Love Letters For him that make him cry

Love Letter For him that make him Cry: Love is absolutely an amazing thing. The feeling and thought of genuine love makes one to walk about wearing smiles all through. It gives joy and happiness to know that you’re in someone’s thought.  To make your boyfriend cry for you, we have some touching love messages for him to make him cry. Yes!, You read right, some emotional love letters for him to make him cry for your love. 

Romantic Hug
Romantic hug


Check these and more love messages for him to make him Cry that we have written:

Love letter to a boyfriend

Sweetheart, I want to promise to look at you with nothing but loving eyes. 

I am proud of the man you’re. I am so happy to be with you. I will try my best to be the version of the woman that you will love forever. I love all that you are and will ever become.

2. A love letter to you

Thank you for all the positive vibes you brought to my life. You’re the biggest achievement of my life. 

Your positive energy is so contagious. I am glad you have infected me with them. Even if  this energy is curable I don’t want to recover from it. I love you.

3. Love letter to my boyfriend 

I love you more than life itself because you’re my life. I don’t know where to go without you.

I will love you forever, I can’t love you less.

4. To my handsome boyfriend

You’re handsome, I have never seen a man like you. You’re second to none. I am flying without wings because I have you.

I love you just the way you are. Your beautiful soul and cute face , I can’t get enough of them.

5. To the one who shows me love

I am writing this love letter to you my love because you deserve this and more for been there for me all these years. 

6. To my world best gift.

I count myself as the luckiest woman ever just because I have you.

I am thankful that I am blessed by you. Your present in my life means so much to me.

You are my world and I love you with everything in me.

7. To my caregiver

Thank you for always been there for me. I can’t thank you enough. Many thanks. Much love.

I am grateful for all you do. My life won’t have been complete without you. I love you more than ever.

8. To my soulmate

I won’t disappoint you, thank you for accepting to be my friend. I am glad knowing you’re my soulmate And I won’t take this love for granted. Thank you for nurturing me to be a great partner. I love you.

9. To the love of my life

I have always wanted to write this love letter to you, just to let you know how I feel, but I hardly have the courage to do so. Today I pick my pen from the basket of love to pen down these lovely messages to you. I hope you realize how much you mean to me.

10. Emotional love letter to make  him Cry

I am glad to say I wouldn’t Have been who I am today without you by my side. You made the task of each day easy for me. Loving you has brought so much blessings to me that I can’t equate with anything. 

keep writing love letters for him that make him cry

11. To the one who motivates me

You have been a great motivator in my life. Just like a driver, I love how you drive my life, and I am not ready to come down from this transit of love with you. I love you with everything I have, I love you with everything in me and I will continue to love you with all my Heart. You’re my joy giver, my cheer leader, my  number fan. Let’s keep riding together.

12. To my True love

Honey, you’re the real definition of true love. I can’t define love in any other way. You’re so genuine. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

I am grateful to belong in this century with you. And I am happy we found each other .

13. Heart melting paragraph to make  him Cry

Loving you became less stressful because of how you made love to look. I will love you again and again. You’re the air that I breathe, I can’t do without you.

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Couple kiss

At times I wonder how my life would have been without you. Thank you for everything you have done. I love how you love me.

Love letters for him that make him cry will give you not just a clue but the right words.

14. To another version of me

I just want to appreciate you for bringing out the best version of me. Thank you for looking at me with only but loving eyes. Thank you for overlooking my flaws. With you on my side, I will continue to strive to be a better person. So as to make you happy .

15. Short love letter from the heart to make him Cry.

Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to pursue my life ambitions. Thank you for choosing me first in everything that you do. I love how considerate you are. I am glad we are in this together. 

16. To the one my heart beats for

My love, I want to thank you for everything you are doing and all that you have done. Thank you for standing by me in all time. Thank you for providing those shoulders for me to lean on during those turmoil and hard days. I promise to love you forever.

My heart longs for you, my desire for you is insatiable. I miss you, your touch, your smiles and ever smiling face. I can’t wait.

Darling, My heart belongs to you

17. To the one I love unconditionally.

You’re my main VIP, my personal person, I won’t trade my love for you with anything. You means everything and anything to me.

I have nothing but deep love for you.

18. To my Joy giver

Your smiles , gives me joy. I love how you love me. I will keep loving you forever. 

Just look at those sparks from your eyes. So cute and charming. I feel true love through those eyes.

19. Love letter to him long distance

I wake up every morning to a another lonely day. I am missing you and can’t wait to have you come back to me.

I miss you so much, I am holding on the memories we created. I count myself blessed to have known you. I look forward to seeing you my Love.

I can’t spend a single day without your thoughts in my heart. I am deeply in love just you know.

20. To the man I can’t live without

What have you done to me, I can’t help but to think about you every moment of my life. You are so cute that I admire you even at the imagination of your absent. I love you so much.

I can’t get enough of you, I am so thirsty of you that no liquid can quench.

Love letters for him that make him cry won’t be a bad idea to send a across to that beautiful soul that has been there for you

21. Tell him what makes him special

Let your man know that he’s special to you. Tell him those things that he’s doing which distinguish him from others. Like how he love you, how he spends time with you.

Let him know you don’t take his care and attention for granted. 

22. What can I say to my boyfriend to make him emotional?

We are here to help you on what to tell your boyfriend to make him emotional. 

Hey, when you’re speaking those lovely words to him, look him in the eyes and let him know how you love him. 

Start by remembering how you met, places that you have been to, silly things you have done together.

Then, tell him how you look forward to creating and recreating beautiful moments with him.

Let him know you love him, see  ways to let him know you love him,  pick up lovely messages and quotes from there and be intentional while professing your love to him.

23. What do you write to a man you love?

What you will write to a man you love depends on several factors. Example the distance, occasion, time, season and more.

Distance: if he is not close to you, your text should be centered on how you miss him, remind him of memories both of you built. Drop texts just to check on him. Etc.

Occasion: let’s assume it is his birthday, you will Birthday messages, quotes or he got  promoted at work

24. Tell him how much he mean to you.

Don’t take a man’s love for granted, appreciate evey bit of love from him. Reciprocate love and you will get more love. Don’t wait for valentine before you start showing love to you man. 

Love is a daily language, speak it always.

We hope you enjoyed reading our love letters for him that make him cry.