Focus on getting a good designer.

Black Satin dress

A Black satin dress is a must have to every lover of good gown. It has its way of making you stand out in crowd. It presents you stylish and elegant. This is one outfit you can wear to many occasions. The black dress is not loud and yet it’s presence cannot be denied by all in a function. What do you think about black satin gown?

Black satin dress
black satin dress
Off shoulder satin dress
beautiful dress
Off shoulder long gown
off shoulder satin dress with slit
Maxi satin dress
off shoulder gown
Long gown satin dress
Black taffeta dress
Off shoulder black gown
Long gown

Satin fabrics are characterized with a soft, shiny front and a nice drape. It has a dull face at the back, it is among the high quality fabrics that ladies/women can use to make clothes for special events.

If you want to sew a short or long gown style, skirt or top, this fabric can suit all.

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Maxi Gown
Maxi gown styles
Beautiful taffeta gown
turtle neck gown
Yellow satin dress
lovely dress
Yellow satin dress
short gown

With these gorgeous yellow satin dress, combined with Ankara fabrics at the tip, you will look unique, this is bringing culture into fashion and it is amazing you know. See classy Ankara tops

Blue taffeta dress
Blue satin dress
Polkadot gown
Polkadot satin dress .
Blue satin dress
royal blue dress

Green satin dress

Green represents life and fertility,.you can also look these lovely just by putting on these stylish green satin dress styles. The speaks volume, your presence won’t go unnoticed because of the shining nature of satin fabrics.

Green satin dress
bubu gown with scarf

Is satin a luxury material?

People usually ask , is Satin a luxury material ? Yes, satin is a luxury material. Without even knowing your worth, people will always perceive someone putting on satin dress as a rich woman. It has this alluring nature that brings out the riches in you. A piece made from Satin is not a cheap gown as perceived by few people.

Green taffeta dress
beautiful gown

You know you can actually combine the fabrics with other fabrics in a gown, to provide additional decorative elements fabrics with other materials and still get the best out of it, look the above green satin dress, it can be combined with plain taffeta or chiffon at the hand level with a band at the end to form a ball hand. Great idea, right? And then you can equally combine a floral and plain fabrics from either materials to sew a dress.

Green taffeta
Beautiful green gown
Green gown
Sleeveless green gown
Green satin dress
Green dress
Wrap dress
Beautiful strapless satin dress
Beautiful strapless satin dress
Red satin dress
Red slit gown

Satin bridal train
Satin for bridal train

How would you feel attending an occasion and everyone turns around in admiration of your style, you create your own fashion, that’s why we have red in fashion by the way, wearing a red satin dress to a function means everything, you will look beautiful and gorgeous. My lady in red, you’re beautiful.

Corset satin dress

I love all the details in this gorgeous brown satin dress style, this gown is corset inspired. See how gorgeous one can look just by wearing what fits most.

Brown polkadot gown
polkadot brown gown
Floral dress

The fabrics comes in plain and pattern forms, polkadot and floral designs. Go for a perfect Color that will bring out the best look

Short gown
Flower styled gown

Is Satin dress still in style?

For those asking if satin dress is still in style, the answer is a Big Yes, the fabrics remains one of the oldest materials ever, and as time evolves, different styles of are been created from Satin fabrics. And then a good number of events are adopting it as uniform.

Take for instance, satin for wedding gowns, bridal train, little bride and even for wedding guest has been invoke. People are now appreciating the amazing styles one can create from the shimmering fabrics.

The fabrics is a low absorbency of heat, and cream. So it helps with keeping the moisturizer one applies in the skin.

Another unique feature of this fabrics while people prefers it, is that it is not transparent, or what we call see through when light falls on it. So it is a perfect dress to go for weddings.

Also note that satin can be worn during any season, due to its smoothness and the silk nature.

Elegant short gown
Satin dress

As you have seen above and will see below, this fabric be used to sew different styles on gowns such as prints, flares, short, ruches, wraps, maxi and others. The fabric is manufactured in almost all the colors to satisfy your want.

Elegant styles
Sleeveless gown
Pretty .
White dress

White satin dress

You won’t be anything less than pure rocking this classy white satin dress, this style is in vogue. It is beautiful and Lovely. The mini gown suits all events. And can be paired will good color of shoes and bags, because white doesn’t select much. And the white color speaks of maturity. So what are you waiting for, grace events, flaunt your styles wearing a satin dress.

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