The Pidgin English Language Pidgin and it’s Origin

The Pidgin English Language . 

It is also known as Pidgin English  by most people.

The language Pidgin or better still Pidgin language is a combination of words that formed a grammar used by two or more groups of people that doesn’t have any language in common. 

The language Pidgin or Pidgin language

The word “Pidgin” was recorded in English in 1807 in Canton, China. Pidgin language is also known as” Business Language”.

Pidgin Language is drawn from several languages. It is drawn from English words and so Local languages. So it is safe to say that Pidgin Language is a combination of English and local language from a particular region. 

One thing about Pidgin language is it’s uniqueness. Yes Pidgin English is unique, it differs from place to place. This is because of the local language involved. Because we have different local languages that makes it impossible to speak and understand the same Pidgin English globally. 

So the Language Pidgin spoken in Ghana will absolutely be different from that in Nigeria. 

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Some countries that speaks pidgin language are and what the call it

Nigerian Pidgin (Broken).

Hawaiian Pidgin.

Cameroonian Pidgin English.

Chinese Pidgin English.

West African Pidgin English.

Native American Pidgin English.

Korean Bamboo English.

Japanese Bamboo English

Samoan Plantation English..etc.

Types of Pidgin Language.

1. Jargon.

2. Stable Pidgin.

3. Extended and expanded pidgin.

4. Creole…. though a little different from the normal Pidgin. It is spoken well among Chinese.

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Origin of the Language Pidgin or English Pidgin language. (Pidgin English) in Africa.

In Africa for instance Language is a very big barrier between people of different clan, villages and , states and countries at language. Some speaks, some speaks French, some Swahili, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and several others.

During the era of British in Nigeria, it became difficult for  people to interact with other traders from across the globe. They started learning the white man language called English at the same time they couldn’t do away with there own. Where their English power couldn’t reach, the local language will do the work for them. So it was basically cut and join from English and their own Local language.  It became an efficient means of communication among people.

Gradually a third language was formed from these languages. The Language today is known as English Pidgins or Pidgin.

Pidgin English in Nigeria (Broken).

Nigerian Pidgin English is also known as Broken or broken English. 

The Language Pidgin English in Nigeria is derived from English and other local languages as the case may be. It is the lingua franca of the people of Nigeria. 

Pidgin English is spoken very much among the people of south south in Nigeria. This is believed to be because of their early interaction with white men. What ever be the case, the language has come to stay among Nigerians.

These days, we have news in Pidgin been aired on televisions and radio stations etc. 

People interacts with it, transactions takes place using Pidgin English. It is easy to speak and understand especially since more than. One language is involved.

It is spoken far and near in Nigeria.  English Pidgin is the second most popular language in Nigeria.

Another feature of Pidgin Language in Nigeria is that it is unlimited. Yes Pidgin English in Nigeria develops everyday. New, words and phrases are adopted everyday by the users. Some of them are coined from local languages, movies, street and even within families and it spreads fast. 

Translation of some words and phrases I. Pidgin language (Nigeria).

1. I dey....

I dey means I am good.

It also means I am around depending on the usage.

2. I dey come.

It means I am coming.

3. How far.

It means how are you.

What’s up.

4. God don butter my bread.

God don butta my bread means God has blessed me.

5. Yawa dey.

There is problem.

6. Yawa don gas!.

It is an exclamation use when ones secret has been exposed.

7. Wetin dey sup.

What’s happening?

8. Sup you?.

How are you?

9. Belle.

Tummy, womb, stomach

10. Wella.

Very well

11. You don show.

You are here.

12. You dey (?)….

Are you around.

13. Abi.

Is that so.

14. E shock me

I am surprised.

15. Shayo.


16. Chop.


17. Waka.


18. Wahala.


Wahala dey.. there’s problem

19. Hold up.


20. Oshey.

It means thank you.

21. Carry belle.

She’s pregnant

How do you say what are you doing in Nigerian Pidgin

In Nigeria, if you want to tell someone what you’re doing, you would say;

“I dey do something”

Which means I am doing something, you can then add the name of what you’re doing, for example, if you’re eating and someone ask you ” what are you doing in Pidgin English, tell the person

I dey chop.

Note, here you have replaced the something above with the actual thing you’re doing, which is “eating” (chop).

I dey Waka. Meaning, I am walking,

I dey show, it means I am coming.

I no lost… means I have been around. When someone ask you in Pidgin English where you dey since( where have you been all these while)

Fee free to reply the person in Pidgin English by saying ” I no loss” . I full ground etc.

Difference between Pidgin language and Creole.

Creole was first Pidgin before transforming to another language. It is common among Chinese.

Pidgin language is a linguistic communication that comprises of English and local dialects for the purpose of communication. 

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