How to learn Pidgin English -Useful Words and Phrase

How to learn Pidgin language – Useful words and phrases./ Nigeria Pidgin English translation

Pidgin Definitions and Meanings

Pidgin language or language Pidgin is a language spoken among Nigerians, sometimes refers to as “Broken”. Pidgin English is coined from  English and some local dialects. Combination of these two will give an entire different meanings.

Though sometimes Pidgin English otherwise know as Broken English speakers generate their own word, example Sabi, meaning “know”, Jare, “dearest”, owu… “bankrupt” and so many others.

How to learn Pidgin English

One of the features of this language is that it is dynamic. New words are been created everyday, after the word might have come out from a region, before you know it ,it spreads to all Pidgin English speaking areas , shortly you would notice it has been generally accepted. Everyone will start using it.

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In Nigeria at times, movies help with spreading these words. Most comedy movies around will give rise to one word or the other. Here you will see.

Pidgin Definitions and Meanings

Meaning of some Pidgin English phrases and Sentences.

Meaning of some Nigeria pidgin English words

It is  very easy to understand Pidgin English once you can speak English and then familiar with any other Nigerian Languages. Both languages of  over 240 ethic groups in Nigeria contributes words and phrases that is used in Pidgin.


Meaning of some pidgin English words.


Abeg…...Abeg is the most popular Pidgin word. And it means”Please”


Waka.                      Go.

Waka.                       Sometimes as insult. You say Waka, showing five fingers to the person.

Wetin….  Means “What”


Sup…. What’s up


Haba….”why”, Haba is used same way Why is used. Though sometimes it comes as exclamation. 


Gbam….. “Exactly”, some can be explaining something and you say “Gbam” that means you agreed with what the person is saying, . So Gbam means Exactly.

Sharplie…. immediately or fast


Joor….can be used in place of Abeg, remember Abeg is please. It can still be a way of pleading for something.

Baa…… it means” right”

Wella…. Means very well.. one can say you Sabi book Wella .. literally, ” you know book very well”  a way of telling someone that  she is intelligent.

Kaya….Kaya is an Hausa word. It means “Luggage”

Biko…An Igbo word that means ” please” . It also serves the same meaning in Pidgin English. It can be interchanged with the word ” Abeg” or joor.


Sabi…. know




Ehen... I remember, I concur




Ogbonge… Special, 


Dem…. They,


Una….it means You all .. Example…Una no come..It means You people did not come.


Owu……broken due to lack of money. 


Comot… Leave, get out.


Vawulence….It means violence. 


For where…. It implies not at all. 


Oya… hurry up.


Bad belle…Bad people


Show….you can tell someone to show. Meaning, come.


Japa…. Escape or run, example I Japa like that. I ran away like that


Package… Arrangement.


Kuku… better…..


Oya… hurry up.


Shishi.. when someone says to you I don’t have Shishi. It means the person is saying he doesn’t have money. That’s the act of been pennyless can be described as Shishi in Pidgin English.


Tokunbor…it is a Yoruba word that means fairy used.

Meaning of some Nigeria Pidgin phrases and Sentences.


How far….what’s happening, what’s up


Wetin dey sup….. what’s happening



Package yourself.. behave yourself, look good,. Be your self


How you dey…how are you?


Wetin dey Shele…this also means what’s happening, 


 Hol am…..Means hold it.


How body…….means how are you or how are you doing.


Ground no dey level…means everything is not in order. It can also mean that there is trouble

 How waka.?….How Waka is a question, and it means how did it go


Nothing much… Nothing special, no new development.


Fear fear.. A name use to refer to someone that is scary of something


Na so. That’s correct or that ok, also means it is ok


Chop up. Feed well or eat well


Which levels… ..What’s up,


How d go… how’s it going.


Wetin dey sup….what’s happening.


I wan shayo………I want to drink.


How you take do am……This sentence means how did you do it.

For wetin. For wetin can mean “because of what”. Or For what It can also mean  “why” .


I dey…. I am good, it can also means I am around.  Example you can be asked, are you around? ( you dey around?) and you reply I am around ( I dey).


I dey chillax….I am relaxing.


I no no.. means I don’t know



Wise up..  be smart.


Work street…work smart


No be so…. Not so, it is not like that


How you carry know…How did you know


Levels don change….you can use it when you want to describe to someone that you’re no longer where you used to be. That is, there is a change in your level.


Yawa dey…….this means there is problem,



No dulling.. Be lifely


You don show. You have come, 


Any better? What’s good.


Yarn me. Gist me, Tell me.


I can’t see myself… I can’t believe this. I can’t imagine this. This is suprising


You dey go. Are you going


You don go. Have you gone.


Yawa don gas. It means a kind of we have been exposed. Used when a secret has been revealed unexpectedly



I no fit shout. When you say this to someone, it means you’re not interested, you can also use it to tell someone don’t implicate you me. Example:  Your friend can say we will go and tell them the truth about what happened….

You reply, abeg o I no fit shout.

That is to say you’re not interested, you don’t want to be implicated. You don’t want to say much about what you know.

Dey go. This words means two things depending on the usage. It can mean, ” you can go” that’s letting someone to know that she can live.

Dey go:  can at times look like get out . A quick way of discharging someone especially when you interest is not in what ever the person is saying or doing

No vex. This is used when one party is angry. It is use to apologize for a wrong doing. Literally it means don’t be angry.

Waka Waka. These two words are used to describe someone that walks up and down, also to someone who walks aimlessly or say someone that is hardly at one place.


I no get Joy.. I no get Joy means I am not happy. You can ask someone how are you or what’s up, the person will tell you ” I no get joy “. That is to say she is not happy. Then you can ask further questions like what happen in Pidgin ” wetin” to know what is wrong with the person


You dey?.    This means are you around. It can also mean longtime depending on the usage.  Though saying it means long time is when it is spoken as, YOU DEY SO?.

Na wetin: what is it.

E shock you?…. One of the most recent Pidgin English trending in Nigeria, it simply means ” are you surprised” literally it means did it shock you?

Kini big deal?…..Kini is a Yoruba word, it means what. So Kini big deal means what’s the big deal.

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