Proud of you quotes and messages

Proud of you quotes and messages: How is your relationship going with your partner and how is it going with those around you? Hope you’re proud of yourselves, this is because been in a “relationship” with someone you’re not proud of doesn’t make sense. I mean, why been in a relationship with one you’re not bold to show up? Why keeping a relationship with someone you don’t feel comfortable walking the streets with? You should keep relationship with someone you can look at and say I am proud of you. Not only ones partner, we should be proud of family members, proud of our friends etc. And this is why we have taken our time to write these lovely proud of you quotes, so you see how important it is to share love with your loved ones.

Proud of you quotes for father
Proud of you father

You can proud of yourself

Proud of your mother

Proud of your father etc.

I’m so proud of you

Do you have someone in your life that has been working so hard to achieve great things,? Do you have someone in your life who has been supportive of your journey this far?, ok , it’s high time you send them I’m so proud of you messages, tell them you’re proud of them.

In a world of uncertainties, in a world full of hurdles, you have kept your cool. I don’t know how you do this but I’m so proud of you.

I will be right here to support you in anything you’re doing, you have made me proud of you and I will be by your side forever.

When I look back from where you started and where you are, I can’t help but to admire your courage. Keep winning. Just know we’re proud of you.

Keep being you despite the odds, I am happy you made it through to this stage, I am proud of you who you’re becoming.

Keep doing what you know how to do it best, your zeal to work, your dedication to work and your sense of humor, all these and more summed , I’m so proud of you.

Proud of you

You’re the most hardworking and principled human I know, I love how you do your things and proud of you and your achievements.

I am not surprised at all you have achieved but I am proud of you for the steps you took to perform this tedious task. I love your accomplishments.

You have always put in your best in everything you do and that’s why you keep excelling in them all, proud of you.

Having you in my life means the world to me, I couldn’t have asked for a better person, I am really proud of you.

I love the version of person you have become, I am happy for you and I am proud that you made it this far.

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Proud of you Messages

I am proud of you, in everything you do, don’t forget I will always be there for you.

My happiness has come to stay ever since I met you, you’re my prayer answered. I am proud of you.

You have been my strength in weakness, you have been the reason for my joy, I wouldn’t have been where I am today without you. You’re my     and I am proud of you any day.

Proud of me quotes

You don’t just congratulates others, at times you congratulate yourself, encourage yourself because you’re doing good too. It is not easy to be you. I am proud of me quotes is here to guide you on how to sing self praises.

Life presented it’s up and down on my ways , but I am here still grinding, I am proud of me, I am proud of myself.

My life has been a journey, where I am now is not where I used to be, for all I have been able to accomplished at this stage and this age, I am proud of myself.

Life has thrown lemon on me severally but in all I turned them into lemonade, for every sleepless night, for midnight candles I burnt and for this great feet, I am proud of me.

I raced against principalities and powers and I came out victorious, I am proud of myself.

Cheers to the woman I am becoming, congratulations to me in all spheres, for every obstacle I have struggled to overcome, for doing it right even when the world says it can’t be done. Congratulations self, I am proud of you.

Proud of you quotes for boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend who has been supportive of your dreams and visions?

Do you have a boyfriend who has been there with you through thick and thin? Proud of you quotes for boyfriend will help you share this joyful moment with him.

Sometimes all I think about is you, my love, thank you for standing by me, thank you for your support

Thank you for making me proud, I am happy I met you, I love you to the moon and back.

With you I see a great future ahead of us, I am proud from whom you have become. You my joy and my heart belongs to you.

I feel like the happiest woman on earth. You inspire me to achieve greatness. I love you and proud of you.

No matter what happens, I am and will always be proud of you.

The first time I set my eyes on you, it was love at first sight, I fell in love immediately with you and I don’t want to rise again after it, I love you and I am proud of you my boyfriend.

Proud of you quotes for mother

Mother are just one, no one can have two mothers, one mother others can be foster or step mothers as the case maybe, but which ever, celebrate the one who has been taking care of you from cradle to stage of your life. Celebrate the womb that carried you, I am proud of you quotes for mothers, tell your mom you’re proud of her and watch her beam with smiles.

Dear Mother, having you as a mother is life best gift to me, I couldn’t think of a better woman. Thank you for allowing me come through. I’m proud of you mom.

Thank you for nursing me, thank you for taking care of me, thank you for the selfless nine months journey you went through just for me, Mom, I am proud of my mother.

Mom, you love me unconditionally, you have been there for me from conception till this moment, for everything you went through for me, I dedicate this proud of you quotes for mother to you.

I love you Mom , one thing I want to promise is to take care of you if God pleases my life to spare. I shall not only reward your care but will cherish you forever. Just so you kno, I am proud of you mother.

Your prayers kept me going Mom, thank you for all you do to keep the family in check, thanks for the love you have shown us. We your children loves you and proud of you Mom.

Proud of you quotes for father

Hello Dad,

While you where here on earth, you protected me more than mother hen will protect it’s chicks. You kept us safe from the wounded lions roaring, looking for who to devour. Dad you were our strength in weakness, I love you and proud  that I had you as a father, I am proud of you Father.

I am strong today to face the tasks ahead just because you taught me, Dad thank you for being a wonderful father to your girls and your boys. We’re still proud of you Dad no matter where you are.

Knowing you have turned to star, I am happy you’re my guardian angel watching over me just like you did while you were here on earth, your children are proud of you Dad.

Thank you Dad for the fatherly advice, it’s working and I will keep sticking to them .I love you, will always have you in mind and I am proud of you Dad.

Proud of you quotes for girlfriend

My love, your the best thing ever happened to me and I am proud of you my girlfriend.

I don’t need a break from loving you, you make love seems easy , I am proud of you babe 

Babe you brighten my path, you have turned my life around for good, there’s nothing I desire than to be with you and I will love you till the end. I will always be proud of you boyfriend.

I didn’t know I will find happiness until I met you, you’re my joy giver, you’re my life you’re everything I hoped for. I’m proud of you boyfriend.

My love Can I show my love for you, you mean the world to me, you smiles gives me joy and  I am glad you’re my best forever.