Happy birthday Joy messages

Birthday party
Happy birthday Joy messages – you can send joyful birthday wishes for loved ones with an of these:
1. It is a great privilege to witness yet another year. It is not all that started the year with us made it thus far. God’s Grace upon you to witness an amazing year like this worth celebrating. It is a beautiful year and here is wishing you happy birthday Joy.

2. I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happens to them all.

I have come to say; thank you Lord for yet another wonderful year. A year of mercy for me. You are my God , I worship you.

All thanks and Praise to your Holy name. In Jesus name. Amen!

Happy birthday to me!

3. Happy birthday to you my burden bearer. You have been an irreplaceable partner. A chaser and a crusader of righteousness.  The mother of my kids. Thank you for saying yes. May God continue to bless you on every side. Wishing you many more fruitful years ahead in sound health. The keeper of Israel will keep you. And non of your heart desires will fall short.  You will fulfill your days. Your labour will bear tangible fruits.  I love you endlessly.

4. Pharmaceutical companies should take a few swabs of your DNA and bottle its chemical composition to create a product called Emotional Healer.Though even the sun will one day run out of energy, my love for you will never fail. It will survive to the last day of the universe. Wardrobes can’t get any trendier, breakups can’t get any easier and life can’t get any better -.I’m so thankful because I was blessed with a sister like you. Celebrate your birthday with maximum happiness! You always deserve the best, sister.

4  Happy birthday my ride or die brother..

May God continue to bless you and keep you safe and grant you all your good heart desires in Jesus name Amen 🙏. Congratulations on your new Age.

Stay richly blessed.

5. We  wish you abundant of Grace with everlastingly blessings as we join heaven and it’s constituents to celebrate with you, God bless you now and then,Happy birthday the great. We are proud of you as your joy knows no bounds , thank you for your good deeds towards humanity, I wish you long life

6. Happy Birthday to My Brother, My Best Man…..I wish you well bro, God bless you for everything

7. As long as there is God in Heaven, you will never know shame, your life will always have a meaning. The door of goodness shall not be shut against you. Every evil arrows shall return back to the sender, by the grace of God your arrival at all places will break barriers, your miracle will break protocols, your testimony shall last forever, you shall be the most preferred you and your family  2022  we be your year of testimony in Jesus name

8. Happy birthday to a brother like no other .

The pride of our land, a goal getter, the son of a praying mother. May the good lord bless you today and always.

May this day bring you so many adventures beyond ur imaginations. Age with massive grace.We love you.

9. Thank you lord, for giving me a new year full of blessings. I wish myself a great birthday celebration filled with all the love, joy and blessings in the world. I feel so favored to be happy, healthy and alive today.

10. Wish you many happy returns of the day.

May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.My love Enjoy your day.

11. Happy birthday to you blood wish you the best on this special day of yours many more returns

12. Yes thank you Lord for adding another year to you congratulations and many more years ahead. Happy birthday Joy

13. Happy birthday to you  may heaven continue to bless you, may all your secret prayers be answered. Once again happy birthday to you Dear

14. Thank God for another beautiful year

I celebrate the gift of life and the person that I am becoming.

I plan on having super duper day and an amazing year full of fun and adventure

On this day, I wish myself long life, good health, answered prayers, joy and abundance of God’s Mercy and Grace upon me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Me.

15. Happy birthday to my second half, the best  Nigga in the world in my next world you will still my my Gee,  I wish you many more years ahead you will live long and prosper.  May you have amazing year. Cheers.

16. I have seen GOD’S mercy but can’t find words to describe his Love for me, I remain indebted to you till a day after eternity LORD.

Thank you for allowing me witness another birthday of mine.


17. It is a true blessing to have such a fun, smart and caring sister like you. Have a joyful and unforgettable day, full of everything that you love most!

18. Yay! It’s my birthday Once Again.

And I’m so so grateful to the giver of life .Lord I’ve come to say thank you for the seen and unseen blessings.

He Said with long life he will satisfy me…Here Am I Today celebrating another birthday. This God is so true to his word…., happy birthday me.

19. Happy birthday to the one who makes me see life in full color! You add sparkle and pizzazz to everything and today i celebrate the fun firecracker that you are!

You are the absolute best daughter any mother could ever have. Happy birthday once again, I love you more than life itself. Enjoy your day, my pride. I am proud of you

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20.Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best, and I am blessed to have you as my mother. Take my warm wishes and love from the deepest pith of my heart.

21. Happy birthday to my dearest and loving wife,my everything.Always my babygirl even at old age,  I’m rejoicing with you on this your special day.I pray for long life and prosperity in sound health, the favour and blessing of God shall not elude you.More years to come in Jesus mighty name.Happy celebration my dear.

22. Happy birthday to this my beautiful friend that turned sister. On this special day of yours i wish you long life and prosperity and more money in your bank account, enjoy My Love your day.

23. Growing up, everyone around me spent their time trying to be great.

I am one of the lucky ones who has always been great and I am so proud of myself and what I have been able to achieve in my age

All glory to God almighty

24. I pray for long life and prosperity and I also pray that my new age brings forth unending joy and happiness to my life and my loved ones , happy birthday to me .


May God continue to bless your new age abundantly with every good thing ur deserved in life.

26. May this your new age bring u favour, excellence, connection, God’s preservation, exceeding grace and answer all ur prayer point. I celebrate you today with a heart full of joy.

Enjoy your day. Happy birthday Joy.

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27. Indeed the lord is your shepherd. I really thank God for everything he has done in your life. Indeed I you’re son of GRACE. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday my Joy.

28. Smart, pretty and intelligent girl is +1 today… May God provide whatever that will be needed to bring out the best in her…. She will be alive to achieve God’s plan for her life..

No evil will befall her and the rough experiences of life will never see her..we shall live to next year and beyond to celebrate this birthday together sha..

29. Happy birthday to you my beloved in whom I am well please with. Keep living and radiating in the land of the living.

30. May the good Lord bless your new age. Heavens hand of grace take your hands and lift you and sustain you. May all dreams come true.

31. Joy, I am wishing you the best on your birthday and everything good in the year ahead. Happy birthday .

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Happy birthday  bible wishes

Happy birthday with bible verse


” This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it”



 Isaiah 60:22 says, “when the time is right I the Lord will make it happen”.


I pray God to perfect all that concerns you as you celebrate in this your new year.


32. “Though I walked through the valley of death,  I fear no evil”God is keeping us alive healthy and wealthy. We are sound and covered in his love. Happy birthday to you! Am most grateful God..

33. The bible says” with long life shall I sustain you.” I pray on this birthday God will sustain and protect you in every way. Amen.

34. My life time I will give God my life time,if I give God my life time,he will take care of me, he will never never let me down, I will give God my life time. Happy birthday

35. Jeremiah 29:11 thus says the Lord” I know the thought I have for you, the thought of good and not of bad, to give you expected end”. May God continue to bless you and keep you, Amen  .Happy birthday Joy.

36. Heaven be praised a new queen is plus one today. It’s not be by my power but his strong hands in my life. Celebrate with me am plus one and to everyone born in this special month, many plus one to you all.

Happy birthday to my humble self, many more .

37. Happy birthday! Wishing You More Blessed, Fruitful, Peaceful & Joyful Years. May You Spend the Rest of Your Days in Prosperity & Your Years in Contentment & May this Part of Your Life Be Like the First Gleam of the Dawns, Shinning ever Brighter In Jesus Name, Amen!.

38. All I have to say is thank you Lord , what shall I say unto the Lord for he has done more so much for me , O Lord thank you for adding another year to my life , father I praise your holy name.  Happy birthday to my humble self

39. Better late than never… I may have arrived late, but isn’t too late.

Happy birthday to you sweetheart. I am wishing you many more healthy and fruitful years ahead. May this day being your birthday always remind you that I love and care for you.

40. May God abundant blessings always find you and favor all your positive doings.

Live long and always show positive example to the younger ones around you.

Happy birthday to you. MUCH LOVE from your big brother..

41. Dear brothers and sisters pls join me to thank the almighty God for granting me the privilege of another 365 days again in life

This God is too good to be trusted, too faithful to me .May his name alone be glorified forever amen. Happy birthday to me long life and prosperity upon me Amen

42. Birthday blessings to my beautiful baby sister.

Dear sister, I have watched you grow this big and beautiful. It also gives me extra joy that you have come of age to know the good and bad.

I hope you choose wisely…

43. My wishes for you today is…..

May the Almighty God bless and safeguard your steps in this jungle journey of survival.

I wish you many more healthy and fruitful years ahead.

May all your dreams and wishes come to fulfillment. Happy birthday to you dear sister. Much love from big brother.

44. All thanks to  God that direct and leads you in all your endeavors. I’m grateful to Almighty God that made you to be alive to witness this day, May his name be exalted

45. I pray for long life, prosperity, divine connection and I also pray that your new age bring forth happiness and unending joy to your life and everything you have prayed for. Happy birthday Joy

46. Happy birthday! Hurray!  Joy is +1

There comes a time in our lives, when it becomes important that we thank God for all his grace, His mercies, His faithfulness, His kindness. We thank God for how far we have come, for the love we gained and the ones we lost, for our achievements and failures, for the good and the bad, we appreciate Him for everything, we give him praise for the good people he planted in our lives and that moment is now cos it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

47. Happy birthday Joy, with a beautiful soul, you are blessed and also a blessing to us, ever positive, ambitious, amazing, prayerful, supportive, encouraging etc. On this beautiful day, may heaven hear your voice and grant answer to your needs, I wish you the best in life, long life and useful years in good health and sound mind, Amen.

48. Happy birthday to the only person whose birthday I remember without the help of a Facebook notification,My Queen  My world you’re the best and the best you will always be sweetheart .have fun it’s your day and I’m solidly behind you.

49. Magnificence, beauty and attraction is not enough to classify this loving heart of yours, may happiness and joy never cease in your life, may your footsteps be ordered and may every of your handwork be blessed. Happy birthday Dearest joy

50. Happy birthday Joy, My Dearest , on this special occasion to mark your birthday, I pray God will always meet you at every point of your need. May He grant you longevity and good health. Thanks for being a good man.

51. Wishing you today the guidance of the Holy spirit in all you lay your hands on. It’s yet to come, the best time of your life brother. More miracles, blessings, favours and the love and protection of men and gods on you and yours.  Happy birthday .

52. Happiest Birthday to you Joy, I pray that your New Year bring You Good Tidings, You shall know Joy that have no bounds, you will celebrate more in peace, health and wealth.

Have a Great Year Brother.

53. I wish you a very happy birthday brotherly, may your days be longer and more fruitful, amen.

54. I pray for goodies in your new age. Welcome to phase of unmerited favour, unmerited wealth happiest birthday to you dear.

55. Happy birthday to you my brother man. May God almighty continue to shower his infinite blessing upon your and to your family. Many more years ahead in return. More money in your bank account.

56. To the glory of God,  you have added  another  prosperous year today.

Thank you God for today  and for a better  tomorrow. Happy  birthday to you.

57. Happy birthday to you my beautiful sister. May your days be long. May your dreams come true. Amen 🙏

58. Be happy! Today is the day you were sent to this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you! You are a wonderful person. May you be given more birthdays to fulfill all of your dreams..HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweetie .

59. Wishing you today the guidance of the Holy spirit in all you lay your hands on. It’s yet to come, the best time of your life brother. More miracles, blessings, favours and the love and protection of men and gods on you and yours.

Happy birthday Dear.

60. A big part of who I am today is because of you.You continually inspire me to try harder, challenge me to be a better parent, and always love me unconditionally.

Thanks you for always bringing the bliss into my life.

You are a lot like a diamond: brilliant, amazing, and flawless, you differ in that you are worth far more than any stone.You are such a treasure,not only to me but to our whole family.

61. Today,I bless you, you will go higher than your mates.The hand of God will always direct your steps.You will be known for good in this world.

Thank you for choosing us. Happy birthday to our precious gem of a daughter.

Happy Birthday Joy.

Happy birthday Joy

62. Today marks a special day as you are to me .I want to dance with you until my feet ache.

Your birthday brings not only happiness but also love and respect.

63. To the most thoughtful and kind hearted husband.you deserve the best of everything and I know you will will have them all.

You’ve taught me the real meaning of love and respect, thanks to that.

To the one whose love ,passion ,style ,kindness and humor is one of a kind👌👌.

To the one who is a friend everyone wishes to have .you have given me loads of love and comfort over the years despite good and bad times and I am always grateful.

May God shower all his blessings upon you and may you never have to struggle .

64. Happy birthday to my dearest and loving wife,my everything.Always my babygirl even at old age, I’m rejoicing with you on this your special day.I pray for long life and prosperity in sound health, the favour and blessing of God shall not elude you.More years to come in Jesus mighty name.Happy celebration my dear.

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