My forever Love Messages

My forever Love; Finding true love is the dream of everyone.

My forever love
Couple hands

And then falling in love forever is the hope of everyone in a relationship.  Have you been wishing for a lasting relationship? Have you been dreaming to have a partner who will stick with you through thick and thin?. My forever love is what you will tag someone’s daughter or son soonest, don’t loose hope. Love will find you. 

Here we have the love quotes

My love forever quotes for him or her

1. Love you every minute, every second.

Love you everywhere and anywhere

I love you any moment and anytime.

Always and forever I know, I can’t quit you

Cause baby your the one for me.

2. I don’t know how to leave without you

In a world devoid of care you bring love.

In your eyes I see the light that brightens my future.

Always my  forever love.

3.  I know, I can’t quit you

Because I’m in love with you and now you know, I can’t love you less. I am going to love you forever. My forever sweetheart.

4. Your Love is like emotion which holds power to change our world into positivity and freshen our lives  forever. Love you till infinity.

5. Your Love is  strong, your love is genuine, your love is positive and it held my  emotional & mental state spellbound. 

6. This feeling or emotion of love can’t be sold nor bought; it can only be spread from one person to another. Love makes our life full of happiness and pleasures. When we are in love it seems everything beautiful to us. I felt all these and more jut because I have you in my life.

7. You are my Forever Love, nothing can change that..

Without you it gets harder and harder to face life alone! Yet My dreams are fulfilled when we are together, even if only by way of these computers. Still, it’s moments like these that I feel you love forever. Your LOVE and my LOVE. And I graciously accept what we have…

8.  I’ve spent the better part of the past year  trying to decide how to share our wonderful news. I’ve looked at love quotes about true love and Soulmate . I’ve thought back to all the adventures we have gone on in the past year, from Paris to Dubai, to Dublin, the gym, countless burger joints, the upside down and beyond. I’ve looked back through countless pictures and smiled. I’ve listened to our songs over and over again. You’re my love forever. 

9. I wish I could put it all into this beautiful, well written caption that would make my grade 11 English teacher proud. 

But I can’t. 

I wish I could put it up their in the sky for the world to see and read 

But I still can’t,

From the bottom of my love, you’re my forever love.

10. As much as I want to pour my heart out to the world and share how compassionate, supportive, goofy, humble and loving my love is, my heart is yours and yours alone Amen. 

I can keep writing my love forever quotes day and night for you, just you know how much I love you.

Here are some of the most beautiful forever Love Quotes in English to help you express how you feel. Share your love feelings with your loved ones.

My forever love
Couple kissing

11. My love, I am  just happy to announce to the world that we are spending forever together, that we have decided to spend the rest of our journey holding hands and want to give the deepest thanks and love to you. You have supported us for the past year through sickness and health, happiness and sorrow. I hope to keep making you proud now and forever. 

12. Our love from beginning till forever shall remain constant. It will be more than that of Romeo and Juliet but then our ship won’t capsized, 

13. Those moments of doubts, I must confess  that a part of me believed our love is true. Thus, forever! If no more seasons to come please let’s give ourselves a really good start off pls. Thank u! 

14. I’ve been waiting for this kiss of hope and love 😍😍😍, you’re awesome

15. We all make mistakes by trusting someone more than ourselves, believing that they will stay forever. While they don’t even care that their actions are hurting us. We get so much attached, that even knowing they are tempering our self respect we keep on pursuing them.  I regretted those moments I was chasing shadows not realizing that my forever love is right here with me.

16. I did all the things which I wouldn’t do normally. I broke all the rules. But in the end what I realized is that some people may look like the stars but they aren’t actually. But I don’t regret any of my decision because from that I have learnt how to love someone selflessly. I have learnt what I want from life. So keep growing with every sun shine. Together forever my heartbeat.

17. You have my forever with you.. Never doubt my love for you my charming prince.

 18. Oh! my I want to hear it every hour. How you love me forever,  I wanna cry, your voice is so beautiful, it touches my heart and i could remember all the memories that we created together in this our love journey.

19. The Journey on how to love a woman, started with me the moment I set my eyes on you, ever since then, I promise I won’t give up on our love. I will love you for as long as I live. 

20. Thank you for all the memories we have created together, thank you for all the memories we’re creating and I am grateful for all the memories we’re drafting. I got you.

21. You make love  seems so easy, I just want to thank you for all you have put up, all that you have put away to make this our love journey seamless.

22. My love mission won’t be complete without you, you complement me , you’re my missing rib. You’re the air that I breathe,the only one for me. Thank God I have you.

23. I will not want to embark on this without you my forever love. Loving you is all I born to do. I wish to love you just the way you desire. You’re everything I ever wished for.

My forever Sunshine

24.  You’re my forever and always will remain my love, nothing anyone can do to change this. I will stay with you till my last day in earth and will go to the world beyond to wait for your arrival.

25. You’re my forever sunshine,  your smiles brightens my day, and your laugh gives me joy . I can’t wait to behold your face once more. 

27. Your presence in my life my sunshine gave me hope, it restored my lost glory. Now I can fly without wings. I will fly and back to you. You’re my forever love.

28. From the rising of the sun till it set my forever sunshine, you’re the only one for me. I love you till infinity.

29. Nothing will change my love for you, not season, not distance, no man , no woman can change the way I feel about you my sunshine.

30. Shine bright like the diamond that you’re my forever love, I will love you now and won’t Wait till I die to love you

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