Fake Love Quotes

Fake love Quotes – Sometimes, people find themselves in fake relationship. To most people they realize it after wasting quality time in the said relationship. All these while they might have seen the red flags, some will ignore thinking it’s normal, while others will recognized it and hope it will change. We have taken out time to write on fake love quotes, after reading this piece, it will help you to deduce if you’re been loved genuinely or if you’re in fake relationship.

Broken heart
Fake love

What do you say about fake love, does it exist?

What is fake love? Fake love exist when your “assumed” partner doesn’t recognize that both of you are in the relationship. He  does things without considering the consequences on each other.

Fake love exist when you’re in a relationship with a selfish person. Your feelings and moods doesn’t count as long as they’re happy.

How to handle fake Love

I. Proper communication.
Once you notice your relationship is fake, the first thing to do is to communicate this with the said partner, that’s just for the benefit of doubts. Hear them out, at least to know the reason (s) behind the change in their attitudes, if you’re able to get this and then believe it is something you can work on, great, else check the next steps

2. Don’t back off , stand your ground.
Don’t back off doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to be put down, no, it simply means once you’re right with your instincts don’t allow your partner to deceive you with otherwise.

Though our instincts most times are right. Don’t allow him or her to gaslight you. Stand firm and maintain what you think is best for you. 

3. Let go of him or her

The outcome of the discussion you had with your partner will determine your next move.  Like I said earlier once you’re not certain of things and seek for clarity , you didn’t get. Let go of him or her. Though it might not be easy because you might have attached yourself emotional to him or her. But for the sake of your sanity let go of that fake love, run away from toxic relationship, it drains ones energy and does no single good to one.

Here, we have fake Love Quotes you can read

.I  have been broken severally times and don’t care if this is another.
. The worst part of this whole mess is that you spent time pretending to love me.
. We met as strangers, started relationship as lovers and just now we’re back to been strangers .
. I wish I met some people a little earlier, and some a little late, I wish I didn’t meet some at all.
. I trusted you blindly, now I’m the one who is hurt.
. I thought you’re best thing ever happened to me but I’m wrong, loving you is the worst thing.
. Now I know, I shouldn’t have expected true love from you, because you’re fake.
. All long you have used me to move on, then I realized, I won’t let you to keep hurting me.
. When you’re down you know your real friends.
. It’s amazing how a friend turned out to be a total stranger.
. I don’t know how you drive joy from hurting other people.
. I’m hurt because I genuinely loved you not knowing I will be getting fake love from you.
. Truly love is blind because now I can see.
.You never loved me and you came into my life, probably to destroy me.
. I did my best, you didn’t stay, that means you never loved me.
. You back real love with actions not those mete words.
. Still hurts, sometimes, but you have to choose your own peace over the closure you never got.
. The only real thing I got from you is the pain that you caused me, you gave me fake love all these while.
. You have shattered the remaining part of me and left me with nothing.
.Sometimes it’s not about forgiving them and hearing that apology.  Sometimes it’s about leaving the relationship right there, walking away, and not spending anymore time or energy on the fake love.
. A fake friend is no better than an enemy.
. I realized I don’t know,I thought I did all these while.
. You have just unveil you real self, I will tell you, you’re awful.

. It is better to be single than to be in a wrong relationship.
. Nobody dies from been single.
. Don’t tell me you love me when you don’t.

. It might seem mad in your eyes but it’s love in mine

. It was a waste been in relationship with you

.  I regretted Loving you

. After everything I did for you, you choose to hurt me this bad.

. Your love is scam.

. I believed everything when we met and know I regret everything knowing I have been in fake love all these while.

. Thank you for the fake love you have shown me, but now I prefer loneliness.

. Something worst than hate is fake love.

. You placed conditions on your love for me, you know what? I have chosen to be with someone who loves me without conditions.

. So you know, I was just another promise you couldn’t fulfill.

. I didn’t know I have been with a stranger, I thought I know everything about you, but no, you choose to pretend by giving me fake love.

. I won’t allow loneliness to drive me in to fake love again.

. I started reading fake love quotes just because of you

. My relationship with you added no value to my life.

. No need , let’s end this fake love instead of cheating.

. I was in love with you, I adored you but you let me down.

Fake love
Broken hearts

. Nothing hurts than been in a one sided relationship and not realizing it.

. Please go I don’t want you back.

. You disappointed me, I least expected

. You don’t need to hurt me this deep.

. By loving you, I broke my own heart. It hurts.

. You been two face is the worst part of you, it’s hard to detect your part of face I should slap.

. I was wrong to have thought that we are met to be.

. You hate me but pretend to love me. The most annoying part is you rubbed this on my face.  But now I don’t want you back.

. I fell in love with you not realizing you worn a fake smile, now it hurts.

.No one can be so busy that they can’t attend to you, know this and have peace.

. Thought I have met my Soulmate, what happened to us, how did we get here?

.I am  not wasting my time energy heart and soul on the wrong ones no more , open to meeting the right one though.

. No one will compliment you better than yourself. In the end we are all dust in the wind.

. Being alone isn’t easy but having faith that God has a plan for you keep things in perspective.

. So glad I didn’t marry the wrong person even though I thought a decade together was a good enough reason to do so. It’s not about how long you love someone – it’s about how much they love you!.

. Don’t be in a hurry.Wait for the right one..He will be  there waiting for you.

Fake love quotes describes toxic relationship people find themselves at times. It is not the wish of the victim to be in it. Somehow  she finds out the love has been fake all along. But then what do you do?.

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