Importance of oil palm tree

Importance of oil palm tree: Palm tree is grown in tropical rain forest. It is a perennial tree. Collection of palm trees in a forest is called Palm tree plantation. This article will review the importance of oil palm tree .
Propagation of palm tree
 It is propagated through it’s seed called palm fruits. It is buried in the soil, once it germinates, you can transplant. When propagating the tree, a certain distance is maintained between each tree, this will ensure as the grow, the leaves don’t get to touch each other and also to maintain even distribution of soil nutrients
It takes several years before a planted palm tree can be able to produce palm fruits. Say between  three to five years depending on the specie, climate and soil nutrients.
There are several species of palm fruits, most times they are distinguished based on how long it takes to produce fruits, other time based on the height of it’s tree.
Palm three survives mostly in rain forest regions,it doesn’t in survive deserts. In Nigeria it is planted and it survives in Westerner part of the country due to the presence of tropical rain forest.
Maintenance of Palm tree Plantation
Palm tree plantation requires constant maintenance throughout it’s life span. Proper maintenance will lead to fruitful production. Such maintenance include,
Weeding is the removal of unwanted grass or trees from the farm. Periodic weeding of the plantation is recommended, it can be quarterly or otherwise depending on the vegetation of the area. Most times ripped fruits will fall off beside the parent tree and starts germinating, if not properly weed, thereby eliminating them, it will cost congestion. Weeds are eliminated and most times placed beside each palm tree to serve as manure.
The essence of weeding is to eliminate weaker plants, unwanted grass and herbs thereby stopping them from competing with the tree on available nutrients
Manure Application
Manure is addition of nutrients to the soil. It can be in form of organic or inorganic.
Sometimes unwanted grass and herbs are used to serve as manure
Other times inorganic fertilizer specifically made for palm trees are used. This is done periodically depending on the soil
Leaf trimming
Yes, this is necessary, as time progresses there is need to trim off weak and discolored leaves off from the palm tree, as this will make it easy for presence of sunlight and also for easy harvesting of palm fruits.
Harvesting of Palm Fruits
Palm fruits are harvested once the fruits it produce turns red or yellow in color depending on the specie. A specialist climbs the tree using a dedicated rope to cut down the fruit.
Processing of Palm fruits
Palm fruits are process by cooking under a high temperature, locally after cooking, it will be pounded using a big motar and pestle, but with technological inventions, it is process using a special machine. The by products of this processing is palm oil, palm kernel and chaff 
 Economic importance of palm tree
Palm wine
Locals tap the palm tree. They obtain palm wine from it, which the drink.
Palm leaves
The are use in producing brooms use for sweeping.
Also use in producing baskets of various sizes and types.
Palm leaves are used by the locals to serve as shades, that is alternative to zinc , they use it in roofing their buildings.
Palm leaves are also use in making local fence, of building ,barns even in building local bathroom in rural areas.
Palm oil
importance of oil palm tree
Palm oil fruits


Palm oil is the major product of palm tree and of course the most valuable.
We obtain Palm oil use in cooking , in cooking soups and stew
It can also be use in as sauce when you add salt ,pepper , onions and sometimes scent leaves for eating yam .
Palm oil is also use in making soaps and creams
Palm kernel
Palm kernel when cracked can be eaten raw.
When fried, after cracking, oil obtained serves as body cream .
The back after cracking is used in placed of or along side firewood for cooking.
Palm trunk 
Palm tree trunk are use in place of planks and logs of wood for roofing building.
This is use in making bed frames for the locals.
The chaff obtained during palm oil processing is equally good for making fire ,it supports firewood.
Chaff from kernel can serve as animal feeds
Economic importance of oil palm tree can not be over emphasized because every of its produce serves a useful purpose.