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Sweet Love you Messages – Love is a quote. Share love with your girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend and even your loved ones with these lovely sweet messages.We have written romantic and sweet love you messages you can share with those you love. Relationship and love needs care. Care and love are what we use to sustain relationship. The are the ingredients of relationship. Add it and make it sweet.

Knowing you’re in someone’s thought is so beautiful.

Here we have;

Sweet Love you Messages

Cute love message for her.

Sweetest I love you Messages.

Cute love message for him.

Sweetest Love you Quotes

Love is you!

Sweet Love You Messages

1. I am happy that I will spend forever having you than not to know you at all.

2. I have seen a better version of me, since I love you. I don’t wish to go back to where I used to be. I am in a better place now, all thanks to you.

3. I thank the universe for helping me to find you. Blessings be upon the day our paths crossed.  Love is you and you are my love.

4. I am glad each time I knock at the door of your heart I see me there. Nothing beats how you love me.  I won’t disappoint you.

5. Just like a virus, you have infected every part of me. I am not going for vaccine. I don’t want immunity over your love. Love me.

6. I need you more than a heart needs a beat. I can’t live without you, my life won’t be compete without you.

7. Love is you and I love you. My love for you is deep.

Cute love messages for her‍

Send cute love message to your girlfriend. Make her feel happy. Happiness is the key to a lasting relationship. Apply it .

Cute love message for her
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11. My love, how sweet you are, you look amazing. I have never seen such a beauty before. You’re my love.

12. You can send these lovely cute love messages for her to your girlfriend or wife . It will make them to feel happy and love you more.

13. I love you with everything in me, and I will continue to love you till end of time.

14. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I will cherish you forever.

15. You make loving you to be so easy. You’re valued and loved and I will make it to remain like that.  I will love you forever.

16. I love how you love me. My love for you will never die.

17. Nothing will change my love, that’s one thing I am sure of.  No matter how they try, no one can come between us .

18.You’re my queen, the angle that I see, loving you is no mistake. Don’t forget.

19. You need to see how I smile just by seeing your text on my phone.

20. Thank you for been my girlfriend and giving me the reasons to live my life to the fullest. You are the one for me

Cute love message for him

Cute love you message for him
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21.It’s scary how close you’re to perfection. I have never seen a man like you.

I love you now,over you more yesterday and will love you forever.

22. I am sending these roses to you, just because you’re so handsome. Cute love

23. Do you know who I am in love with? Read second word. I love you more than life itself because you’re my life. Words can describe.

24. If I can control traffic 🚦, I will set it at red at all time, so I will have more time to look at you.

25.  I love to hear your voice. Can I put your number on redial. I want to be hearing it always.

26. You need to see how I smile just by seeing your text on my phone.

27. It’s scary how close you are to perfection. I love how you encourage me. I am glad you’re mentoring me

28. I love you now, love you more than yesterday and will love for more tomorrow.

29. My love for you will never die, I will always love you with everything in me.

30. Loving you is not an option nor choice. It has become my lifetime duty and that makes it a must.

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Sweetest I love you Messages.

31. The best incident that ever occured in my life is falling in love with you, incidentally I will say it is the best fall and that I won’t rise from. I am never letting you go.

32. I lack words to explain how I feel having you in my life .

33. The only thing that keeps me moving is our love. Otherwise I am empty. I don’t want to live without you.

34. I just want to be with you now and forever. I can’t see a future without you. I always picture you in my future and I am glad you are featuring in my future.

35. I might seems wild to the world but I don’t care, I love for you. You’re my soulmate.

36. I want to be with you not just today but till the end of time. Earth without you will be a lonely planet.

37. You’re my compass, I love how you lead me and I wonder where I would been wandering without you. You see why I need you forever and forever.

38. Loving you means I will accept the good, the bad and the ugly,I hope you do same with me. I am not ready to let go.

39. I have testimonies to share. Two best things that ever happened in my life are: one is meeting you and two is you. 😊

40. Waking up in the morning and realizing how beautiful life is. Then I remember who brightens my life, someone that is so important to me and mean the entire world to . I am here to say hi to my heartbeat.

You can learn how to write sweetest I love you messages from the one above

Sweetest Love you Quotes

41. As the deer pants for water, so my heart beats for you. This heart is for you.

42. You’re more than gold to me. You’re everything and anything I have wished and prayed for. Thank you for loving me.

43. Your love for me makes me happy, I start my days with smiles and the ends with laughter just because you love me.

44. In million ways I looked at you and I love you you so much in each.

45. You’re my smile when I am down. You make me feel loved and Valued.

46. I am thinking about you every day, I can’t think less of you. Cute love you.

47. You’re welcome into my life and I am happy to have you. I am ready to be your host forever.

48. I hope you know I am madly in love with you.

49. I am counting down to meeting you. Can’t wait.

50. I have the best I prayed for just because I have you. You’re my prayer answered.

51. My love for you will have no end. My feeling for you is strong and I will last forever. I will never let you go.

52. I will hold you forever and pray you do same

53. I am thankful everyday for the live we share. I am sending this sweetest love you quotes to show you how I love you.

54. I just want to thank you for the roles you played in making me a better person. Your present in my life is obvious.

55. I am glad to share these awesome and wonderful memories with you. The are going to stick with me forever.

56. Every second of my life is unforgettable because of you. Cute in love 💕😘.

57. Thank you for filling the dark part of my life with your light. My life has been brighten. I am grateful.

58. What will make you happy is what I want to be doing now .

59. Your loving, caring and I love how you mentor me.

60. I love you till infinity ♾️. I am sure I do. Thank you my love for everything you do I am grateful and will love you always.

People always ask how to write sweetest love you quotes and that’s why we have taken our time to put them in writing for you. Hope you have learnt how to keep the fire burning in your relationship life.

We hope you love our sweet love you messages. ?


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